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    I’ve never posted a weekly report here, so I’ll just let you know that my schedule during the week involves running to and from work. My short term goals are directed at some races in May and June ranging from 5K down to half mile. My goal race in the last half of the year will be either a half marathon or marathon. I am leaning toward a marathon right now. My training goal will be to increase the distance of my morning runs to work and to be consistent with my long runs. Right now, I am only consistent with my runs to and from work which are a minimum of 4.5 miles each way.

    Monday – AM: 5, PM: 4.5

    Tuesday – AM: 8 (4 miles of fartlek), PM: 4.5

    Wednesday – AM: 4.5, PM: 4.5

    Thursday – AM: 8 (4 miles of fartlek), PM: 4.5

    Friday – AM: 4.5, PM: 4.5

    Sunday – AM: 8 miles, Trolley Run, 4 mile race 21:17

    The highlight would have to be the Trolley run on Sunday. I was fairly happy with the time. Either my penmanship or their typo caused me to be listed as 26 instead of 36, so I may miss out on an age group award. That’s not a big deal. I still enjoyed the race and will return next year. I’ve improved about 1:15 since I ran this race 3 years ago. I also moved up into the top 20. This is a big race with some prize money and the top 10 runners all ran under 20. The winning time was 18:39. The first female was about 15 seconds behind me. I run without a watch, so I cannot provide splits.

    My fartlek workouts went pretty well. I was a bit flat at the start of the first one, but the second one was nice.

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