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    Did not run Sunday – can still hardly breathe but will try to force a run tonight even if it is a crawling pace. I am tired of not running – my cold is almost gone. Looking forward to Jingle Bell this Saturday. Time to get a base idea of fitness level.

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    I’m running without a plan for the month of December. So far this week I ran nine on the treadmill while watching football on Sunday. Today (Monday) I ran eight easy miles during lunch. I’m going to try to run a little longer average runs this month at a slower pace. I’m not sure what I’m doing for the rest of the week.

    It seems like I’ve been following a training plan for one race or another all year. It’s nice to just run when I want. I have two goals for 2004. One is to get over 2000 miles for the year. Today I went over 1900, so that shouldn’t be a problem. The other goal is to enter 2005 rested and motivated.


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    Wow, 2000 miles 😯 You go for it. That is impressive – maybe 2005 will be my year. Just thinking about the need to average 6 miles a day every day of the year is kind of scary. But again congrats on the milestone being within reach.

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    Ran 8 last night and it felt great. Was going to do a double today but I am still recovering from the cold and did not want to run in the heavy rain. I will run 10 – 12 tonight depending on how I feel.

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    Well I did get 11 in last night and for that could only get four this morning – but I am planning on 4-6 after work. So far no knee pain – just sore muscles – need more stretching.

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    Did not get the afterwork run in but the next day I did get in 10 miles. Now I am sore as hell in the right hip. Any ideas to recover by tomorrow early AM?

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    I’ve been a slacker for most of the week. I cut short runs on Tuesday (ran 4 instead of 6) and Thursday (ran 2 instead of 8 ) due to queasy stomach/GI problems. I think the problem is that I tried to run too soon after breakfast to avoid the warmer temps (mid 70s here this week–my apologies to those of you running in the freezing cold).

    I’ll move my runs to later in the day next week and see if things go better.


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    Bart – if ever there was a time to back off for a mental benefit it is now – just make sure that you get your 2k miles. Do not miss that.

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    …just make sure that you get your 2k miles. Do not miss that.

    No problem. I’ll get past 2K miles with room to spare.

    Ed, good luck on your 10K today. Hope the hip feels better

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    not a bad week



    Tu-5 (track work)


    Th-5 (threshold)


    Sa-10 (in the rain, but at least it’s not snow)

    this coming week I can already see too much holiday stuff getting in the way… we’ll have to see how it goes..


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    This week was a repeat of the last one.

    Mon: 6

    Tue: 7

    Wed: 13

    Thu: 7

    Fri: 6

    Sat: 14

    Sun: 12

    Total: 65

    One more week at 65 and then I will increase the length of the long run. I plan to be in the mid 70’s during Jan and up to 80 by Feb.

    I have another 5 weeks of base left. Running all them miles at a pretty comfortable pace (mostly 7:45-8:15 range) with some fast strides a couple of times (and a fast final mile on Wed).


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    Sun 10

    Mon 6 w/ strides AM and 6 PM

    Tues 6 w/ strides AM and 4 PM

    Wed 12

    Thur 5 AM and 5 PM

    Fri 10

    Sat 18 (16 on a golf course)

    Total 82 miles

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    Zeke….how do you do 16 miles on a golf course? Do you just run down the fairways? How many holes does it take to do 16?

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    SwampTiger wrote:
    Zeke….how do you do 16 miles on a golf course? Do you just run down the fairways? How many holes does it take to do 16?

    I did a loop around the outside of the course, but that only took about 20 minutes. After that I started running 2.5 loops on each hole. I’d start at the tee box and run up one side of the fairway, loop around the green and back to the tee box. It was one of my best long runs ever. The next day I had no soreness at all since I wasn’t pounding the pavement for 2.5 hours. Great conditions too. The ground was firm but there wasn’t any snow cover. Highly recommended.

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    Your a legend.

    I try and hit the golf course once a week.

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    Double wrote:
    Your a legend.

    I just try to copy whatever you do. 😀

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