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    😉 Yes we bikers could be considered nuts!  I'm hoping for next years series they put more time between the start of the trail runs and the citizen bike race (for those of us who are new to the mtn bike sport).  So if one decides to run and bike they'll have some time to catch there breath.
    I wanted to do more of both the runs and bikes but with the Lakefront training, priorities were shifted.

    It was great to get out last Sunday on the bike, while jtpaten opted for the run, I'd needed the excitement of the bike (not that the trail run is exciting, I just needed the speed) especially after the Lakefront debacle.

    So when jtpaten asked me after the race what I thought of the roots from hell section and I responded with a “the whole race was roots” and it seemed perfectly normal, my nuttiness was confirmed! ;D

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    Where to begin?  As jtpaten noted I started to experience some pain at 15 and by 17-18 the wheels were falling off.

    Throughout the training I pressed myself to remain optimistic, yeah I had missed nearly a month of substantial training in June while on a trip to West Africa but the spring season was going great and perhaps a rest would help a bit.  Lopping of 12 min was a very lofty goal but it had been done before on much less weekly mileage.  And yes my goal may have contributed to jtpaten missing his BQ but we agreed early on we shoot for my BQ, as we will most likely run Boston together and why not try to get it done now.  So to him I owe him much gratitude and I'm perhaps more disappointed that our early pace to reach “my” BQ cost him his BQ.

    I'm not exactly sure what happened after mile 17, I know it, the whole bod, started to hurt.  The realization of no BQ set in yet the shot at a PR (sub 3:22) never really set in, contrary to jtpaten.  So the physical led to the mental, the mental couldn't overcome the physical…

    Then the whole, what's the point? came into the head.  I don't think I ever really considered throwing in the towel for a DNF but I couldn't stop thinking, if I take much longer, the hotel check out time will pass, so just finish and get it over with.  I'm not sure how many times I stopped due to pain but the pain worsened  when I did, so I didn't walk for long but during miles 20-25 my pace was anywhere between 9 and 12min.
    Looking back maybe I should've concentrated on a sub 3:20 and looked to 2007 to qualify for boston in '08 but I wanted to give it a shot now!

    I was humbled, we had a great 15 miles (I've only ran one half marathon as a race, that should change) and I did finish, albeit in 3:39 and change but hey i'll take away just as much from this one as I have from the previous 6.

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    ???Come on, running mid-day is just asking for trouble, no matter how fit and careful one is!

  • in reply to: Mad City Marathon course closed too early? #20720

    :-So what's the difference between Race for the Cure and Al's Run?

    As for the MCM, I found myself telling people at mile 25.75 or so, that it's still a race and to get going and try to pass somebody.  Seems a high percentage of marathon participants forget that they are in a race.  I recall one of the quotes in the Cap Times article talking about a 50 stater who wouldn't get an official time and therefore would have to run another marathon in WI, so? 😛

  • in reply to: has anyone tried this? #20401

    Wow, what a string!  I can understand the two views that have surfaced and it seems to boil down to “to each their own.”  I too have Garmin, 201, and I am very satisified with it.  Yeah I'm sure it has some inaccuracy to it but then again so does life.  I use it during races and if there's a discrepancy, oh well, I don't go runnin' up to the race director and say “hey you're wrong.” 
    It's a great training tool for those of us who are unable or chose not to listen to our bodies so closely that we can estimate our pace.  Perhaps in time I'll gain the ability to better estimate pace and length of a run but I doubt it and that's okay.
    One method is not better than the other, it's an individual choice. 
    But getting back to the original question, Garmin sare a very good tool to use by runners for measuring distances, not 100% accurate, but what is? 😉

  • in reply to: April Monthlies, how’d it go? #20530

    It was with out a doubt my highest mileage ever but then again would anyone expect anything less in preparation for the quest…

    160 miles or so in 18-20 days of running (don't have my log next to me, but you get the gist).

  • in reply to: Fox Cities vs Lakefront #20463

    Of course you guys want to run stride-for-stride and finish in sub-3:11.

    But what happens if you guys get to mile 20 in 2:25 (roughly 3:11 pace) and you start to hurt but Adimal feels good? 

    The answer for me is C, if we hit 20 at the right time and jtpaten is faltering and I am not hopefully he can still get the 3:15.  Personnally I am doing all I can (physically and mentally) not to let the opposite happen, he qualifies and I do not. Yes I have much more to chew off but I am much faster at this point in the season than this time last year. 
    Hey we've managed to run 5 marathons together and never finished more than 3-4 minutes apart and I've always been the one on the short end of the stick. 

    C) Do you go your separate ways where Adimal stays strong and runs a 3:10 while you falter a bit but still run 3:15?

    Thanks to everyone for all the advice, it's great, now we must decide and not disappoint!  We are both ready for the pfitz 18 week plan!

  • in reply to: Shooting for a BQ in ’06 #20343

    Well, I haven’t purposely waited to chime in here ’til the end but I have been fairly busy at the office.

    First and foremost I must take exception with Zeke and his/her suggestion that jtpaten leave me to my own devices. We have trained together (albeit infrequently, we’re 2 hrs apart) and run 5 marathons together, he has made the commitment to me to attempt to run the 3:10 required by me to BQ.

    Yes he only needs the 3:15, and I need to take a larger chunk off, ~12 minutes. So be it. We’re both shooting for 3:10.

    It seems the need to increase the mileage is paramount, assuming it’s quality training. I feel we have an excellent base that prepares us for the 18 wk, 55mpw. I do have a slight hurdle in that I’ll be in West Africa for most of June, but I’ll be running on gravel and dirt roads with hills…and heat!

    My question is: should I slow down in my training, pace wise. For some reason I’ve been able to maintain a 7:20-7:30 pace while building my base. Not using the calculator on this site, just straight math, A 3:10:00 is about a 7:14 pace, I think. So am I training too fast or will the 18 week program force me to vary that pace and the pace I’m running now is good for the base build up to June?


  • in reply to: January Miles #20091

    Well jtpaten I’ve got ya beat for low mileage,~ 110! Thing is this is much more than I’ve ever done in my short marathoning career and I must admit the warmer than normal weather is to blame.

    With Boston ’07 as a goal, using a fall marathon, this type of mileage for me early in the year can only help. The dilemma is pace, I can’t seem to slow down, I’m consistently running 10-15 slower than projected MP for a BQ, I just can’t imagine 1-1.5 min slower. But I guess with all training ya just gotta do it. 😈

  • in reply to: 2005… Mileage? #19974

    I ran, I biked and then I took up x-country skiing in the last month of 2005. How far did I go, a ways! While I like to know how far I ran, biked or skiied, totals are meaningless to me. The fact that I posted two marathon PR’s and competed in some pretty cool, non-corporate dominated events is satisfaction enough.

    Perhaps having a Forerunner gifted to me, all may change. But while it will “add-up” the miles, I will use it more for the daily info. Fight the urge to splurge! 😈

  • in reply to: In praise of small local races #19735

    Let us not forget how fast Ryan runs folks. Many of us can only dream of being as fast as Mr. Hillrunner. So, yes, many of these “small” races may not have the competition that the elites or sub-elites are looking for but for the rest of us who enjoy the small community atmosphere they’re great.

    I have run some of these smaller races and placed in my AG, knowing full well that the “competition” was not that of a big race. I did not gloat in my accomplishment for I know that I am not fast. I chose the race for the training, the proximity, the not so “in your face” corporate aspect and not for a medal. 😈

    BTW Ryan @ chicago ~2:40, me ~3:22

  • in reply to: Chicago Marathon: the short story #19565

    Ryan a 5 min PR is no small feat, especially for someone running in the 2:40’s. I haven’t done the math or do I care to but it makes sense (to me at least) that a 5 min PR is just as or more significant for a 2:40er as a 10 or 7 min PR is for a 3:30-3:20er. We runner’s are never satisified but we must bask in our accomplishments or the fun is gone.

    While I came up short of my goal by 2 min, as jtpatenaude mentioned, I did trim 7 min off my PR and what I must not forget is that last year at Twin Cities I ran around a 3:52. Yeah, within I year I trimmed 30 min.. I do realize the big chunks will come no more but as long as the chunks keep coming…

    The first 21 went by pretty uneventful but as jtpatenaude was able to maintain and began to get away from me, my mental game began to slip. I was unable to maintain composure and “latch” onto someone else, especially when the 3:20 pacers caught up to me (after being ahead of them by 1-1:30 min the whole day) and passed me. I know exactly where I lost my 2 min and why, but this is all hindsight. So hopefully next time I will recall Chicago ’05 and fill my head with only positives as miles 22-25 go by. Or just refuse to let jtpatenaude get away and maybe just maybe beat him (almost did at G-ma’s where we both posted sub 3:30’s), hey the 6th time is charm, right?!? 😈

  • in reply to: forerunner 101s #19499

    Quite the discussion! I am the benefactor of another’s “losing” their 201. While I have not used it, I can attest to it’s usefullness. jtpaten and I have run a few marathons together, the former using the 201 and me the sporty $10 watch. I am decent at math and sometimes enjoy calculating times while running, I need to run an 7:30 pace, so I need to arrive at the next mile marker at such a time. It can take one’s mind of the pain.

    jtpaten doesn’t have to do this, pace is given constantly. So it may not be 100% or 97% accurate, it’s darn close. Once I do start using the gift, I anticipate becoming addicted, one of the reasons in my slow acceptance of the gift. My sporty watch has been working, why change? One reason is my training, I started running for time and not mileage, run 60 min, not 8 miles. But as we all know, it’s nice to know have far we’ve run. And some days we think we’re doggin’ it and the mileage pace comes out okay or other days the run feels good but we’ve not gone far or fast enough. I could drive my car to measure it, waste of gas!

    I suppose I could follow up all my runs with a bike ride, if I were training for a tri that’d be good but sometimes it just isn’t in the training or the legs to do so. I have used computer technology, online maps and a measuring tool.

    But what I think will be great about the 201 is the ability it will give me to change my route, hey that’s looks like a nice trail or a not so busy street! And as mentioned before by someone, you can use it anyhwhere, where you may not have a bike or car.

    Yes it’s expensive, unless…, it may not be 100% accurate but then again I have not heard of someone officially measuring a course with GPS.

    It’s quite simply a damn good training tool for running or any other silent sport!


    Chicago here we come!

  • in reply to: Al’s Run: Let the recruiting/registration begin #18847

    While it’s shorter than Bix 7, I think I can handle it. So sign me up! 😈

  • in reply to: when to retire running shoes #18876

    I would say run ’em until you think it’s time to change. They say once you start seeing breakdown on the outer part of the shoe, the inner workings are breaking down too.

    While shoes do get pricey, especially if you’re running 3 marathons a year, why not eliminate one factor in the overtraining/injury/equipment dilemma. 😈

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