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    Ed 1

    After that great race – I have slacked immeasurably – I have not run Sun-Mon and will not get one in today either. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. Will face the elements tomorrow and do double duty. Maybe treadmill it if it is really cold.

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    Monday: 5 miles easy

    Tuesday: 9 miles easy

    Wednesday: 10 miles easy

    Thursday: 9 miles – Tempo for ~5 miles

    Friday: 7 miles – HR Test

    Saturday: 7 miles – Race – Jingle Bell 5K (18:45)

    Sunday: 8 miles – long run cut short due to high winds and a fall

    Weekly Total: 55 miles – I did my first 5K of the year and it felt ok. I was tired for my Sunday run after the race on Saturday. This was the last race of the season, but I will keep the mileage up (50-70) until January when I will take my break for the year.

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    Ed 1

    OK I suck. No running yet this week – do not see a chance today or tomorrow either. If I do not make it out on Saturday – some one come and chase me please.

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    Unless you become consistant you will fail to reach your goal!

    You established a tough goal; sub 3:00 in less than a year. It will take consistant, reasonably high mileage, as part of an overall training plan to attain it.

    I share your goal of a sub 3:00 but I expect it will take me several more years to reach (if ever). I don’t expect huge improvement every 6 months, but instead work towards my goal incrementally. Going from 3:40’s 2 years ago (my first year), to 3:30’s last year, to 3:20’s this year.

    I expect to get into the 3:10’s (likely 3:15-3:19) next year. The single most important element of this progress is consistant daily, weekly and annual mileage. You took off more days this week then I take in a year (I run 7 days a week).

    You need to establish a schedule and then find the time to follow it. Sometimes its not going to be fun. Last night I ran 13 miles in the dark, with tempertures in the low 20’s, and a wind chill in the low teens. And I have a cold which made it feel worse (with 2 young kids I get colds often).

    Last night was not fun but I felt great when I got home. Not because I was home but because I overcame the negatives and did what I had to do. It sucked for the hour and 45 minutes I ran but it would have sucked all night long if I had skipped the workout.

    If we don’t prepare we may as well ‘jog’ the marathon; why deal with the pain of racing. Anyone can finish a marathon, you have goals that go well beyond finishing. Nobody, even the most gifted runner, can race a marathon without putting in the training.

    And the largest element of performance, in my opionion, is a steady diet of mileage. I suspect that better than 90% of my finish time next May will be determined by base training. The hills and speed work that come later is important but cannot compensate for a lack of endurance established now (and built upon the endurance aquired over the past 3 years of consistant training). This is NOT the time to be missing workouts!

    You may feel more comfortable training 6 or 5 days a week. Thats fine but make a schedule and stick to it. Sometimes that will mean running after 11 at night. I have returned from work late more than once and rushed out the door sometimes not returning until after midnight. It was the last place I wanted to be but I knew I had to do it.

    You must keep your goal in mind every day! Sometimes during the first mile or two of a run, while I am still close to home, I get the urge to turn around. Maybe I feel sick, or its cold, or hot, or raining, or I know I have work to do when I get back. Its during these time that I remind myself of the goal, even picturing myself running under the clock and reading a sub 3:20 result. The urge to turn for home fades away. After several miles I feel glad that I didn’t turn around. I feel like I have passed a ‘test’ along the road to the final exam next May.

    I keep that mental image of running under the finish clock in my head for the 6 months leading into each race. I may not get the time I imagined on the first try, but I eventually do.

    I go to sleep at night picturing a 3:17 and I begin my run with that same picture in my head. I even play out the final few miles of the next race in my imagination while running (it helps to pass the time on easy aerobic workouts). When I eventually earn that 3:17 I will only be playing out in the real world what I have pictured in my head a thousand times over.

    You need to get out the door! Or forget about the goal!


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    You said a lot of what I feel too about my own running. I am less than seven minutes from 3:00, and currently might be further from it than i was 14 months ago when I ran my one and only marathon. I have battled injuries and general malaise this year, but now feel as if I might be slowly turning a corner, but I realize I have a long ways to go. My short term goal includes being consistent in the next 10 weeks to see if I can even attempt a BQ for late May, since I won’t be ready for a true effort in 17 weeks. I know my success last October was due to a steady mileage of 40-50 mile weeks for the preceding 13 months. The last 2-3 months have been 20-30, if I’m lucky. 1st things 1st – 5/6 days per week, and get back to 40 miles per week.

    I hope Ed accomplishes his very lofty goals, I really do. They are no more lofty than mine, yet they do seem like they’ll be harder to achieve. Like Zeke say, “roll miles, roll miles.” I admire your work ethic Randy, and I look forward to reading about your 3:1x.xx next May. I hope to be somewhere close to you. Good luck!


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    RandyS wrote:
    You need to get out the door! Or forget about the goal!


    Great post Randy, especially the last sentence. I’ve been harping on Ed through emails to become more consistent. There’s nothing wrong with 1-2 days off per week at this point in his training. However, he needs to space them out. I see no reason for 2 days off in a row and definitely not 3 or more (unless due to injury). What gets me is that he always says “I’ll double up tonight.” However, I have yet to see a two-a-day in his training.

    Ed, you just ran a very respectable 10k, you should be fired up to get out and run and keep improving. If you’d run like crap, I could see being a little bummed out.

    Now shut the computer off and go for a run!!!

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    I actually found that running 7 days a week was easier than 5 or 6. Since I run in the morning, the alarm goes off at 5:00 and I have about 2 minutes to decide to get out of bed. When I scheduled a day off, I always took it and the day after was always hard to get up. Now, I run every day and didn’t have a decision. There are no excuses.

    Also, I though the transition to 7 days a week would be harder. I kept the mileage and intensity the same and just spaced out the work. Actually, my body responded to it very well. I just need to go to bed on time. It was the best thing that I did for my running. Well… that and doubling my weekly mileage.


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    very inspirational… when I trained for my first marathon I was a single mom and ONCE I made it home after 9pm, put the kids to bed and got on my treadmill because I was so sure that if I didn’t get EVERY RUN in just as scheduled that I would die out on the course… after that I changed to getting all my runnning done first thing in the morning…

    well, compared to most who post here, I’m old and slow… but working with a coach this year and reading the BBs has taught me that I wasn’t too far off in being obsessive about following the schedule… I’ve PRed every distance this year… I know I can’t keep improving at the rate I’ve been going but I want a couple more… and I know that one way to do it is to work at it every day, on my non-running days I still cross train and this cycle will have a bit more mileage…

    I’m going to print out your post and keep it at home (probably on the refrigerator)… who knows maybe my 17 year old will find that it gives him the impetus it has given me… it’s not TALKING about the plan it’s DOING the plan, not one day, but all days..


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    r-at-work wrote:
    ..it’s not TALKING about the plan it’s DOING the plan, not one day, but all days..

    Again, very well said. It’s very easy to write out a bunch of numbers on a calendar for mileage that you plan to run or would like to run. I’m sure Malmo, Bect, etc. would call that mental masturbation. You still have to execute the plan. My dad likes to say “plan your work, work your plan.”

    r-at-work wrote:
    I’ve PRed every distance this year… I know I can’t keep improving at the rate I’ve been going but I want a couple more…

    Rita, it’s awesome that you are PRing all over the place. Make sure you enjoy everyone – you’ve earned them. While you might not keep improving at the same rate, there’s no reason to believe that you can’t keep chipping away at your PRs – as long as you continue to work hard.

    Obviously, age will catch up with you at some point, but if you’re relatively new to running there’s no telling what your limits are. I trained this summer with a 59 (now 60) year old man who’s been running about 3 years. He’s now setting age records for the state of Minnesota nearly every time he races.

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    Ed 1

    You all have given me the kcik in the pants that I really needed and did it without malice/ridicule. Thank you so very much – the idea of picturing myself getting the goal is a great idea. I will run tonight – I am cutting out of work early and I will do it. Thanks to all. I’ll go as long as it feels good tonight with strides and tomorrow I will do my best to get a double in. The secret will be to get up before anyone else by a couple of hours. And then go after I get the children to bed. But after getting those very young ones to bed I am usually very sleepy to the point of falling asleep myself – I” just have to wake up while on the run.

    Thanks again to all for the kick in the pants. Well said and great posts.

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    I’ll go as long as it feels good tonight with strides and tomorrow I will do my best to get a double in.


    I really wouldn’t worry about doing doubles at this point. Everytime you mention doubles I get the sense that you’re trying to make up for missed training. I think that’s the wrong way to go about it. Get consistent with running once a day first before adding doubles. Get consistent with 5 days a week, then 6, then 7. After that, start thinking about doubles.

    I don’t know what your daily schedule is like, but the easiest way for me to get consistent is to run at the same time everyday. I used to run at lunch everyday. Now I have a new job and have to force myself to get up at 5 to get my run in before work. It sucks, but by 7 I’m done for the day and I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day. Everyone is different. Find what works for you.

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    I think you need to recondider the ‘cutting out of work early’ thing. What you need is a structure and schedule that can be sustained over the long haul.

    I do like your idea for weekend early runs. Thats what I do. I have two children that expect me to be part of family activities. I am lucky that neither of them (nor my wife) are early risers.

    On weekends I am out the door by 5-7, no later than 8, and even on a 3+ hour long run get home before they finish breakfast, shower and are done with the rest of the morning routine.

    I don’t need to feel guilty for taking time away from family and they are happy I am not around to wake them up early (I am an early bird, even when not running).

    On weekdays I prefer to run after work even if that means running late at night. Depending on when I get home I run either before dinner or just after. On some days I get stuck at the office and have to run very late at night. Luckily that happens only a few times a month.

    The reason I prefer to run after work is its an excellent way to unwind from a stress filled day. After getting home and cleaning up I always feel more relaxed. Plus I work in a field that requires creativity (software development) and often solve tough design problems when on the run. Something about running frees my mind to look at problems from a different perspective then I do while at the office.

    In any event you need to have a schedule that can be followed long term. Every once in a while, especially in the early spring, I ‘sneak’ home from work early, on really nice days, to run.

    It’s a reward for running on all those cold winter days and nights finally ending. No more hats and gloves! Now its time for shorts and singlets! Buit it is not a sustainable plan assuming I want to continue to earn a living.

    The key is to determine when you can get the time, on a regular basis, to get the runs in and then stick to it.

    Good Luck, I’m glad to hear your redoubling your effert to get back on track. Especially after running well last weekend. You should have more enthusiasm then ever.


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    didn’t mean to do any kicking… but to help each other find & keep the direction & motivation… and like children it changes all the time…

    over the summer I roused my younger son to bike (with me) while I ran me before the day got too hot… now I’m dropping off my 17 year old at his indoor meet, going to a near-by park for my run, change in the car, then coming back to watch him run… he has bragged too his team-mates that they may have run fast, but his mom did 10 miles (this week it’ll be 12)…

    I think the key, as has been said, is to fit your run in where it will sit comfortably for some time. not just for today… I keep thinking I’ll get to do doubles someday but I find that after dinner I’m fairly wiped out and never put in the kind of effort I’d like to…

    find the fit… and have a good weekend…


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    Cutback week.

    Sun 5

    Mon 5

    Tues 8 w/ strides

    Wed 8

    Thur 8 w/ 4 @ MP and strides

    Fri 6

    Sat 10 w/ 6 @ MP

    Total 50 miles

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    Mon off

    Tues 5 easy

    Wed 5 easy

    Thurs 6 easy

    Fri 6 easy

    Sat 8 easy

    Sun off

    Total 30 miles

    Back is starting to feel better, and aches and pains in hip/legs are minor. Only issue is my right AT, which aches a bunch when i am walking around, but surprisingly doesn’t bother me much running. I will work on stretching to see if that alleviates it. This week I’ll take off Tues and Sat, and should be at 30-35 miles.

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    Ed 1

    I have just been lazy about getting up at 5 but that will have to end. I want to achieve a nearly impossible goal and if I do not get past all the whining I do I’ll never come close to that goal. I’ll run after wortk tonight in the snow or whatever it is. Then the 5 AM’s will start. The alarm is already set I have just shut it off recently and rolled back over – that has got to stop. And it will.

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    Tu-7.5 (track)






    32.5, holiday stuff still keeping me too busy

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    More of the same for me:

    Mon: 6 Easy

    Tue: 7 Easy w/strides

    Wed: 13 Easy

    Thu: 7 Easy w/strides

    Fri: 6 Easy

    Sat: 14 Steady

    Sun: 12 Easy-Marathon Pace (progression)

    Total: 65

    Its been 4 weeks since Philly and I am ready to increase the length of the long run (and add some tempo and marathon paced workouts).

    For the next 5 weeks I will do 70 mpw and, although this is still part of base training, will be doing a couple of tempo workouts on Tue and Thu along with some marathon paced progression runs on Sunday.

    The weather was was great on Long Island this weekend. I ran with shorts and a tee (plus gloves and a hat). Tonight it will be a different story.

    Its in the low 20’s to mid teens now. The winds are gusting to over 35 mph so the wind chill is terrible. Plus we have snow on the roads (and tonight they will ice up).

    Luckily I am only doing a 6 mile easy run. Then its off to see my daughter at her school holiday concert (shes in the orchestra, violin; and in chorus).


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    Did not have time to get my hands on the 70+ advanced marathon training plan for 18 weeks so I winged it. Luckily, I came pretty close to doing what the program called for.

    I ran 60 with a long of 16. The program called for 64 with a long of 17 so close enough. Also got a stong LT workout in midweek.

    Onward and upward.

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    44 this week, 16 on Sunday in shorts and tshirt. I think that will be the last run like that for a while 🙁 Otherwise feeling good.

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