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      I always make it like two miles into my morning run then I am starving! I eat a small bar before I run, but much more than that, and I ruin my chace of having a good run by being too full. Running and eating the amount makes life hard and lead to a constant hunger! How do I fix this?

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      Unfortunately, how the stomach reacts while running is a very individual thing. That means the best advice would be to experiment some. Try different foods and different amounts. Try also experimenting with your dinner. Eating a little more then might help hold you over in the morning without leaving you with a full stomach while running.

      Also, don’t forget that sometimes hunger is a sign of dehydration. Make sure you’re drinking some water before starting your runs.

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      My first thought is to have more fat in your diet. I find that fat helps to satisfy hunger longer.

      I’ve never had problems running on an empty stomach whether I was eating a carb-centric diet or a higher fat, lower carb, Paleo-like diet like I’ve been eating for the past 6 years. When we ate the carb-centric diet, I ate three sizable meals each day and snacked nearly constantly. Now that we get more fat in our diet, I’m eating twice a day (11 AM and 5 PM) and rarely snack between meals. Though fat has been vilified for a long time, we never went out of our way to avoid fat. Even when our diet was centered around breads, pastas, and baked goods, we used real butter, truly whole milk from our own dairy goats, cheese, avocados, olive oil. We did not buy low fat or reduced fat anything. If a food naturally had fat, we ate it that way.

      Anyway, good luck with finding a solution. I just wanted to offer something for consideration whether you use it or not. Diet can be such as sticky subject.

      Good luck,


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