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    This was a tough week for me. I hit a new all time high for weekly mileage.

    Mon: 8 Easy

    Tue: 16 Progression

    Wed: 18 Steady

    Thu: 16 Steady

    Fri: 16 Easy

    Sat: 13 Steady

    Sun: 13 Steady

    Total: 100

    I am not a fan of large variations in weekly mileage. My plan calls for an average of 80 mpw. The range is 77 for a low week (cutback) to 85 (peak week).

    But on Monday I leave for LA (4 days for work) followed by a trip to Hershey (5 days with family). My schedule this week and the week I am away was supposed to be:

    8,8,16,8,8,13,18 (79) and 8,8,16,8,8,13,16 (77) total (156)

    Because I will be away I changed the schedule to:

    8,16,18,16,16,13,13 (100) and 8,8,8,8,8,8,8 (56) total (156)

    I figure no matter how busy in LA or Hershey I can find time to run an hour a day. I plan to take advantage of the drastic shift in weekly mileage to run more quality while away.

    During this training phase I do 1 and if I feel good 2 tempo workouts a week. All other workouts are endurance oriented.

    While away I will try to get in as many as 3 quality workouts (these are basically aerobic during this phase, just below my anerobic threshold).

    Anyway it wasn’t that tough to run 100+ miles on 7 runs, even ran one 16 at mp pace (the Tuesday run). It was a major scheduling issue (and somewhat mentally draining). I doubt I could sustain that on a long term basis without getting a divorce first. Oh, and if I tried doing this mileage on a regular basis, I am certain my wife would divorce me.


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    M-6 easy

    T-7 track including 4 x 1200

    W-6 easy

    Th-10.5 including some timeed fartlek & 2 mile of threshold


    Sa-18- trail

    Su-5- easy

    total = 52.5

    the heat was part of my ‘problem’ this week, the other thing was work, had a newbie who almost crushed a large project… meant lots of extra work for me an another co-coworker.. could have been easily avoide, oh well…

    I’ll be out of town this weekend and next week so we’ll see how the milage holds up… My husband said he’d drop me off and drive down the road to wait for me while I jog along to get my miles in, right… Dakotas here I come


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    Totaled 57 miles and did better workouts. Disappointed with race on Monday but will use as motivation to improve. Workouts were more focused, rest days were easier this week.

    Monday 2 wup, 5k in 17:07, 2 wdn 7.0

    Tuesday easy 9 on westside 9.0

    Wednesday progression on traction 7.8

    Thursday Easy in Loanaka 7.8

    Friday Fartlek in Brooklyn 8.0

    Saturday Easy on Patriots Path 8.0

    Sunday 2 easy, intervals 2,4,6,4,6; 2,4,6 at 5lkpace 9.0

    Total Weekly Mileage 56.6

    Total Monthly Milage 224.8

    YTD Mileage 2,131.4

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    Well, I really don’t want to show Ryan my cards…..but I guess his deck is stacked so it doesn’t matter. 😯

    S-13 miles with last 3 progressive

    M-5 easy

    T-11 miles with 5 x 1200 @ I pace

    W-5 easy

    R-40 minute tempo and 4 x 200 @ R pace (IT WAS HOT!)

    F-5 easy

    S-6 easy

    55 mile week.

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    Tuesday: OFF

    Wednesday: 11 Miles

    Thursday: OFF

    Friday: 9 Miles

    Saturday: 3 Miles

    Sunday: 17 Miles

    Best my tendonitis has felt in a while. Hopefully next week I can get back on schedule [Pfitz 18/70].

    40 [week] 738 [year]

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    Getting acclimated to the heat. But really struggled with a tempo run.

    Mon – Off (unplanned, busy at work and kids first swim meet)

    Tue – 10 w/ [email protected] planned four at LT

    Wed – 14

    Thur – 6

    Fri – 11.5

    Sat – 18

    Sun – 6 after spending 15 hours in the car

    Total – 65.5

    Vacationing in Destin this week. Getting the miles in so far.

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    I ran 50 miles this past week. My training log on the computer has vanished, as my hard drive blew up with all my files, but now I’m writing it down on a piece of paper. The week was like this…

    S- 7.7

    M- off

    T- 8.5 (6x800m)


    R- 6.4

    F- 8.1


    Watch out for Sharks, Swamp-Tiger!

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