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    Olympic Torch to be lit Thursday on NBC’s “Today Show”

    The Olympic Torch will be lit on NBC’s “Today Show” live from Olympia, Greece, on Thursday.

    The torch will travel around Greece for a few days before it stays at the 1896 Panathaneic Stadium in Athens. March 25 is Greek Independence Day, and is the same day in the Julian calendar that the modern Olympic Games began in 1896 in Athens.

    The International Torch Relay begins June 4th. The torch will travel to Sydney, Australia, and then make its way to all the continents for five weeks, making stops in Africa and South America for the first time.

    The theme of the torch-lighting for this Olympics is “Pass the Flame, Unite the World.” Once the flame returns to Greece July 9, it will travel through the country until August 13, which is the first day of the 2004 Olympic Games.

    2004 USA Masters Half-Marathon Champs Age Group Winners

    The 2004 USA Masters Half-Marathon Championships, hosted by the New Bedford Half-Marathon, took place in New Bedford, Massachusetts on Sunday.

    Male age group masters’ winners included Michael Payson (40-44, 1:10:31); Craig Fram (45-49, 1:11:36); Robert Ruel (50-54, 1:17:46); Laurence Olsen (55-59, 1:18:43); Armenio Ferreira (60-64, 1:28:54); Jim Daley (65-69, 1:37:09); Donald Dayton (70-74; 1:51:57); Joe Fernandez (75-79, 1:44:12); and Carlton Mendel (80-84; 2:45:07).

    Female age group masters’ winners included Martha Merz (40-44, 1:22:36); Nancy Corsaro (45-49, 1:27:01); Victoria Crisp (50-54, 1:35:24); Mary Ryczek (55-59, 1:44:21); Laura Beckwith (60-64, 1:57:27); and Carrie Parsi (65-69, 1:55:40).

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