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    Hate being sick – hate my job – stressed out trying to buy a house 👿 Hope my running goes well this week.

    Sun: Too sick to run – still cannot breath good enough while running.

    Mon: 9 w/ [email protected] MP Tough but did it.

    Tue: 8 w/ [email protected] MP Still tough but gutted it out.

    Wed: Did not run – 👿

    Thu: 8 w/ 4×800’s @ 6:00 pace.

    Fri: 8 👿 👿

    Sat: 👿 👿 no run 👿 👿 guess I needed a mental break. Guarenteed that next week I will follow the schedule perfectly.

    Total = 33 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿

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    What is the pace that you reference when you say “6 @ MP” and why are you doing two days in a row of marathon pace workouts? — Especially if you are just getting over being sick. I think you may be overdoing it, IMHO. You have what, 7-8 weeks until your marathon? There’s nothing wrong with toughing out some workouts while you’re feeling a bit under the weather, but if you try and overdo it during that time, you can exacerbate the situation pretty easily.

    Again, just one hack’s opinion.

    Ed – you keep saying you’ll follow your Coach’s schedule, but I cannot imagine that would include 2 marathon pace workouts followed by a speed workout. Keep your chin up, but start doing some recovery workouts!

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    Of course you’re right, I thought about that around noon today and now I read it. I am worried about losing base and not getting enough effort in. My goals are set very, very high and it will require major effort – but of course that needs to be balanced with proper rest/recovery.

    My MP now starts slower at about 7:30 for a mile then goes to about 7:00 and finishes around 6:45. My primary goal is for fall and a focus on the speed/endurabce that I need for that. My upcoming marathon is part of a gut/ ability check and to race.

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    Ed, I have to agree with Peter, 2 days of MP in a row is probably not necessary after being sick. Also, my understanding of MP workouts is that a portion of the run is done at your MP. When I do MP runs, I warm up for 2 or 3 miles, then pick it up over the course of a mile, then hold it @ 7:15 for however long the workout calls for. My goal is 3:10. Your workout sounds more like a progression workout. Hope your feeling better,


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    Doing my best to revive this fourm today so I thought I’d do a little bragging about my week so far…

    Monday: 11 slow

    Tuesday: 9 slow

    Wed: 17!!!

    Thursday: 8 slow

    So I’m sitting on 45 miles through 4 days, and I uncorked (for me) a monster run on Wed! I just kept upping the pace and everything just felt good. Finished in 2:18 and ran the last half of the run under 8:00/mile (it isn’t fast, but on the treadmill I run on, thats quite a bit faster then normal). Came back today and got a solid run in and I’m hoping to get 20 or more the next 2 days!!! ROLL ON!!!

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    I’ve had a pretty easy week so far — 37 miles through Thursday. I’m taking today (Friday) off and will race a 10K tomorrow. I’ll end the week somewhere around 44-45 miles, which is about average for me.

    I don’t have real high hopes for a fast time tomorrow. It’s a mega race with somewhere near 20,000 runners, so the crowds make it tough to get off to a decent start. Anyway, it’s fun, and there’s a big party at the end.

    Stay healthy,


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    Bart wrote:
    Anyway, it’s fun, and there’s a big party at the end.

    Isn’t there a party in the middle too? 😆

    I remember when the Times-Picayune would start running the stories about getting ready for the the Crescent City Classic, and I would wonder why in the heck anyone would want to run six miles.

    Good Luck tomorrow.


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    Mon: 8.4 easy

    Tues: 13 progression- 8.6 steady, last 4.4 @LT (included headwinds and a long hill 😡 )

    Weds: 8.4 easy with 4×100 strides

    Thurs: 14.2 medium long, steady

    Fri: 8.8 easy

    Sat: 20.3 long (7:47 pace)

    Sun: rest day

    Total: 73.1, also with 2.7 miles of swimming and 2:00 of strengthwork

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    Sun – 7.0

    Mon – 8.1

    Tues – 8.2

    Wed -9.8

    Thur – 7.8 quick (6:37 pace)

    Fri – 6.4 easy

    Sat – 5.1 easy

    52.4 Miles – aided by 10+ miles I ran with my son over 5 days, and the fact that it was spring break and I was able to run a bit later this week.

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    Ed, no offense, but there is no way your going sub three next year, you have no discipline.

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    Monday: 11 slow

    Tuesday: 9 slow

    Wed: 17 moderate

    Thursday: 8 slow

    Friday: 15 moderate

    Saturday: 5 moderate

    Sunday: OFF

    Total: 65!!!

    Notes: A new high for one week and that was only one of the exciting things about this week. My 10-week average climbed over 50 for the first time ever (and that still includes my race cut back week). My 17 and 15 mile runs marked the first time I’ve ever gone over 2 hours twice in a week. All good things, here’s hoping it leads to all better things!

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    Mon: 6 Easy

    Tue: 7 Easy

    Wed: 13 Steady

    Thu: 7 Easy

    Fri: 6 AM Easy, 12 PM Steady

    Sat: 24 Long (7:58 pace, 3:11 mins!)

    Sun: 5 Easy

    Total: 80

    This week I dropped the tempo run on Tues and Thurs. Last week I felt like a slug on longer runs. I dropped the anaerobic workouts to see how I would respond.

    The excellent 24 on Sat restored my confidence in a sub 3:20. Especially based on my splits; I ran from mp (7:35) to tempo pace (7:05) over the final 8 miles.

    The strong finish is in sharp contrast to my struggle to maintain pace, never mind hit tempo pace, running 16 last weekend.

    This week my long run is dropping back to 16 so I will resume tempo runs. With 4 weeks to go things seem to be right on track again.


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    Tue—8w/5×[email protected]:12




    Sat—4 easy+strides

    Sun—17 Felt great


    3 Weeks to go!! 😀

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    Where is the marathon that you are running in.

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    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: 5 miles [1×3 tempo]

    Wednesday: 12 miles

    Thursday: OFF

    Friday: 5 miles

    Saturday: 6 miles+strides

    Sunday: 13 miles

    41 for week

    359 for year

    Half marathon next Saturday.

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    Back on track…finished the week with a great long run.

    Mon – Off

    Tue – 6AM, 5PM

    Wed – 11 w/ 6×[email protected] pace (2:00)

    Thur – 8 easy

    Fri – 14

    Sat – 6

    Sun – 20 finished very strong

    Total – 70 ..matches peak mileage week

    Three weeks to go, feeling confident again.


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    S – 10 – progression

    M – 14.5

    T – 10 w/ 5 at tempo pace

    W – off

    T – 24 in about 2:56

    F – 7

    S – 8

    total – 73.5

    Now entering taper mode. 3 weeks until Boston.

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    Su – 13 w/ 8k in 29:56

    M – 7

    T – 12 hills

    W – 7

    Th – 5 AM & 11 w/ 8 up-tempo PM

    F – 7 w/ strides

    S – 19

    Total – 81

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    The Taper begins. Had a solid last week clocking 80 miles. Wanted 90 but 80 will have to do. Work & School made my life pretty difficult. Also, our youngest turned 2 on Friday which called for celebration and some reprioritization. The focus was giving the quads one last pounding before getting some rest. Hit the trails on Friday for 12 muddy miles including the last 3 mostly downhill at MP. Did my long run on Saturday and tried to simulate the last 5 miles of Boston at MP. The majority of this is downhill. I planned a recovery 10 for yesterday but I felt really good and decided to pick it up. I ran miles 7 and 8 at MP and the last 2 at around 5:45 pace feeling very strong. I ended up running 12 miles at MP or better for the week. Feeling good going into this taper. Health wise I have a little PF but it’s far from debilitating. Can’t stop thinking about this race. Should be in the high 60’s mileage wise this week with my last race being a 10k on Saturday in Central Park.

    Week 15 – 3 to go

    3/21/2005 Monday Easy in CP 8.2

    3/22/2005 Tuesday PM in CP 9.5

    3/23/2005 Wednesday PM in CP 9.5

    3/24/2005 Thursday Easy 10 around Giralda 10.0

    3/25/2005 Friday Progresion on Patriots Path. Last 3 at MP 12.5

    3/26/2005 Saturday Long around giralda, in Jockey Hollow, down western, last 5 at MP or better 20.5

    3/27/2005 Sunday Progression in Upper Saddle River, last 4 at MP or better 10.0

    Total Weekly Mileage 80.2

    Total Monthly Milage 306.2

    YTD Mileage 933.8

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    You guys are all very inspiring and I hope to be close to that type of mileage by late summer.

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