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    USATF LDR Athlete News #1, April 2004

    1) AADP Opportunity at the Fifth Third River Bank 25K

    2) U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials Recap


    AADP Opportunity at the Fifth Third River Bank 25K, USA Championship

    The Association Athlete Development Program (AADP) has a stated goal of

    developing the next generation of GREAT American marathoners and long

    distance runners. The Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K is once again

    supporting American distance running by offering qualified individuals

    the opportunity to receive partial funding to this year’s edition of the

    race. The River Bank Run – to be held on May 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

    – has served as the USA Men’s & Women’s Championships for many years and

    is part of the 2004 USA Running Circuit.

    Qualified athletes will receive $150 in travel stipends, ground

    transportation, shared housing, waived seeded entry and meal allotment.

    One spot remains for the men and three slots remain for the women.

    Interested male athletes should contact Charlie Mahler at:

    [email protected]

    Interested female athletes can contact either Kim Keenan-Kirkpatrick at:

    [email protected]

    or Will Lindgren at:

    [email protected]

    This is a wonderful opportunity to compete with some of America’s finest

    distance runners at a great event.

    # # #

    2004 U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials Recap

    What a difference a quadrennium makes. Four years ago, the U.S. fielded

    only two entrants – Trials champions Rod DeHaven and Chris Clark – for

    the Olympic Marathon. Four years later, the U.S., after Saturday’s

    exciting U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials, will send a complete

    marathon team (three men and three women) to Athens this August.

    And with five past Olympians, this team is arguably one of the best that

    the United States has qualified for the Summer Games. Alan Culpepper,


    Keflezighi and Dan Browne earned trips to Greece last February in

    Birmingham, Alabama, while Colleen De Reuck, Deena Kastor and Jen Rhines

    punched their Olympic tickets over the weekend in St. Louis.

    Over a criterium course in Forest Park, the women’s Trials race produced

    plenty of drama and plot twists as Blake Russell tried to steal the race

    from the start, but was overcome by Trials favorite Kastor who took

    control of the race after 18 miles and later lost it at 24 miles to De

    Reuck who was seeking redemption from last year’s “crash and burn” here

    at the USA Championship and finally, Rhines who passed Russell at 26

    miles put together the marathon everybody in the sport expected of her.


    With her 2:28:25, De Reuck set a Trials record (previous record by

    Margaret Groos, 2:29:50 at Pittsburgh in 1988). In addition, the Boulder,

    Colorado resident who turns 40 on April 13 became the oldest female U.S.

    marathon champion and Olympic marathon team member.


    For the first time at the same Women’s OMT, three women ran sub-2:30,


    overall their performances, 2:28:25 (De Reuck), 2:29:38 (Kastor) and

    2:29:57 (Rhines) rank #1, #2 and #5 all-time at the Trials. Further, the

    top 7 finishers recorded the fastest times for place at the OMT. In

    addition, 26 Trials finishers set personal records (and 12 of the top 20)

    with Rhines registering the biggest time improvement (11 minutes and 19


    Full Trials results and more at:


    At St. Louis, Bev Docherty, 45, of St. Paul, Minnesota became the first

    six-time Olympic Marathon Trials finisher in history (male or female).

    Below are her Trials finishing times and places.

    1984 = 2:45:33, 68th

    1988 = 2:50:00, 82nd

    1992 = 2:54:19, 57th

    1996 = 2:59:33, 114th

    2000 = 2:54:46, 72nd

    2004 = 2:52:21, 68th


    The U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials also served as a national

    championship race and thus, as part of the 2004 USA Running Circuit, a

    USA Track & Field road racing series featuring USA Championships from 5K

    to the marathon, valuable Circuit points also were at stake.

    At each USARC race, the first ten U.S. runners earn points (15 points


    first, 12 for second, 10 for third, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1), and Circuit

    points at the USA Marathon Championships will be doubled. With her


    win (worth 30 points), De Reuck holds the #1 spot with 45 points


    by Kastor (24 points) and Rhines (20 points). The next Women’s USARC


    is the Fifth Third River Bank 25K on May 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    The 2004 USARC offers a record $818,700 in guaranteed prize money with a

    final $12,500 grand prix purse ($6000, $4000 and $2500) for the top


    men and women point scorers overall.

    Current USARC standings and more at:

    Finally, like Birmingham for the men, the city of St. Louis embraced the

    U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials and the athletes who performed well before

    supportive crowds in Forest Park. Congratulations to Nancy Lieberman and

    Dave McGillivray and their staffs who together produced such a memorable


    USATF Women’s LDR

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