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    what fun… my kids are past the “get a card for everyone in the class” but not yet into buying expensive jewelry…

    got to say my husband did give a very nice pair of ganet & diamond earrings… I had lost one of the garnet studs I got last Christmas on the trail (pulling off my polar fleece)… I don’t know why I wore them while I ran but maybe ’cause I really liked them (simple)… anyway, the ones I got today are too nice to wear on the trail (maybe a good thing)…

    but it was more fun to see how my boys handled the day… my 12 year old had it planned last week when the school had a ‘flower day’ where he could buy to be delivered today… he told me that he was sending flowers to a girl who was really nice (in another class), he was going to send her five carnations, but I said half a dozen was better, that was he could send two of each color (white, pink & red) and it would look nice…

    my older son put off thinking about it till yesterday… he’s been sorta seeing this girl (both of them 17) for about a month… I said either a mylar balloon & a mug with her name or a stuffed animal (she doesn’t eat chocolate)… oh, and a card.. he wanted to find a beanie baby tiger but settled for a b.b. cat that was the same color as her cat (black with white feet)… and a Snoopy card, not too mushy…

    I told both of them it’s the THOUGHT that counts, but don’t be too tacky.. I actually think my younger son is more the romantic of the two, but sure of himself… my 17 year old said he hoped he wouldn’t have to call me when he was in college for advice, I told him I would try to be there if he did… the older one is not a card person (me neither) but I tried to make him understand that some people put more emphasis on cards than gifts…

    I just wish all steps towards growing up were so EASY to pass along to my kids, and so much fun…

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    Ed 1

    I fear that time I have a very emotional daughter (only 6 now). But am looking forward to being a great male role model for her to look for in a man. I have a 2 year old boy – need to be a romantic role model for him as well. It was 10 years ago that I proposed to my wife – made a cake from scratch (not a ready mix) to commenmorate that for us.

    On another note my wife and I spent some time at a hospital on Valentine’s day – no not the cake. My brother and his wife had a daughter that day 😀 😀 😀

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