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    Did not run Sunday but I have done 7 miles both on Monday and Tuesday. I do a .5 mile warmup followed by 2 miles containing 8 strides – 2 at a good pace – then 2 with 8 strides again and .5 miles home. I hope to maintain that through Friday & do a long run of 12-14 (depending on how I feel) Saturday. This would likely give me my highest weekly total ever. Eyes on the prize. (An imaginary clock reading 2:59:59).

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    Eyes on the prize. (An imaginary clock reading 2:59:59).

    Last year when I was going for a sub 1:30:00 half, I used to visualize my finish line photo with the clock reading 1:29:xx whenever I was struggling during a run. I ended up sub-1:29, so I guess it helped.

    I’m running without a plan right now. Just running how I feel, which is getting me between 40-50 miles a week. On January 16 I begin specific training for the Mardi Gras Half on February 27.

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    I am headed home early to do my 7 – I just might stretch it to 8 or 9 if the storm holds off & I feel good. Will do only 8 strides in my last 2 miles versus 2 sets of 8 strides.

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    busy week… other than running that is…

    only did 11.5 on Sunday, would have been only 10 but when I got home the dog was so pitiful, he asked to be taken out and promised he wouldn’t run fast… it ended up that the last one and a half made up for the cramping that I was starting to experiance the last two miles before that…

    M-4 easy

    Tu-6 track, sleepy

    W-6 easy, after working all day and not getting a lunch break

    then I spent the rest of the evening driving my kids places THEY had to be, today I’m dragging… my sister is driving up from Florida, stopping here for a few days before continuing to upstate NY where my mom and sister have homes… can you imagine moving north in January… guess insanity RUNS in my family…

    sorry for the rant, my sister was supposed to be here Tuesday, not very organized.. I had planned on Wednesday off to catch up on my sleep, today it’s worse… tomorrow I’m taking off from work even if she doesn’t get here, before my running suffers that is…


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    Had a good week last week totaling 78 with a steady 13.4 mile run Saturday and 17 slow and easy on Sunday (hurtin big time). It appears I turned the corner on a sinus infection that was bothering me for some time.

    8 mile recovery on Monday

    10 mile progression run with around 4 at MP and around 4 at LT on Tuesday

    8 mile recovery run on Tuesday.

    Plan minimum of 10 today.

    I think I’m ready to incorporate a double or two but need to figure out how to figure it into my life. I’ll probably have to get it in the early AM which I really don’t like but what can you do.

    Currently in week 4 of 18 week pfitz more that 70 plan. Targeting Boston on April 18th.

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    I’m also in week 4 of a Pfitz plan for Boston, but I’m doing the 70 mpw. I struggled with the second half of week 2 and the first half of week 3 with a chest cold. I can usually run with a head cold but the chest stuff really knocked me back. The 17 on Sunday felt good though.

    This week is going great and if I stick to the schedule I’ll top my previously weekly high of 55 miles.

    Mon – Rest

    Tue – 9 with 10 x strides

    Wed – 13 in 35 degrees and rain, great confidence builder

    Thur – 5 easy in snow flurries, fun

    In the past couple of weeks I’ve run in snow and in 80 degrees with high humidity (Cancun). Should be ready for anything Boston can deliver. 😆

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    I ended up at 53 miles this week. Yesterday’s (Saturday’s) run felt tough by the end. I went out at 5:30 and it was 53 degrees, by the time I got back from my 21 miler, it was up to almost 64 and the humidity stayed in the 90 percent range the whole time. Come on Winter!

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    S-10 miles

    M-8 miles

    T-10 miles

    W-8 miles

    T-10 miles

    F-6 miles

    S-8 miles

    Total-60 miles

    No true long run this week, but a decent total mileage. My lower back feels better after the little strain I had last week. I think it was due to my lack of stretching, as my hamstrings felt very tight but after stretching them they and my back feel better.

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    ended up with 30.5… took two days off with my sister being in town…

    I wonder if I can count the MILES of mall walking I had to endure as cross-training… I hate shopping as it is but to have to drag my sister around while she told me how she had plenty of clothes from when last she lived up north – 20 YEARS ago 😯 … her down jacket had “clumped” when she washed it… I tried to tell her that being organic it had probably just started to deteriorate…

    sorry to still be ranting, she drives me wild…


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    Ed 1

    Finished with 37 – failed my goal again – very bad still with consistency – would like to blame the snowstorm but I shouldn’t. When will I get my head out of my A$$ & put my feet on the ground?

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    M- 6 miles

    T- 5 miles

    W- 6 miles

    R- off

    F- 8 miles

    S- 6 miles

    S- 10 miles

    Total- 41 miles

    Good solid miles, gotta keep it up this week…

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    S – Off (still recovering from flu)

    M – 5 AM & 7 PM

    T – 6 AM w/ strides & 6 PM

    W – 10 w/ 2 @ MP (could only manage 2 @ MP – fatigue from flu?)

    Th – 6 AM w/ strides & 6 PM

    F – 8

    S – 5 w/ strides (relatives in town)

    Total – 59 miles

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    Mon = AM 10.6 w/ 10 x 400m

    PM 4.4

    Tue = 14.0

    Wed = OFF

    Thu = 15.2

    Fri = 6 easy

    Sat = AM 6.0 w/ 15:00 at 6 pace

    = PM 8.0 w/ 10:00 at 6 pace

    Sun = 8 steady

    Total = 72.2

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    Mon: 6 Easy

    Tue: 7 Tempo (a little slow, closer to MP)

    Wed: 13 Steady

    Thu: 7 Tempo (very slow, cold, heavy winds and rain)

    Fri: 6 Easy

    Sat: 16 Steady (averaged 7:51, cutback week, felt comfortable)

    Sun: 12 Steady (took it easy, no MP run this weekend)

    Total: 67

    Right on target. 15 Weeks till the race!

    In 2 weeks I will add Hill workouts on Tues and Thurs. Not looking forward to that (It means doing workouts on the threadmill).

    I’m not doing speedwork yet but I am a little concerned about how sluggish I feel on the tempo runs. Perhaps I need to slow the long runs down a bit. Over the last 5 weeks my long runs have averaged under 7:55. With a planned MP of around 7:35 thats a little too fast.

    This week I will make a point of running long closer to 8:15 pace and see if that restores some speed.

    It too soon to panic about it; I don’t begin real speed workouts for another 6 weeks.


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    1/2/05 10

    1/3/05 6.25

    1/4/05 7 (15 w/u – 30 tempo – 15 w/d.)

    1/5/05 7.9

    1/6/05 6.2

    1/7/05 9.8? (15:00 w/u, 9X3:00 hard [progressively harder]with 3:00 recoveries

    1/8/05 6.5

    Total – a smidge over 53 – a good week.

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