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    Nothing yet, so I’ll begin. An interesting week, which included my highest mileage week for the last 19 months, and my highest 7 day total (mid-week to mid-week), ever. 63 miles in 7 days is not a huge amount, especially around here, but I’m looking at this as a continuation, not a culmination. And in a tradition that (I hope) would make Double proud, I went out and ran my best time in six+ years for a 5 mile during a solo workout with no taper 😀 The shape, she’s a getting a close….

    Sun- 14.5 (Two workouts; 9.5 AM, track workout PM)

    Mon- 7.3

    Tue- 8.7

    Wed- 7.0

    Thu- 8.0 incl 29:36 five-mile TT

    Fri- off

    Sat- 10.7

    Total – 56.2

    Easy miles this week, as I prep for Crazylegs. I feel a bit worn, so the timing is pretty good.

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    Mon:5 Easy

    Tue: 8 Marathon (7:35-7:40)

    Wed: 12 Steady (7-25-7:30)

    Thu: 6 Tempo (7:00-7:15)

    Fri: 5 Easy

    Sat: 13 Steady (7:25-7:30)

    Sun: 11 Marathon (7:35-7:40)

    Total: 60 miles

    Both Saturday and Sunday had high winds (20-30 mph) and steady rain. Even under those conditions the pace felt comfortable. Another big confidence booster with 6 days until the race.

    This is race week so I plan to cut mileage to 30: 4,5,7,5,4,4 and Race.

    I probably should not make a prediction but, if I have a ‘good’ day, a sub 3:20 is very possible.


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    Looks like 28 at Al’s this year. We’re counting on you.

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    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: OFF

    Wednesday: 4 miles

    Thursday: 5 miles 1×2 [email protected]

    Friday: 6 miles TM

    Saturday: OFF

    Sunday: 12 miles+strides

    Week 2 taper for FlyingPig

    27 [week] / 494 [year]

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    Overall a good week, just a few miles short of 80.

    Mon: 8.5

    Tues: 13 progression

    Weds: AM: 6.2, PM: 4.4

    Thurs: 15.1 steady

    Fri: 9.1 incl. 2.5 w/u, 5.1 tempo (6:20ish pace), 1.5 c/d

    Sat: 21.3 long

    Sun: off

    Total: 77.6

    Also 3 sessions of weights and 1 session of swimming

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    Su – 13

    M – 6

    T – 5 w/ strides AM & 10 w/ hills PM

    W – 7

    Th – 5 AM & 10 (w/7 @ MP) PM

    F – 5

    S – 21

    Total – 82

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    Ed 1

    Stomach Flu – vomited so hard I strained muscles in my back and tummy area and in my legs. I actually strained muscles!!! God I was dead for two-three days. Lost over 10 pounds was seriously dehydrated – couldn’t keep water or gatorade down for almost two days. This worked its way through my kids first (they didn’t get as sick) then me and then my wife. Better now and will finally run again today. 25th.

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    Very impressive totals this week! My personal totals are less impressive. Good news is my quads finally recovered from the Marathon. I ran 10 at around 6:10 pace yesterday and felt good. Need to figure out what to target next. I’m thinking of the Litchfield Hills Road Race which is a 7 mile race in CT on June 12th. Also thinking about the Midland 15k in Mid May which is a big race in NJ.

    Randy, best wishes for your upcoming race. You’re prepared! Time to cash in.

    4/18/2005 Monday BOSTON MARATHON 26.2

    4/19/2005 Tuesday DNR –

    4/20/2005 Wednesday DNR –

    4/21/2005 Thursday DNR –

    4/22/2005 Friday Easy in CP 6.5

    4/23/2005 Saturday DNR –

    4/24/2005 Sunday 10 at MP around Giralda Loop 10.0

    Total Weekly Mileage 42.7

    Total Monthly Milage 187.7

    YTD Mileage 1,121.5

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    I went for an easy run on Thursday to try and work some of the soreness out. My quads were very upset about it, but it was for their own good. Encouraged that it was just muscle soreness though. I had planned to run over the weekend, but I decided to take it off. I wanted to give myself a good mental break, so I feel good about jumping back into hard training.

    Mon – 26.2

    Tue – OFF

    Wed – OFF (30 min. easy exercise bike)

    Thur – 4 on soft trail, Ouch

    Fri – Off

    Sat – OFF

    Sun – OFF

    Planning to start building the miles back up slowly this week.

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    traveled back home from NY on the train, slept… I’d spent the better part of the last five weeks helping my sisters care for our mom… then three days helping my 17 yr.old finish up his paperwork for his Eagle Board of Review, he passed… back to work with more email than I wanted & a project that needed immediate work…

    so only 20 miles but I did spend Saturday afternoon watching my kid pole vault & lots of other HS kids run faster than I could have, fun & inspiration… they make it look so easy…

    hope to get back on track this week…


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    Mon—rest Walking up stairs was an

    Tue—rest accomplishment for these 2 days

    Wed—more rest

    Thu—rest, feeling almost normal by now

    Fri— 5 easy


    Sun— 6 easy, just about recovered

    Total 11 yippee! 😀

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