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    Andrew A.

    Seems like something like this happens every couple of years and as unfortunate as it is, it is always a good opportunity to remind people to be careful and realize that right-of-way does not automatically ensure safety as a much heavier vehicle will always win out regardless of whether the driver is in the wrong.  Make sure the driver sees you and is coming to a stop before stepping out in front of the vehicle — anyone could be running a yellow/red light, running or rolling through a stop sign, etc.

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    Thank goodness his injuries were not more severe. That could have turned out much worse.

    Thank you for the reminder. We can't be too careful out there. 150 pounds of flesh and bone does not stand much of a chance in a battle against several tons of steel.

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    Kory was much more fortunate than Jenny Crain and his attitude reflects that fact.  He loves to run and that is obvious.

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    More fortunate than Jenny and many others who don't make the headlines for more than a day or two when horrible things like this happen.

    We have to keep in mind that, even though we may be right and the drivers may be wrong, we're the ones who stand to lose the most. When I re-read my post, I realized that some might think I'm trying to marginalize his injuries. I'm not trying to do that, just recalling Jenny and others and how, in retrospect, they would consider themselves very lucky if they came out with the same injuries as he did.

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