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    Good week last week for me – hope this week is even better.

    Sun: 20 in 2:30:00

    Mon: Rest Day

    Tue: 6 w/ 10 strides @ 5:12 pace 15-20 seconds. Good not hard effort.

    Wed: 12 w/ .5 cool down, good but boring on the mill. Can’t wait for heat.

    Thu: Rest Day – was going to cheat & run but didn’t.

    Fri: 11 w/6 at a 6:58 pace. Good hard run.

    Sat: Missed run of 5 miles 👿

    Total = 49.5

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    Sun: 20 in 2:30:00

    Last week you ran 18 in 2:45, this week you did 20 in 2:30. Is that correct?

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    That is correct – I ran w/ someone from Badgerland striders. He is a sub three marathon guy. I did not know this until about 6-7 miles into the 20. We planned on a 8:30-8:00 pace. That run was very tough I wanted to quit with about 5 to go but he kept me going. I am glad that I did not quit. I was pretty sore that day – am only a little sore today. No meds for pain. I feel great.

    I think on my own – I slack in my long runs compared to what my abilities are. On the mill or with some one I can show much better effort.

    That was the toughest run for me yet or at least very close to my marathon.

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    Ed 1 wrote:
    Good week last week for me – hope this week is even better.

    Sun: 20 in 2:30:00

    Mon: Rest Day

    Tue: 6 w/ 10 strides @ 5:12 pace 15-20 seconds. Good not hard effort.

    Wed: 12 w/ .5 cool down, good but boring on the mill. Can’t wait for heat.

    Thu: Rest Day



    Total =

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    Mon: 7.2 easy

    Tues: AM: 10 progression with 7 easy, last 3 @ LT; PM: swim-1350 m

    Wed: 7.4 with 4 strides

    Thurs: AM: 11.6 steady with a few hills; PM: swim-1900 m

    Fri: 8 with 4 strides

    Sat: 17 LR @ 7:23 pace

    Sun: Rest day

    Total: 61.2 miles of running

    Also with 3 sessions (total of 2 hr 10 mins) of strength training

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    I finished the week with 54 miles. Here’s the breakdown:

    Sun – 15 miles

    Mon – 5 miles

    Tues – 8 miles

    Wed – 7 miles

    Thurs – 10 miles

    Fri – 5 miles

    Sat – 4 miles (short warmup and 5K race)

    I finished the 5K in 19:33. Not my best time, but good enough for third overall. I would liked to have been faster, but it was hot (70+ degrees) and windy, plus it was run on a tough course for this area, which is extremely flat. The race goes over a good-sized bridge and through a tunnel, which goes under a canal. My PR is 19:13, but after today’s race, I’m confident that I can finally get under 19:00 in one of the three upcoming 5K’s I’m running this spring.


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    Monday: 8 Easy

    Tuesday: 10 Easy

    Wed: 11 Easy

    Thursday: 11 Medium

    Friday: 12 Easy

    Saturday: 8 Medium

    Sunday: Day Off

    Total: 60 miles, another all-time high

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    Tue—[email protected]:15





    Sun—10 mile race 1.02:11 😀 new PR!

    Total 48

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    Mon: 6 Easy

    Tue: 7 Tempo

    Wed: 22 Long

    Thu: 7 Tempo

    Fri: 6 Easy

    Sat: 13 Easy

    Sun: 12 Steady

    Total: 73 Miles

    This was a week I hope will not be repeated soon. I ran 61 out of 73 miles on the the mill. A record high! Which includes the 22 mile long run.

    The race is only 6 weeks out. Things still look good for a sub 3:20.


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    Sunday – 11.6 with the middle 5.5 around 6:10 pace. This was a tough, tough run. Too tough actually, as I was a bit wiped out for several days afterwards.

    Monday – 7 miles at an easy pace.

    Tuesday – 8 miles over hilly terrain, but at a relaxed pace

    Wednesday – 8 miles – had to stop after 1.5 and stretch as my knee just all of a sudden starting hurting. Was originally going for 12 miles here, but decided to finish after 8 very slow miles.

    Thursday – went to the treadmill for the softer surface due to Wednesday’s knee pain. 8 total: 1.5 easy, 0.5 at Boston goal pace (6:52 per mile), then 6:21, 6:15, 6:07, 6:07, back up to goal pace for a 6:50 mile, finishing off with cool down mile. Knee much better than Wednesday. First treadmill run in probably 6 weeks. The soft surface was nice, but gosh I hate treadmills.

    Friday – Rest, rest, rest. Knee felt good walking about.

    Saturday – 20 miler in just under 2:25. Kicked it up at the end to finish 6:41, 6:21, 6:49, 6:30, 6:20. No pain anywhere of any kind. Felt good overall, but after the final five mile push I wasn’t too sad to stop for the day.

    Total was 61.6 miles. Less than I would have liked, but I’m sitting here totally pain free and that’s more important. Boston is five weeks from tomorrow. I’ll just have to average about 20 seconds per mile faster at Boston than I did on my 20 miler. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about a sub-3 at this stage in the game.

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    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: 7 miles TM

    Wednesday: OFF

    Thursday: 6 miles

    Friday: 6 miles

    Saturday: 6 miles

    Sunday: 11 miles

    36 miles for week

    280 miles for year

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    T-6 (wo/[email protected]/5×200/cool)



    Sat -8

    total 25.7

    taper… a time NOT to try and discuss remodelling the kitchen with spouse who has no clue how much extra energy I have…

    Sunday night went to a ‘stride clinic’ with my running group, lots of video shot last month… I slouch, I’m blaming that on the cold weather that morning…


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    S – 10

    M – 8

    T – 11 (1 hour ‘mill test. Covered 9.12 miles.)

    W – 7

    Th – 12 w/ 8 up-tempo AM & 5 PM

    F – 6 w/ strides

    S – 17 w/ hills

    Total – 76

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    Totaled 73 which was less than planned due to some work/school issues but I made up for it with quality. Ran 14 on Wedn in Central Park with the second 6 mile loop in 38:50. Was a little disappointed as I was looking for something closer to 37 minutes. Ran a 5k on Saturday in 17 flat and again was a little disappointed. I was hoping to run in the 16:40 range but I’ll take 17 since I was training through. Splits were 5:20, 5:35 and 6:05. Replaced my long run yesterday with a 13 mile MP run which felt pretty good. I have a ton of long runs during this cycle and thought I would benefit more by practicing holding pace on tired legs. Have a 20k race planned for next week which I’ll do inside a long run.

    Week 13 – 5 to go

    Monday Easy in CP 8.2

    Tuesday Easy in CP 8.2

    Wednesday 2 x CP from office, second loop at MP effort 14.2

    Thursday easy in CP 8.2

    Friday easy 7.8 on Traction 7.8

    Saturday 5.5 wup, 5k in 17 flat, 5 wdn 13.5

    Sunday moderate 13.2 at river road 13.2

    Total Weekly Mileage 73.3

    Total Monthly Milage 150.8

    YTD Mileage 778.4

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