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    BOULDER — You wouldn’t know it by glancing at him, but Brent Vaughn just might be the toughest hombre in the University of Colorado athletic department.

    That’s right. The guy who weighs 130, less than he did back in his sophomore year of high school, and the guy who likes to talk about how his 20-month-old daughter sleeps through most nights, is one bad dude.

    And it’s not because he ran circles — literally — around a bunch of competitors Sunday at the Big 12 championships while winning the 5,000 meters. And it’s not because he did so one day after a disappointing performance in the 1,500 meters left him ticked off and out of Sunday’s finals in the event. And it’s not because the guy’s got a lot of heart. He does, but writing about that is little more than rehashing a tired, old line.

    It’s what this guy has been through that tells the story.

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