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    I've just started running and during the past few days the weather has been really cold lately. I've tried wearing two sets of running tights during my run but when it's below 20 deg it's still kinda cold in the mid section. My upper body and legs are acturally fine. Is there some kind of underwear for this, I would like to avoid any lines though. What's a good fix? 

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    I get by with regular underwear just fine, though will add a sock or short tights into the mix on occasion.  Garments such as these exist, as well.

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    my son added shorts on top of tights once, since then he has gone to a pair of 'snappy pants'… they're actually basketball warm-ups, quite baggy compared to the tights… may look funny, but at least he's out there putting in the miles

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    A couple of the guys in our running group wear compression shorts under their tights. Some will wear basketball type shorts over.

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    Thanks for all the tips everyone, i currenly do not have any basketball shorts and it's not really my style. I'm basically looking something minimal that I can wear under my tights that's nut bulky and will not show through and that will keep that area warm.

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    you can wear cotton undies. These are mainly just for support.  ;D

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    What kind of underwear are you referring to? Supporters I didn't think of that, perhaps i could kill two birds with one stone. what's good out there?

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    i'd skip cotton for synthetics (AKA polyester, coolmax, etc.)

    there are some underwear that include a “windblock” that is strategically placed in front.

    personally, i'll layer with the base being “wicking” underwear then tights then pants that are gortex-ish in nature.

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    Lately on colder days I have used polyester fleece long underwear (they have it at work wear type stores) underneath tights. It works well except it takes a minute to even out the fit since the two garments tend to stick together.

    If it's serious wind chill then I add old cutoff windproof pants as a top layer which protects the vital parts.


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    I went with the running pants instead of tights.  You can easily fit normal shorts under them and they aren't too baggy like warm-ups for other sports.

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