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    Ed 1

    Wow last week was bad – more miles in 1 day this week than all of last week.

    Sun: 18 in 2:45:00 – can I really add 8.2 miles in just 10 minutes?

    Mon: Rest day

    Tue: 10 with 5 at LT 6:58 pace.

    Wed: Rest day shifted from Friday

    Thu: 4 faster than I should have but it felt awesome

    Fri: 11 @ 8:30 pace

    Sat: 7 w/ 10 strides

    Total = 50 🙂

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    Wow last week was bad – more miles in 1 day than all of last week.

    What happened last week? I know it was a recovery week, but that doesn’t mean “don’t run.” It’s in the past now, so don’t worry about. You have some tough weeks coming up, try to hit your workouts.

    Sun: 18 in 2:45:00 – can I really add 8.2 miles in just 10 minutes?

    2:45 + :10 = 2:55. So now you’re shooting for 2:55? Again, 5 minutes is a big difference, especially when you start getting in that range. It’s nice to have a long-range goal like that, but focus on the short-range goal right now.

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    Ed 1

    I am just scared that if I train for a 3:00:00 I’ll hit a 3:00:01 or something stupid like that. I know that the five minutes is huge but I feel like I’ll need a five minute cushion just in case. Anyway, it does not matter too much – I am going to follow your advise the best that I can and let the numbers take care of themselves. Last week was a mess for me – I felt pretty under the weather Thurs, Fri and Sat but madde it our Sat. Sunday that week was the snow day – out w/ the children for four hours.

    I was worried about the 18 miles yesterday – until I ran it. It felt great.

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    I am just scared that if I train for a 3:00:00 I’ll hit a 3:00:01 or something stupid like that. I know that the five minutes is huge but I feel like I’ll need a five minute cushion just in case.

    Well, you might as well train for 2:50, then you’ll have a 10 minute cushion.

    You don’t pick a time and train for it. You put in the training and then hone in on a time.

    3:00:01 would be awesome. I can think of a million things that can go wrong if you 1) train for a time you’re not ready for and/or 2) race for a time you’re not ready for. None of them will result in a time faster than 3:00:01.

    I think it’s great that you’re so focused on breaking 3 hours. However, if that’s the only reason you lace your shoes before each run, then I think it’s going to be that much harder to reach your goal.

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    Ed 1

    My focus was at first to get the sub 3 but as my training has become consistent and running hard has gotten easier and 12-15 miles is easy – being more and more fit as a stronger runner has become part of my goals. It feels good to reel off a 8-10 mile run faster than I have in the past and not feel tired like I got nothing left to give. I want to run strong, hard and effortless (so to speak) at long distances. It may take me years to get where I want to be and it might happen this fall.

    Your guidance has been more than I could have hoped for – if I do not make my goals it is because I have not provided enough feedback regarding my runs. There is plenty of time to my test – let’s git er done.

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    Not really that bad, but foot still hurts 😕

    Sun – off

    Mon – 5.6

    Tues- off (Podiatrist appt)

    Wed- 6.2

    Thur- 6.1

    Fri – 6.1

    Sat – 10 (Finally, a double digit run……)

    Total – 34 on five runs

    Go back to the foot Doc on Tuesday, most likely for orthotics. Hope it helps!

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    Monday: 12 Easy

    Tuesday: 6 Easy (Here and Wed I had some kind of stomach problem, thought I may have pulled an ab, but it went away after Wed so I guess it just hurt…made 2 short runs really suck)

    Wed: 4 Easy

    Thursday: 10 Easy

    Friday: 14 Easy

    Saturday: 8 Medium

    Sunday: Day Off, I’ve had enough for the week

    Total: 54, highest 2 week period ever (110 miles)…another step in the right direction!

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    A cutback/recovery week for me

    Monday: 6.1 easy, strength training

    Tuesday: AM-9.3, PM- 1650 m swim

    Wednesday: AM: strength training-appointment with strength coach to go over new routine and exercises for the next cycle; was sore the next day

    PM: 7.4 easy

    Thursday: noon: 2.1 w/u, ~5k race (19:21-was a little longer than 5k; terrain was on road and trail with some hills), 1.2 c/d

    PM: swim-1400 m

    Friday: 6.1 easy; quads/hamstrings sore from Thursday

    Sat: 14 LR, 7:39 pace

    Sun: rest day

    Total: ~50 miles

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    Mon— rest

    Tue— 8

    Wed—9w/7×600+2×[email protected] pace


    Fri— 11

    Sat— 5 easy + strides

    Sun—17w/[email protected]

    Total 50 miles

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    Mon: 6 Easy

    Tue: 7 Tempo

    Wed: 13 Easy

    Thu: 7 Tempo

    Fri: 6 Easy

    Sat: 16 Marathon

    Sun: 12 Steady

    Total: 68 Cutback week

    The Saturday 16 miles started off as a long run (around 8:00 pace) for the 1st 2 miles, then moved to 7:45-7:30 for 6 miles, then 7:30-7:15 for 6 and ended at 7:00 for the last 2. Average pace was 7:30 which is 10 sec/mile faster than planned mp.

    The run felt comfortable. No fatigue and no impact on the 12 miles the next morning. In fact I finished that run with several miles at 7:00 pace too.

    I am gaining confidence each week that the 7:40 mp will be no problem in 7 weeks.


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    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: 6 mles TM

    Wednesday: OFF

    Thursday: 6 miles

    Friday: 6 miles+strides

    Saturday: OFF

    Sunday: 18 miles on hilly trails

    36 miles for week

    244 miles for year

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    weird week… got a note from the coaches on Thursday that they had screwed up my schedule…oh well… suggested I take it easier on my long run as there is only two weeks left…

    so Thursday I cut back to a 20 minute threshold run (from 30) and Saturday I did a very easy 20 miles, and ate way too much GU, on purpose… last chance to see how much is too much… actually it was fine, maybe because I was had Cliff Shot (rasberry) for most of it..

    so now I’m into the taper officially, get a massage today, no soreness, just a little stiff yesterday morning… I know I didn’t have as much mileage in as I should have, winter never seems to go smoothly for me… the big thing this weekend was the emotional turmoil with the kids… I jokingly told my husband that I was going to “give up” being a mom for the next two weeks 😯 … he said he would help out where he could but that if nothing else I would have lots to chat about with the pace group…

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    RandyS wrote:
    I am gaining confidence each week that the 7:40 mp will be no problem in 7 weeks.

    Nice MP run. I agree that 7:40 MP should be very doable for you for you in 7 weeks. Keep rolling.

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    S – off

    M – 8

    T – 12 w/ hills

    W – 8

    Th – 12 w/ 9 up-tempo

    F – 8 w/ strides

    S – 12 w/ hills

    Total – 60

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    Ran 78 for the week which is pretty much consistent with the plan which called for 82. Started some VO2 work on Tuesday with 6 x 2 minutes hard with 90 second recoveries. Ran some MP/LT pace on Wedn and Friday. Had planned to run a 20k race on Sunday but bagged it due to some niggles I’ve been dealing with this week. My PF is hurting pretty good and I have a twinge in my groin. I have a history of groin injuries so I thought I better play it safe. Had a strong long run yesterday of 18+ including 16 at or close to MP.

    Week 12 – 6 to go – 3rd Mesocycle

    Monday Easy in snow from office to Central Park w/ Joe 8.0

    Tuesday VO2 – 6 x 2 minutes with 90 second recovery 8.2

    Wednesday AM 10 in CP, PM 7 in CP with 1 at MP and 2 at LT 17.0

    Thursday Easy in CP 8.2

    Friday Easu in CP picked it up for a few 9.8

    Saturday AM Easy on Traction 7.8

    Sunday Moderate traction, giralda, into chatham, featherbed, james, home then back to convent to pick up erins car 18.5

    Total Weekly Mileage 77.5

    Total Monthly Milage 77.5

    YTD Mileage 705.1

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