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    besides run, during the week before a marathon to prepare yourself for the race?

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    you mean besides…

    1. lay out several sets of clothes for any weather contigency

    2. let my husband know what we’re eating for the two days before the race in case he doesn’t like something that I NEED to have

    3. check weather.com dozens of times (and still not make a decision about my clothes till that morning (and sometimes change on the way to the race)

    4. Check supply of GU, direction to the EXPO, hotel & driving directions if needed

    5. try and figure out how I can leave early from work

    6. pack my after race bag & whatever else I might need

    7. wonder what I’ve forgotten to do

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    Spend a lot of time visualizing. I go over every race scenario I can think of and picture myself handling it in the best way possible. This does two things. First, it forces me to think about every possible scenario and how I will handle it. Second, it gives me a mental edge. By race day, I feel like I’ve already been there and had success.

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