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    Well my first week back at it –

    Mon – 5

    Tue – rest

    Wed – 6

    Thur – 8

    Fri – 7.2

    Sat – 4

    Sun – 13

    Total = 43.2! On Sat ran comforatble but slightly pushed 7:0Xs for the first 3 then a 6:3X! Time to slow down this week and keep the 6 runs with a little bump in mileage.

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    bad start to the week…great finish

    M- nap 6 hours, no run, I would have had to get better to die…

    Tu-7.5 at track

    W-11 easy

    Th-7.5 including 4 at threshold, felt great

    F-5 easy

    Sa-5 easy in the rain

    Su-20.25… very high humidity, but felt good, strong finish


    not that the 5 on Saturday was very impressive, but it was the best part of my day and the first time I’ve run (more than 2 miles) the day before my long run…


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    Great job Rita –

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    S-8.4 easy

    M-8.7 easy

    T-11, w/ 6 miles in 38 minutes


    R-7.5 w/ 5 @ MP (6:50)

    F-8.1 easy

    S-10.4 easy, w/ last 3 m @ MP

    54 for the week. Possibility of 70 next week, as I already have 24 miles in…

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    I was away during the second half of the week. I arranged my workouts to fit better.

    Did my longer runs before leaving then took advantage of the terrain and to do hill workouts the rest of the week (at Montauk Point).

    Mon: 16 easy

    Tue: 16 easy

    Wed: 13 steady

    Thu: 8 hills

    Fri: 8 hills

    Sat: 8 hills

    Sun: 8 mp

    Total: 77 miles

    Finished the 3 hill workouts on a flat mile at a good pace (6:30-6:45) and it felt pretty easy even after 7 miles of big hills.

    And the Sunday run was back at home, midday heat and humidy, and mp (7:30-7:40) felt very comfortable.

    Not the week I planned but still a good one (and a confidence builder). This week will be focused on a 22 mile long run, 1 tempo run and 1 interval workout. The other 4 days will be easy miles.


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    Like Rita my week started poorly and steadily improved.

    Sun – 20.25 (ate poorly before and had a miserable run)

    Mon – off day (just had no energy)

    Tues – 10 miles (still didn’t feel any energy, plus it feels like I slightly pulled something in my lower abdomen and groin area)

    Wed – 5 miles

    Thurs – 12 miles

    Fri – 6 miles

    Sat – 10 miles

    TOTAL – 63.25 miles

    I think this is my highest mileage week ever. I’ve been in the low 60s before, so it’s close. Everything after Tuesday’s run was at an easy pace.

    I can still fill some pain in my lower abs and groin area; but after I warmup, it’s pretty mild. I’m going to try some marathon pace runs later this week. If all goes well, I’ll continue with my regular schedule next week.


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    Last week went well, we’ve had great temps for running both before and after work. I’m back to work full time this week after enjoying a very lazy summer. That training when I wanted to each day spoiled me, reallity check time.

    I was happy with the week, not just for the mileage but how each run felt.

    M-x-training, 20 mile bike ride.

    T-10 miles

    W-15 miles

    Th-6 miles

    F-12 w/7 at 1/2 MP-this one felt especially good.

    S-5 miles

    S-22 miles, nice and easy

    70 miles for the week. I’ll have to juggle this week’s schedule as I take my daughter to college over the weekend. I don’t think there will be much time for running.

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    This past week was great weather for running. 80 degrees and low humidity. Sunday’s progressive 10 miler was punishment for a horrible race Saturday.

    46 miles

    Su: 10 miles (last 4 miles in 6:24, 6:02, 5:48, 5:40)

    M: 5 miles easy (33:00)

    T: 7 miles [2 wu, 3(200, 200, 400 @ F pace), 2 x 150 sprints, 4 x 100 strides, 2 cd]

    W: 8 miles (30 minute tempo (5:55, 5:54, 5:36, 5:36, 5:34) 4 x 200 strides

    R: 5 very easy (34:00)

    F: 6 miles (40:00) with 4 x 100 downhill strides on grass

    S: 5 miles easy with 2 strides during run

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    M = 5.2

    T = 11.6

    W = 9 w/ 3k TT in 10:52

    R = 3.5

    F = OFF

    S = 8 w/ 8k TT in 29:39 (5:54,54,58,58,55)

    S = 25

    T = 62.3

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    Mon— rest


    Wed—10w/5×[email protected] 2:40


    Fri— rest


    Sun—15w/10k TT @41 on hilly course

    45 total, recovery week.

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    Run wrote:
    Wed—10w/5×[email protected] 2:40

    What does this mean? You did 5 x 1000 in an average of 2:40 (4:16 pace)?

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    What does this mean? You did 5 x 1000 in an average of 2:40 (4:16 pace)?

    I noticed that also….bet 3:40 is what is meant.

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    I’m a little late posting my week but here it is:

    Mon – off (after 13.5 miles Sunday)

    Tues – easy 8.2 @ 8:20 pace

    Wed – 12 @ 7:53 pace

    Thurs – off

    Fri – 10.25 @ 7:58 pace

    Sat – 13.6 @ 8:04 pace

    Sun – Alterra Coffee Bean Classic WORS event: 3.1-mile trail run (mostly twisty single track in the woods) in 21:08 (placing 2nd in 35-49 age group) followed a half hour later by the 10-mile Citizen mountain bike race which I finished in 50:19, after crashing once within the last half mile (grrr)

    So, 47.15 miles of running, which is steep for me.

    This week, after 25 miles of mountain biking Tuesday night, I’m feeling a little run down. Will dial it back before Saturday’s half marathon trail run in Redgranite — which I don’t plan to “race” but incorporate into a longer run by doing a few miles just before the gun sounds.

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    I saw the listing for the 1/2 marathon in Redgranite, if I wasn’t moving my daughter into the dorms this weekend I would have liked to run it.

    Would you post a post race report? Or rather, a post run report since you’re not racing it.

    Thanks and good luck!

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    Mon: off

    Tuesday: 8 miles w/10 x 2 min hard/1 min easy

    Wed: 5 mile hike

    Thurs: 5 mile hike

    Fri: off

    Sat: 5k race 16:55 (5:09-flat, 6:36-uphill, 5:09-downhill-1.1)

    Sun: 11 miles

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    Tomo your flying. Maybe you could come up to the race on Thanksgiving day in Northern Beaver County. We could throw down for a 10k. I get a 50 yard head start for every year older I am than you. Nice race pal.

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    thanks double,

    I was pleasanlty surprised…have run that race for the last four years and was a minute faster than my previous best on that course…gives me incentive to work harder! What race in November? I’m gearing up here in the burgh for the great race 10k in a few weeks…

    What are you gearing up for? Lakefront?

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    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: 7 Miles a.m. [TM] / 4 Miles p.m.

    Wednesday: 15 Miles* Best Run this year!

    Thursday: 6 Miles

    Friday: 13 Miles 1×[email protected] pace [7:47]

    Saturday: 5 Miles EZ [baby jogger]

    Sunday: 24 Miles

    Week 11 Pfitz 18/70 schedule. 74 [week] 1280 [year]

    New Personal Best Miles for Week!!!

    Wow, what an up-n-down week. Started off with a really good 7 miler on the [email protected] Worked on my arm carriage and overall form, then timed my foot strikes for one minute [176]. I felt sharp for both runs, which was a decided turn from my tough race on Saturday. Then had my best run of the year on Wednesday. My feet were just popping off the ground on each pushoff. I tired toward the end but, it’s… well a 15 miler on Wednesday! I didn’t feel nearly as good on Friday [expected] but still much better than I did for my threshold workout 2 weeks ago. I averaged 7:47 for 6 miles and that felt comfortable. Then I crashed as hard as I’ve ever crash the last 6 miles coming back to the car. This was worse then any marathon “death march” I can recall. I don’t think I could have “shuffled” for more than few more miles before I would have collapsed. I was mostly dehydrated and carb depleted and felt fine on Saturday’s stroll. Sunday I purposely began slower as I knew I wanted to run 24 and that I’ve been starting my runs/races just too darn fast. Still, I wasn’t jogging. Based on the clock was running about my usual general aerobic pace for the 6 mile loop. I felt pretty strong throughout. Decided to time the last 6 miles, and began to push the pace the last 2 1/2 miles. I progressively picked it up and finished strong. I ended up running my best time for that loop this year. And I know I could have run a few more miles. I’m happy…

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    Zeke wrote:
    Run wrote:
    Wed—10w/5×[email protected] 2:40

    What does this mean? You did 5 x 1000 in an average of 2:40 (4:16 pace)?

    I wish I was running 4:16, meant 3:40 😯

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