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    I just wanted to take a few moments to explain the purpose of this forum. The express purpose of this forum is to offer you a place to find out the latest on what is happening at Hillrunner.com. In the past, I have always posted any website related news in the non-running forum. However, a number of people never check the non-running forum so many times website related news never gets noticed. I wanted to offer all Hillrunner.com visitors a way to keep updated on the latest happenings at Hillrunner.com and this seems like the best way to do so. Any changes that happen on the site will be noted here and linked to from the Hillrunner.com homepage.

    Because of the intended use of this forum, I will be the only one able to post here. If you have any requests for improvements, I would love to hear them but please do so by either directly contacting me or making requests on the non-running forum.

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