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    Ryan wrote:
    Midpack awards: Ridiculous.

    I agree.

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    Thanks again for everyone’s response. However, this aspect of my training/race doesn’t make any sense to me. How come I’m able to do 18 and 20 miles at 8:00-8:30 pace, but can’t come close maintaining that pace on race day? I know that there isn’t a “definite” answer for this as there are numerous factors that can easily contributed to my crappy times, but its really frustrating to know that I can train at that pace and feel great afterwards (feel like I can easily run and finish 26.2 miles at that pace), but yet can’t come close doing so on race day.

    Also, are you guys suggesting that I slow all of my training or just the easy and LSD runs? I’ve heard that for marathon training, interval and tempo workouts aren’t important until near the end of the training schedule, so if I still do weekly interval and tempo workouts, am I just canceling what I’m trying to establish (I really like those workouts, that’s why I’m asking)?

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    Mother’s Day 5K (last year). I was aiming for a sub-20:00 finish, but I haven’t done any speed work during the winter/early spring, so didn’t know what to expect for the race.

    Started the race with a friend in the middle of the pack (400+ runners). After 1/4 mile, it felt really slow, so wished my friend good luck and I pressed on. Had to run around a lot of people the first 1.5 miles, which too more out of me than I expected. Finally got in a nice pace/groove and went with it. Watch time crossing the finish line was 20:06, but clock time was 20:10. Satisfy with either time because both are PR’s. Also knew that I had a sub-20:00 in me, but didn’t achieve it because of poor pacing at the beginning.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)