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    I was picking up my stuff at the Chicago Marathon Expo yesterday and ran across the Wisconsin Marathon booth.  Apparently, it is a first year event in Kenosha on May 2, 2009 and will also include a half marathon.  I may run this since it is in my backyard.  What does everyone think of a Wisconsin Marathon?  I have included an article below.  Just as an fyi, if you sign up before October 24th and use the promotion code WM01A you will receive a $10 discount.  The website is wisconsinmarathon.com, but it is not ready yet.  Knowing the course, it will be pretty flat.   

    Inaugural “Wisconsin Marathon” To Debut Spring 2009

    Organizers hope to lure Chicago runners to Wisconsin

    The Kenosha Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau, working with Chicago Sports Media, Inc., today announced the official formation and registration launch of the Wisconsin Marathon. The marathon, to be located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is scheduled to take place on May 2, 2009.

    Drawing on hopes that a major marathon event only an hour away from mega-city Chicago will increase Kenosha's visibility and bolster its local economy, city officials have been quick and eager to support the race. “I'm proud that Kenosha will host the Wisconsin Marathon and look forward to welcoming all the great athletes to our city, says Keith Bosman, mayor of Kenosha. Kenosha's lakefront, its neighborhoods and its parks are beautiful “they'll provide a terrific backdrop for the race. I believe that new visitors to Kenosha will be, happily, surprised not only by Kenosha's great scenery, but also by the welcoming spirit of our residents.”

    Chicago-based running industry experts agree that the race could be a big hit with area runners. “Local runners, and particularly Chicago-area runners, have expressed interest in having a marathon event during the spring,” says Eliot Wineberg, publisher of Chicago Athlete magazine. “Many runners have trouble staying motivated during our long winters because they have nothing to look forward to. The Wisconsin Marathon will fill the void that runners feel between late October after the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and spring training.”

    The Wisconsin Marathon's course will follow Kenosha's picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline and dart in and out of downtown Kenosha twice (the downtown area will offer the optimum vantage point to watch the race). “Our partnership with the Wisconsin Marathon and local government agencies will give visiting participants, friends and family the opportunity to experience the Kenosha area and discover why it is a great place to live, work and play,” says Dennis DuChene, president of the Kenosha Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

    In addition to having a full marathon, the Wisconsin Marathon will also debut a half marathon course. 

    The Wisconsin Marathon's website is set to launch on Thursday, but runners and spectators seeking more information or interested in registering for the Wisconsin Marathon can visit their signmeup.com page today by clicking here or going to: http://www.signmeup.com/62255.

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    What does everyone think of a Wisconsin Marathon?

    It is clearly a concept whose time has come.  8) 
    Wisconsin is a state that enjoys a relative wealth of marathons.  Not that there would not be room for more quality events, but this race would seem to compete with Journeys, Lake Geneva, Green Bay, Pine Line Trail, and Mad City.  With the relatively vast popularity of the marathon distance it could certainly be viable.  The price is certainly right, though setting the entry fee that low is almost necessary for a start-up to compete in a rather packed calendar at that time of year in that area.  I would be interested in returning to my hometown for a race, but it would not be for this particular race in 2009 — it is unwise to run about any race in its first year (or three), especially a marathon. 

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    Not only would it be competing against those marathons. There are two other inaugural marathons that will be run in early May, one in Eau Claire and the other in La Crosse. Also, if Trailbreaker makes a return, add that to the list. I can only wonder, at what point does the market become oversaturated?

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    I would prefer to see races for 10 miles, 20K, 15 miles, 25K, 30K, and 20 miles come back into vogue – certainly for new races in areas that already have an abundance of marathons and half-marathons – as all there really seem to be on the roads are 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, and marathons.  There must be some kind of mass obsession with the word “marathon” (rather than, say, a genuine interest in the sport of distance running) that all but spells doom for any race that cannot somehow include the term in the race name and put it on a t-shirt (“technical” tee, of course).  8)

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    Indeed, there is a real shortage of those great distances (I'd include 10K) vs. the 5K, maybe 8K, half marathon (that is a bit lacking but growing), and of course marathon.

    In fact, an idea of how the half marathon is growing. Locally, there is a well established and well renowned 20K. Last year, a new half marathon with a much higher entry fee popped up on the same weekend. Already last year, there was talk of whether the 20K should change weekends, change to a half marathon and/or offer all the bells and whistles as the new half (of course, for a big bump in price), or even close shop. Fortunately, it didn't do any of the above. It kept plugging away as the same event it has been and, from what I hear (I always have my own scheduling conflict on that weekend), did just fine this year. It's a shame, though, that the topic had to even be discussed.

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    At least 10Ks are not that rare around here.  I happened to notice this one in Menomonee Falls posted on another running forum: http://www.thefallclassicrun.com/

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    Yes, I did see that one. I believe it's a new one, inaugural running either this year or last. There are 10Ks around but they are rare enough that, if you want to do them, you better be planning your schedule around them and not expecting to just work them into your schedule.

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    I really enjoy the 25k distance.  I use to run the International Peace Race in Youngstown fairly often when younger.  They also had a 10k.  Mill Park was a real nice park to hold it.  Back in the late 70s and early 80s you had some top flight runners show up like Shorter, Rodgers, Randy Thomas, and foreign runners.  It was held in November so you also had the HS and College runners.  Fast times, good crowd, and excellent organization.  The distance really tested you.

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    little annoyed by the event name “Wisconsin” marathon….shouldn't it be the Kenosha marathon—or are they trying to outtrump all the others that they have to compete with.

    would rather see a decent “other distant”  with all the May marathons why can't someone come up with a 25k-30k in April.  The Oshkosh half in April had good numbers the very first year……..and face it, a train crosses the course, and will probably continue to every year.  We don't need any more marathons in WI imho, we need some decent longer races to train for one of the hundreds of spring marathons that already exist in the midwest

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    Sue, agree 100%. There's a real hole, outside of the half marathons that have been popping up, between the 10K and the marathon. It would be nice to see that hole filled with more than just halves. I'd love to give a 30K or 20 mile race a shot. I know we have Syttende Mai, another May race, but that's out in Stoughton and has never worked out all that well. It would also be nice to see more 15K or 10 mile options, though there are at least a few around.

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    sue – there was a 30K held in racine back in April of 2007 but the event wasn't held in 2008.  for what it's worth, it was nice to race a distance between the half and the full.  there are rumors that the race could be held in 2009…

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