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    Cut back week before the fun starts for me.

    Sun: 4 hours w/ my kids and climbing hills 😕

    Mon: Rest day – odly needed it – legs sore and tired

    Tue: 8 w/10 strides at 5:12 pace last stride at sub 5 pace, 15 seconds per

    Wed: 5 easy

    Thu: sick with a pulled muscle in the chest

    Fri: Sore and not feeling well yet.

    Sat: 4

    Total = 17 👿

    Worst week of the year – let’s hope it remains there.

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    Best and probably the most difficult training week of the year so far…

    Mon: AM: strengthwork at the gym

    PM: 8.3 miles easy with 6 strides, 7:19 pace

    Tues: AM: 11.5 mile progression run- 7.6 easy, last 3.9 @ threshold; 6:58 pace overall

    PM: swimming (1400 m)

    Weds: AM: strengthwork

    PM: 7.5 miles EZ with 5 strides, 7:23 pace

    Thurs: AM: 13.2 miles steady, 7:30 pace

    PM: swimming (1600 m)

    Fri: AM: strengthwork

    PM: 7.2 miles EZ, 7:18 pace

    Sat: 19.3 mile long run on a mostly hilly route, 8:02 pace (went overtime)

    Sun: scheduled rest day

    Total: 67 miles of running, 7:30 average pace

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    I wasn’t sure what to expect this week. Last week I ran my 10K PR on Saturday and then took Sunday off. I was still kinda sore on Monday so I just decided to run how I felt each day and see where I ended up…maybe I should do that every week if it ends up like this…

    Monday: 11 easy

    Tuesday: 9 medium

    Wednesday: 5 easy

    Thursday: 8 easy

    Friday: 16 w/ some light hill work in the middle

    Saturday: 7 medium

    Sunday: I’ll be taking the day off…I’ve earned it

    Total: 56 a new high (previous high 53, 3 weeks ago)

    Notes: I’m especially proud of the friday 16 miler because, besides the fact that its my longest run in over a year, I was pretty strong throughout the whole thing! Since I was on the treadmill and it can get pretty boring when you run that long, I decided to do a surge somewhere after 7 miles. I increased the pace by a tenth each minute for 10 minutes and then increased the incline by 0.5% each minute for 10 minutes after that. At that point I couldn’t keep it up so I dropped the pace back down and the incline back to normal and continued my long run. I finished up 16 feeling tired, but good. I even recovered enough to run a solid run today. A very good week!

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    Mon: 6 Easy

    Tue: 7 Tempo

    Wed: 13 Steady

    Thu: 7 Tempo

    Fri: 6 Easy

    Sat: 22 Long (8:09)

    Sun: 12 MP

    Total: 73 Miles

    I post weekly runs based on my ‘schedule’ but in the real work often swap workouts. When off from work, or when bad weather is expected, I do longer workouts and ‘save’ shorter runs for later in the week

    The net milage is exactly what I post on here each week but not always in the order listed. Anyway, because of Presidents day and the snow that was expected this weekend I rearranged things more than usual last week.

    For the 7 days from Sat (19th) to Fri (25th) I ran 16,13,12,7,22,7 and 13. This is the 1st time I have hit 90 miles in 7 days (in singles). I ran 12 at MP yesterday for 102 miles in 8 days.

    My usual weekly mileage is 67-75 (average of 70) but I felt great at 90. Too bad I don’t have any speed to go with the endurance. Then my goal for May 1st would be much faster than a 3:19.

    Still, that 3:19 is looking pretty good right now. I did the 22 on Wed at a steady 8:09 pace and felt no fatique during or after (a little thirsty though, did the alomst 3 hour run wothout water).


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    Tue—9.2 w/6×[email protected] 2:15



    Fri—4 w/some strides

    Sat—18, felt really good got the last few miles @7:50

    Sun—7 w/ 4mile race 24:09, felt suprisingly strong after the 18

    on Sat. I should have went sub 24 but I fell off the pace big

    in mile 2 👿 5:49,6:24,5:58:5:58. Im not sure what happened

    there. I think I slowed becuase 5:49 is too fast, but I slowed too


    total 50

    Three weeks to go before I start to taper 🙂

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    Mon- Rest

    Tue – 6 AM; 4 PM

    Wed – 15

    Thur – 6

    Fri – 12 Great LT run

    Sat – 5

    Sun – 22

    Total – 70

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    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: 6 mles TM

    Wednesday: OFF

    Thursday: 7 miles TM

    Friday: 4 miles+strides

    Saturday: 6 miles

    Sunday: 12 miles on hilly trails

    35 miles for week

    208 miles for year

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    M-6.5 easy

    T-6 (5 X 1100) great work out

    W- 6 easy

    Th – 6.5 (4 mile threshold)


    S- 15.6 ( 25K race, but started easy as practice)


    45+ and the best part was finishing Saturday’s run strong, exactly as planned…


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    S – 13 w/ hills

    M – 6

    T – 5 w/ strides AM & 10 w/ hills PM

    W – 7

    Th – 12 w/ 8 up-tempo AM & 5 PM

    F – 5

    S – 15 w/ hills

    Total – 78

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    Had a good week totaling 90 miles which included a good MP workout on Monday and 6 miles at MP on Friday. Ran 24 yesterday in 2:43 which was 15 minutes faster than the same run on December 26th.

    Week 11 – 7 to go

    Monday Moderate around Giralda Loop. Mile 3 – 5:40, Mile 4 – 5:32, last 4 at MP 9.9

    Tuesday Easy in CP plus 2x hill 9.8

    Wednesday AM Easy in CP, PM Easy w/ Running Co. 18.2

    Thursday Easy in CP plus one loop on Bridal Trail 9.8

    Friday LT in CP, 1 easy, 1 loop in 37, 1 easy 8.2

    Saturday giralda loop – recovery 9.9

    Sunday long and steady around great swamp 24.0


    Total Monthly Milage 321.1

    YTD Mileage 627.6

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    Sunday: 3.7 slow

    Monday: 6.2

    Tuesday: 6.4

    Wednesday: OFF

    Thursday: 7.2

    Friday: 5 miles in 32:06

    Saturday: 7.2

    35.7 miles for week

    270 miles for year after Monday’s run… (vs 160 last year at same time)

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