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    Ed 1

    Stomach Flu – killed my running.

    Sun: – still recovering form the stomach flu.

    Mon: 11 too far – too fast. Man it hurt.

    Tue: Rested

    Wed: 4 nice and easy about a 8-9:00 pace.

    Thu: 4 a little quicker – felt better. Knee pain afterwards and now through today. Still plan on running a light 6 tonight – unless the knee hurts more.



    Total =

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    Or at least, you ought to know better 😳

    Take it easy, would you? As Ryan is so fond of saying, it doesn’t matter how good of shape you’re in, you’ve still got to get to the starting line healthy.

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    I hate to do this but here’s an email exchange I had with Ed yesterday morning.


    How should I come back from this time off and this terrible stomach flu that I just got over? I was planning on running a 15+ miler later today at a very very easy pace. Does that sound good to you?



    NO!!!!! You just had the flu and lost 10 lbs. You don’t need to run 15 today. Given your last 2 weeks, I’d say focus on getting consistent the next 2 weeks, then do a 2 week taper.

    Just run an easy 5 today and an easy 8 tomorrow. Change Wednesday from 10 w/ 4 x 1200 to 10 at a progressively faster pace. Then try to pick up the schedule from there.

    How’s that sound?



    That sounds much more sensible. Will do. Thanks.


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    Ed 1

    OK – OK 😳 😳 I feel great today but I am preparing for a major job interview tomorow and I will not run today. Will do a short easy run tomorrow morning to get the juices flowing for the interview. Coach – you did the right thing calling me out like that. Man I got issues – My wife was even on my butt about following coach’s advice – I should have listened. But no harm no foul (this time) I am sure I wont be so lucky if I do something this stupid again – therefore I wont!

    I read somewhere that you lose double the training time in time off. For example 2 weeks off kills 1 month of training. It certainly felt like that was the case last night.

    No use crying over spilled milk but no more spilling of the milk!!!

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    I read somewhere that you lose double the training time in time off. For example 2 weeks off kills 1 month of training.

    Not really sure about that, but I’m sure you do lose something. It probably depends more on your base, and what you’ve established over a period of time. For instance, before my Cold/URI in early February, I had run 5 weeks of 42 mpw avg. at about a 7:35 pace. The next 5 weeks were 31 mpw with a pace avg of 7:45. But since then, my last 5 weeks have been 52 mpw at a 7:25 pace. These are just examples of one runner, and your results may vary. But I tried not to overdo it, and gradually worked to get back to where I was and build on it. The results show that I was not severely impacted by the two week setback in the intermediate term. Had my base been bigger or more established, I would probably have bounced back quicker. That’s just me though…

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    Ed 1

    I have only had about three months of moderate base – so this has been very tough. If I can work through this knee pain I’ll be better off.

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    Peter wrote:
    I had run 5 weeks of 42 mpw avg. at about a 7:35 pace. The next 5 weeks were 31 mpw with a pace avg of 7:45. But since then, my last 5 weeks have been 52 mpw at a 7:25 pace

    Maybe I’m missing something in my training. Do people really monitor their avg pace this closely? I see a lot of weekly reports where people write in their avg pace for the week. Maybe it’s just me but it seems kind of meaningless. The difference between 7:25, 7:35 and 7:45 seems very minor to me. Besides, how do you know all these paces are accurate? Are you using GPS and running the same measured routes all the time?

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    In my case I run with a Garmin GPS watch. I run a variety of routes, often changing the route mid run, using the watch only to track distance. Besides distance I pay little or no attension to the other information it provides (in fact I often set the display to show only distance).

    I set the watch to automatically record splits (every mile, but this can be changed) so when I return home I place it in the charger (which also acts as a serial connection to the pc) and it downloads the run details to the logbook.

    This contains a huge amount of statisitical information; including the requested splits, and averages by run, day, week, and year. It also has elevation graphs (which I think are useless) and a map (also pretty useless) of each run.

    The funny thing, the longer I run with it the less I use the information (besides distance) while running.

    Its not until after I shower, while drinking fluids, that I review the run stats. Often suprising myself by the pace I ran versus how I felt when running.

    I have ended long runs feeling I was hitting mp over the last 4-5 miles only to discover I was running closer to tempo pace.

    The only time I use anything other than total distance while running is when I have specific pace goals. This is espcially helpful for doing intervals without traveling to the track.

    I can preset it before leaving the house for the workout I want to do. For example I could set it to do 800m repeats with 400m recoveries. Not only would it beep at each transition, and record the time of for each, but it also displays my pace while doing the workout so I can adjust during each repeat as needed.

    Other than that type of workout I think I pay LESS attension to this watch then I did with my old watch. Knowing that after the run I will have all the details makes it easier to ignore it during the run.


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    I have several measured routes, and I time my runs. I plug my monthly miles and time run into an excel spreadsheet, and it spits out the per mile pace. I wasn’t bringing it up to reflect any obsession – just that when I was under the weather, I took a fair amount of time to get back to running the mileage and pace I had been doing before the illness. Over the course of a week or a month it balances out and iit/s true, it probably doesnt’ mean all that much. But then, there are some people here who run 80% of their miles for a week or 2 at a pace equal to or faster than their purported marathon pace.

    Not that it’s really important. I just measure it and compare it to myself to gauge where I’m at fitness wise.

    For this week, here are the mileage #s…

    S- off

    M- 5.0

    T- 7.6

    W- 7.6

    R- 6.8

    F- 6.0

    S- 14.5 including 8K in 30:21

    I’m a bit disappointed in my 8K race, but it was a hilly course and a windy day, I didn’t really taper, thus maybe explaining why I felt tired the whole way. My splits indicate I went out too fast, and I was ready to pack it in the 4th mile, but I persevered.


    1- 5:35

    2- 6:04

    3- 6:10

    4- 6:32

    5- 6:00 (actually .97)

    Back to the base building…

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    base building…more mileage this week, but still not very much… only 27…

    but Saturday I spent eight and a half hours with the Boy Scouts helping with an Eagle project to mulch a trail a t a local park… I raked what the guys wheel barrowed in and dumped… after all the coaches said I could cross-train if I wanted something more…

    then Sunday I did ten miles with a friend of mine, faster than I should have, but we were chatting and the miles just flew by, she’s 20 years younger and her marathon PB 26 minutes better than mine…the weather was perfect…

    so this week I get to add a few more miles… coaches telling me not to over do it this early in the year and keep it fun…


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    Su – 6

    M – off

    T – 5 AM & 8 w/ hills PM

    W – 7 w/ strides

    Th – 8 w/ 2 x 1 mile at MP

    F – 5

    S – 9 including 10K race in 37:42.

    Total – 48

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    Mon: 4 Easy

    Tue: 5 Steady

    Wed 7 Steady

    Thu: 5 Easy

    Fri: 4 Steady

    Sat: 4 Easy

    Sun: 26.2 Long Island Marathon (3:24:26)

    Total: 55 Miles

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    Had a good week. Wife was away so I had a couple days pushing the jogger which I actually enjoy from time to time. In fact, I set my PR for pushing the jogger for 8 miles in the park I run in (8 miles in 51:24). I have a double jogger and pushed our 2 year old to the record while the older two were in school. I’ll have to put an asterisk since I had only one kid with me. Had a very solid 4x1mile workout on Saturday and a good steady 10 miler yesterday. The good news is nothing hurts including the PF which has been tough to deal with. Time to jump in some spring races.

    4/25/2005 Monday Easy in CP 8.2

    4/26/2005 Tuesday Progression in CP 8.2

    4/27/2005 Wednesday DNR –

    4/28/2005 Thursday Moderate pushing jogger in Loanaka 8.0

    4/29/2005 Friday easy pushing jogger in Loanaka 8.0

    4/30/2005 Saturday mile on mile off (5:08, 5:11, 5:06, 4:59) 7.8

    5/1/2005 Sunday steady around giralda loop, last mile in 5:54 9.9

    Total Weekly Mileage 50.1

    Total Monthly Milage 50.1

    YTD Mileage 50.1

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    Recovery/mini-taper week with a half marathon on Sunday. Had a bad bout with allergies on Monday (nasal congestion) and still suffering from it as of today…

    Mon: 8 with 4×100 strides

    Tues: 11.3

    Weds: 6.6

    Thurs: off

    Fri: 8.6

    Sat: 5.2

    Sun: 1.1 w/u, Vancouver Half Marathon (new 1 min PR of 1:26:12)

    Total: 53.9

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    Week two of recovery.

    Mon – 4

    Tue – 30 min. crosstraining

    Wed – 7.5

    Thu – 5

    Fri – 40 min. crosstraining

    Sat – 6

    Sun – OFF (Planned 10 but took it off instead)

    Total – 22.5 all nice and easy.

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    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: OFF [rest post-tib tendonitis]

    Wednesday: 3 miles+strides

    Thursday: 3 miles+strides

    Friday: 2 miles+strides

    Saturday: OFF

    Sunday: 26 miles [Cincinnati FlyingPig Marathon]

    34 [week] / 528 [year]

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    MothAudio wrote:
    Sunday: 26 miles [Cincinnati FlyingPig Marathon]

    OK, so where’s the race/run report? We’re curious, you know……

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