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    No run Sunday – same old excuses will run tonight no matter what. Then I’ll get that every day at 5 AM routine rolling like every one here suggests starting tomorrow. Eyes on the prize.

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    I got the afterwork run in – 7 miles in the cold windy weather – drew a few comments too. Also got up at five this AM and got in 8 with some mini-strides. Eyes on the prize.

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    The best thing to do is do it 1st and talk about it later. Glad you got the two workouts in. Now keep it up!

    I was going to take this morning off, as I am in Chicago for work. But I had to mail a letter and my wife wanted creamer for her coffee this morning, so I killed 3 birds with one stone and accomplished the errands as part of a nice and easy 5 mile run this morning. Now a couple of hours work, and then deliver Christmas goodies to my nephew here in suburban Chicago. Careful out there everyone!

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    Ed 1

    You are so right about do it first Peter – if I do not have the thought of it hanging over my head it seems so much easier to get out. I start a nice 12 day vacation after work today 😀 😀 😀 If I can’t do some doubles then I’m a lost cause.

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    why the fascination with doing “doubles”???

    I can understand a short run every day… I can understand adding the doubles if you need LOTS more places to put mileage when you have gotten well past 50 miles per week… and I understand if you had a short layoff and need to get back to a large volume regimen…

    but when base building from scratch?

    not that I always follow the 10% rule, but SERIOUSLY…. get some consistancy, don’t need to hear about a 12 day set of doubles with an injury followed by a three month lay-off….

    sorry for my paranoia…


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    Th-6 at the track

    F-0 (family dinner)

    Sa-0… though I got some neat new running clothes

    Su-12 easy (windy)

    not as good a week as I had wanted… need to get over being wimpy about the cold… I hope the new cothes will help


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    Sun 10

    Mon 6 AM w/ strides, 5 PM

    Tues 8 AM w/ 3 x 3:00 @ LT, 5 PM

    Wed 5 AM, 5 PM

    Thur 12 w/ 5 @ MP

    Fri 5

    Sat 19

    Total 80 miles

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    18 Weeks to go:

    Mon: 6 Easy

    Tue: 7 Tempo (slower than planned, very windy day)

    Wed: 16 Long (rearranged the schedule for Christmas)

    Thu: 6 Easy

    Fri: 13 Steady

    Sat: 7 Tempo (hmm, still slow, another windy day)

    Sun: 12 Easy (hung over, felt much better after the run)

    Total: 67 Miles

    I re-arranged the schedule to make things easier on Christmas (and because the Wed running conditions were so good).

    This was the first time in 5 weeks that I ran faster than marathon pace. I had a tough time in both those workouts. It was very windy both days so I am not in a panic over the performance.

    Under great conditons on Wed. (shorts and tee weather) I ran a comfortable 16 at 7:50 pace. That was a big boost to my confidence after the tough tempo on Tues (holding 7:30 felt hard and 7:00 was impossible).

    Meanwhile with 17 weeks (plus race week) to go I am increasing the long run to 18 this week (and the weekly mileage to 69).


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    Sun = 4 easy

    Mon = 10 in 1:25:36

    Tue = 15 in 2:02:59

    Wed = 12 w/ 19:01 5k

    Thu = 4 easy

    Fri = 24 in 3:14:29

    Sat = 12 in 1:36

    Total = 81 outside

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    Double wrote:
    Total = 81 outside


    You’re the man. I usually don’t mind running in the temps we had last week. However, since I now run in the pitch black, it makes it seem even colder. The brutal winds we had didn’t help either. Anyway, call me a wuss, but I spent most of the week on the treadmill. In fact, 74 of my 80 were on a treadmill, including 19 on Christmas night (that was more due to time crunch than weather).

    What’s up with the 24 miler? Are you training for something in particular like an ultra or a specific marathon?

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    My week:

    S=14 miles

    M=8 miles


    W=10 miles

    T=10 miles

    F=6 miles

    S=10 miles

    Total=58 miles

    Right now I’m in my base phase, hoping to get in some weeks of 70+ miles. The day off Tuesday was unplanned, this week I should be able to get in 7 days of running.

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    the past 6 weeks I have run 6 times:) It was a planned break, but I’m ready to get started again. I have improved my swimming a bit, I am only getting lapped by EVERY OTHER old timer, instead of every.

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    Guest is actually ferris…..sorry

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    Took a much needed break. Timing not so great, with a marathon in 2 weeks, but I needed to get my love of running back. Will run tonight for the first time in 9 days. Really jonesing to get out there. Hopefully my hiatus did the trick.

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    Seventy-four miles on a t-mill? Wahooooooo…..

    Actually, I’m going to spark it up for the 100k again. They have a qualifier for the National team to travel to Japan (June) on Feb 19th around Atlanta, GA. What the heck, don’t want to look back in five years and regret the decision.

    Flat and 4 x 25km out and back. Four aid stations, so manageable by myself hopefully. One problem I tend to have is blow through stations to quick.

    What the hell are you training for, the Badger State Games?

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    Compared to the vertible Ironman efforts of Double and Zeke, but I’m getting out there with better consistency than before, 4 out of every 5 days. Last week was:

    Mon – 6

    Tues- 5

    Wed – 5


    Fri – off

    Sat – off

    Sun – 6

    27 for the week

    Gotta start getting some 8-10 milers in…

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    Anonymous wrote:
    What the hell are you training for, the Badger State Games?

    No, Gopher State Games. 😀

    Actually, I just requested an entry form for Grandma’s. It’s June 18th this year. I figure 14 months is long enough to get over my Boston debacle.

    4 x 25k sounds “fun.” The “only” problem with no having a crew is that you have to take what’s provided at the stations, right? They don’t let you have your own drink or food. Doesn’t matter, I’m sure you’ll still kick ass and be eating sushi and drinking sake before you know it.

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    I wish the miles were coming along smoothly, but there not. It is more of an effort at this point than I would like it to be. Last winter I over trained, but with ultras you have to survive the work load or it will come back to haunt you. I’ve ran a 100k each year since 2001 and my success ratio is 1:4. The only common denominator is when you crew for me, I do well.

    That was a heck of a road trip. Lot’s of good memories.

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    Glad to hear I was a part of the 1 success, however, I doubt I had a whole lot to do with it. It was fun though. Too bad you’re not heading back to Duluth. I’d be there. Atlanta is a little too far.

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    Had a tough week but managed to get in 60 miles on 5 runs. Family sick with a nasty virus on Monday so no running for me. Choose to take Chrismas since I was recovering from being sick myself and didn’t mind the extra rest at this stage. Was able to compensate a little by getting in a 24 mile long on Sunday. This was longer than I planned but my legs didn’t seem to mind which was encouraging.

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    44 miles for me this week

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