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    Thanks for replying to my questions.

    I guess I’m going to continue to use a window for my tempo or threshold pace runs as I continue to master this and get better.

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    Hi. This thread caught my attention since figuring out the right pace seems to be on my mind all to frequently lately. So I figured I register here and ask a few questions regarding this topic.

    1.) The McMillan calc gives me a 15 second range for pace of Tempo Runs. The “Suggested Training Paces” here on the hillrunner site provide a specific pace for Threshold, which happens to fall into that range. When it all boils down, is there any real difference between these terms and suggested paces?

    2.) This tempo pace appears to fall about 15 secs/mile slower than my 10K. Does that still seem about right?

    3.) The “sub 2:30 guys who just use their 1/2 MP” that Woody mentions would seem to be on the very upper limit of that tempo range. How are they getting away with that? I’d think they’d be running faster tempos to be so successful.

    4.) Lastly, for Ryan – looking at your “Suggested Training Paces” page I am wondering about the VO2max paces for the 800m and 1200m distances. You mention that repeats at those distances work well, and I would certainly agree. Can you include those fields on your page for results, or give me an idea how much a deviation from the 400m pace it would be.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if I intruded on Jeff’s thread. I’m just trying to clarify pace.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)