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    As soon as I post this, I'm going to be packing up my laptop as I head out of town for about a week. While away, I'm not sure what my online situation is going to be but it will be somewhere between extremely limited and non-existent.

    I'd appreciate it if anyone who sees running news could share it on the Running News forum (I always appreciate it but even more when I'm unable to keep the news updated myself). I'd also appreciate your patience if moderation on the forums is needed, if you're trying to contact me for other reasons, or if you submit an event to the events calendar. If I can get online, I'll be sure to check in on these three things first. However, my responsiveness may not be up to my usual standards. As for everything else, I think it should be fine for the next week running on auto-pilot.

    Have a good week everyone and I'll see you back here, at the latest, in about a week.

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    When I vacay…im thinking cabo

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    This is an old post.  Anyways, how was the vacation?  I'll be going on vacation in April for spring break.  I'm so burned out beyond belief.  I feel the stress. 

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    It was good. Nothing all that extravagant, just traveling across the state to see family, but with good family that you don't get to see very often that kind of vacation can be better than any of the extravagant ones.

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