WOW! 8 USA women in the top 15 at Boston!!!

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    A great testament to USA women.

    Runners: Women
    Place Bib Name Official Time State Country Ctz
    1 F6 Grigoryeva, Lidiya 2:29:18 RUS
    2 F2 Prokopcuka, Jelena 2:29:58 LAT
    3 F4 Perez, Madai 2:30:16 MEX
    4 F1 Jeptoo, Rita 2:33:08 KEN
    5 F3 Kastor, Deena 2:35:09 CA USA
    6 F5 Guta, Robe Tola 2:36:29 ETH
    7 F7 Denisova, Lyubov 2:38:00 RUS
    8 F8 Chelangat, Alice 2:38:07 KEN
    9 F72 Alyanak, Ann M. 2:38:55 OH USA
    10 F65 Price, Kristin M. 2:38:57 NC USA
    11 F50 Akor, Mary A. 2:41:01 CA USA
    12 F61 Lundy, Christine H. 2:41:14 CA USA
    13 F59 Kraus, Janelle E. 2:41:24 RI USA
    14 F51 Gomez, Zoila 2:41:36 CO USA
    15 F54 White, Melissa A. 2:42:56 MI USA

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    That was a very good showing for the US women but I would temper the enthusiasm a bit with a reminder that this was the US championship for the women and that there was only one US runner in the top 8. When a US championship is held in conjunction with an open race, such as we have here, we usually see a strengthening of the US field.

    That said, 8 in the top 15 is still a positive sign. It used to be that a strengthening of the field caused by a US championship being held in conjunction with an open race like Boston would just mean that we'd see 3-5 US runners in the top 15 and maybe 1-2 in the top 10. While only 1 in the top 8 is still not a great sign, this means there is a wealth of depth at the moment and this kind of depth is what you need to have a few people break through and turn themselves into regular top 5-10 finishers.

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    As mentioned, it was the US champs and not really significant of anything else.

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