what temptations you find hardest to resist ?

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    Hi all again,

    I think this is an interesting topic to discuss :

    What temptation you find hardest to resist of what you know it has a negative influence on running ?

    I think we all have our little weaknesses, coffee, chocolate, beer, wine, parties, too much work, don’t like the rain, hate the heat, stretching is good but too boring ….

    The most amazing I ever found is a guy I know that was a smoker at the time he ran his 2:29 PB !

    If I really had to pick up one for me I’d say cycling. It can have a beneficial effect on running, but in my case the reason why I cycle is because I like it. I like it and do it to the point that perhaps takes away from running more than it gives (but I’m not yet totally convinced….)

    I want to know yours…

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    I love video games and I just bought an xbox. While it hasn’t cut into my training (yet), I have to be very diciplined to shut it off at a reasonable hour so I can get at least 7 hours of sleep. Also I usually stretch at night while watching TV, but it’s really hard to stretch while playing video games.

    I also love cookies and peanut M&Ms. I don’t sit down and eat a case at a time, but I’m sure I eat more than my fair share.

    Oh, and coffee!!! Coffee is one of those things that you can research whether it’s good or bad, then you just pick the information you like best because there’s lots of supporting arguments each way. Since I like coffee, I go with the “it helps performance” research.


    I think you need to expand your answer. If the fact that you love biking is the worst thing you can come up with, then you’re not in that bad of shape. Heck, one of the best runners I know is a guy that x-c skies all winter and Mt. bikes and runs the rest of the year. I don’t know his running mileage, but I’d guess it’s “really low” (less than 50 mpw) because he likes to bike a lot. Oh, he just ran a 1:12 half. He ran his only marathon about 8 years ago in 2:25.

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    not sure that my family obligations fit into the ‘temptations’ category…

    I mean, if it wasn’t for driving the two kids to their dad’s house I could be running track twice a week (I did that during summer break)… but he takes them to school so it works out…

    does going to work count?… or I could be running when I need to instead of fitting it in… but I figure you really mean sleeping that extra hour every morning instead of getting in more miles…

    certainly can’t be that diet soda I NEED every afternoon to stay awake at work… or my increasing habit of internet BB reading…


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    Ed 1

    Get this – Code Red Mountain Dew and Crispy Cremes for breakfast. Not to mention 2-3 more 20oz Code Reds the rest of the day.

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    beer. any kind. cold or hot. cheap or pricey. draft, bottle or pour the sh** in my hands for a dime. morning, day, nite. pre race, post race, during race. with steak, chicken or a meal on its own.

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    A diet which rivals Morgan Spurlock’s month of hell in “Super Size Me” (exaggerating a bit and working on this one), wasting time online, a temptation to turn every run into a low key race (I’ve gotten much better about this), laziness with my stretching and strengthening exercises (skip them too much), very little motivation when it comes to dealing with injuries and doing the necessary cross-training, what most people would consider a bad attitude about life in general, a chronically screwed up sleep pattern, and plenty of stuff you don’t wanna know about.

    Not to beat myself up… I have no problem getting out the door and training hard anymore, I believe I have alot of potential as a runner (sub-17 5K minimum with consistent training), and am confident in my training plan. I suppose that’s what really matters.

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    good topic

    unquestionably, beer and candy

    When training hard, can’t resist candy. Chocolate, anything – got to have it

    Can’t resist a cold beer. I usually have one or two a day, sometimes 10. Mostly bud light or coors light but I’ve been known to drink guiness, red strip, tenents or new castle depending on the season

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    Donuts, chocolate, and all other culinary delights. I’m bipolar in my eating habits, because I love whole-grain, all natural, high fiber, soy, fruit and nut goodness with a dash of salt, but what I really want is a New York Strip, sweet potato fries, and a slab of cheesecake.

    Philly Cheese Steak

    Ben and Jerry’s




    Whipped Cream




    The only food on my list of favorites that doesn’t have a black mark beside it is sushi.

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    Steve From NJ wrote:
    Mostly bud light or coors light…

    Well, there’s the problem. Get some of the good stuff (and I’m not referring to Miller Lite although it’s a step in the right direction) and you’ll do just fine. Come on over to Wisconsin and some of the locals can get together and show you the good stuff.

    I’ve never considered beer a weakness myself. Maybe it’s because I don’t drink often or heavy (but when I do drink, I prefer something with more consistency than filtered water). I would say my biggest temptations would be the computer and the couch. I have two options when I get home. Go out for a run or turn on the TV and watch an hour of The Simpsons while messing with the laptop or the website. If I choose the latter, I know the former won’t happen at 6:30 because I’m too comfortable. Fortunately, when the motivation hits me as it’s not too hard to get it to do, running almost never has any trouble winning.

    What other weaknesses? Well, I’m also a bipolar eater. I swear when I go to the grocery store, the checkout girl has to wonder who the hell I am. Whole wheat bread and bagels, fortified whole wheat cereal, lots of fruits and some veggies, OJ, fat free yogurt, skim milk, plus mac & cheese and pizzas.

    Really, other than those things, I can’t really think of much. When I get on a role, I don’t really let anything get in the way of my running. All I need is to get the momentum started.

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    My big weakness is food. I don’t eat near enough fruits/vegetables and I love chocolate (everything from candy bars, cookies, cake, ice cream…).

    I eat very large servings, and when I go out for lunch I usually find myself at an all you can eat buffet, where I’m not shy about getting seconds.

    Also, I never stretch and rarely do any strength exercises, and I spend too much time on the treadmill during football season.

    The good news is that I don’t drink any alcohol or coffee, and I am good about staying hydrated. I am doing better about eating smaller servings. One problem (in addition to my lack of will power) is that my wife used to work as a chef, so she’s used to cooking for large groups of people. It’s hard for her to make a small dinner for the three of us.

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    Tortilla Chips


    Trail mix with m&ms

    Twix bars

    Ice Cream


    Pizza: cheese or vegetarian

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