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    Well I haven't posted in a long Ass Time!   I did e-mail Ryan a race report .     For those First Hillrunner Gang members – Hope you all are doing well!   I still see those pics from Jingle bell — we had a nice group going for awhile.

    Anyway – I ran a Marathon about a month ago in Albany Georgia – And it is a fun Slightly rolling course and great organization and smaller in numbers – I would definitely do it again .   I ran 2:58:37 – a PR by a Minute.  The only thing that was bad is they had Cyto-max instead of Gatorade.   

    So I've recovered and want to bring my Girlfriend Up to Madison and run Crazy legs 8K — What's this race like? -I know some of you must of run it.  Double, Ryan, Cameron, Kooch, P-ski.   

    Stay Injury Free and enjoy the weather!


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    Woody, good to see you around.

    I've run Crazylegs twice. It's a good event. Last time I ran it, I got myself in the middle of a bit of a starting line controversy (a guy and his kid who belonged nowhere near the front starting right in front of me and impeding my path, as well as the path of many others). However, that controversy resulted in a wave start so that shouldn't be an issue anymore. I believe Peter would be able to comment on the wave start if he is around.

    As for the rest of the race, there's one pretty good uphill in it but I'd generally describe it as a fast, possibly “screaming fast”, course overall as long as you don't get dragged out too fast at the start. The competition is solid, so you don't have to worry too much about ending up in no man's land. It's pretty cool running past all the frat houses near the end of the race and it's pretty cool finishing on the 50 yard line at Camp Randall.

    Let me know if you decide to go. I'm on the fence a bit as I'm going to be in Madison 6 days later (Dalai Lama lecture at the Kohl Center) and I'm not sure I want to drive to Madison twice in one week but it is a very tempting race to head over that direction for.

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    Woody – Great to hear from you.

    I've never done Crazy Legs but it's got a great reputation.

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    Did I tell you I caddied for the dali lama- flowing Robes – bald head -chains.  Big Hitter The Lama!  He was going to stiff me after the round of Golf! so I said “Hey Lama howabout something for the effort” he said “on your death bed you will receive total consciousness!” so I got That going for me

    which is Nice!



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    Woody—  make sure to pre-register so that you can get seeded in first wave.  I tried to register off their website last week and couldn't.  They only keep times from previous two years, so if you haven't run it before or recently, you need to provide a race time.

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    Thanks for the heads up Sue!

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