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    durable or talented. Suppose you have a choice and could be either (1)elite level runner for 2-3 years, ie Olympic trials qualifying in ability and run about 4 or 5 really hot marathons before becoming an “also ran” related to injuries or (2)really really durable but only decent in ability: able to run virtually every day w/o injury and able to run as many 2:45 marathons (or say 3:20 marathons for the ladies)as you would like for 20+ years but never any better.

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    I’ll take durable but with one reservation… from where I’m at now it would be unfair to even consider a 3:20 for this 50 y.o. woman as less than an amazing feat…

    but I guess with age comes wisdom? I wanted to be a star when I was LOTS younger, but looking back there are so many days where I’ve gotten up and not been achy that I know that’s preferable… and my mom (who smoked) is 84 so I’m sure that if I continue to be durable I’ll be around a lot longer…

    on the other hand I’m training harder this year than ever before and still hope to see some improvement… but for 3:20 I’d need a scooter or roller blades..


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    Ed 1

    I know that I would like to have been an elite for a couple of years peaking at the olympics. I don’t like to settle for good – greatness is the zest of life. Elite marathoner is just that. Just to prove that that is where I would like to have been. After completing my first marathon – I set a lifetime acheivement goal of getting with-ion 10-15% of olympic qualifing times!

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    Runnin Rat

    I like this question, I am going to have to put it to my other running friends.

    Because of where I am at in my training and my life, I like the idea of being durable. I will never be excellent, never have been, but never thought I was. If I HAD been at some point in my life I might change my answer. I want to be able to run forever. If I can’t run, what will I do? 😥 It is how I start my day, it is how I am identified outside of being someone’s Mom or wife. I am the town marathoner. Yes, small town!

    Thanks for the question. I like it!

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    Good question! Definitely Durable! (hey that would make a cool bumper sticker)

    I am such a slow runner. I have aspirations of being able to run faster than a 10-minute mile. That’s elite for me! So, being truly elite quality is no where in my future, but that’s perfectly ok with me. I love running, and I want to treat my body in such a way that I will be running 50 years from now, maybe even w/ my great grandkids!! Would that not be cool?


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    Ed 1 wrote:
    I set a lifetime acheivement goal of getting with-in 10-15% of olympic qualifing times!

    Within olympic games qualifying times or within U.S. olympic trials qualifying times? There is a difference.

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