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    Ed 1

    Well here we are again, my run sucked. At mile four the area behind my right knee felt very tight and then the area under my toes felt tingly – so I stopped at five miles. Pathetic, I know – a very bad week so far. But hopefully more of you did well today or have good plans for later on. I plan to try another run – slower maybe after work. What are your accomplishments or plans for this fine day?

    Also does anyone know what the hell that was with tightness behind the knee and a tingly feeling under the toes?

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    Been there, done that with the tightness behind the knee. No idea about the tingling in the toes though, that sounds a little weird. How’s your hydration?

    As far as the knee, I’ve found a pair of dynamic stretches that really help with that pre-run. High knees and ‘frankensteins’, I think they are. You start with your feet close and swing your foot over your head. Alternate legs for ten steps, then pause for 20-30 seconds before doing another 10 steps back.

    Failing that, ice it. That’s one of the advantages to running after work/school, you can take the time to do any icing and whatnot. It’s kinda hard to get any icing done at the office.

    My run also sucked this morning, I tried doing some high intensity interval training and only got through two miles. Speedwork and I don’t get along very well. *shakes fist*

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    Ed 1

    Gonna sneak out early today after one more visit with a client and try to squeze in ten prior to the storms ariving. Hope to not get struck by lightning.

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    Good luck, Ed!

    I had a terrifying experience with a storm a couple weeks ago. I got through three out of a planned six mile jaunt when it started raining a little. “OK, rain never killed anyone. Sally forth!” Then, there was thunder off in the distance. “Eh, I’m safe.” Lightning, also far away. “There’s a certain romanticism to running during a storm.” Several flashes of lighting directly overhead, followed by ground-shaking thunder. “OK, time to get the hell out of dodge!”

    Nature interfering with my splits does not a happy Scattershot make.

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    Two possiblilities about tingly feet: poor circulation, or a pinched nerve. You can get numb feet from tight lacing. You can have a nerve being pinched anywhere in your foot/leg, all the way up to your back, and it might show up in your foot. The knee ache could be connected with this. If the tingly feeling is sporadic and twinging, it is probably a nerve. If it is a gradual loss of feeling, like it fell asleep, then it’s circulatory. The tight knee probably has something to do with tight hamstrings.

    Disclaimer: I am no doctor. I’ve just suffered from the same ailments.

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