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    Hi, I would recommend that you race on your own , relying on effort rather than splits. Paces can vary so much due to temperature, terrain ondulations, etc.  You could go with the pace team the first couple of miles and then you will know if you can run faster or go slower. It is not good when you run a half marathon , lets say , in 1:45 when you had the fitness to run 1:40, just because you were running with other people. 

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    Very good. But you can improve that ;D . Keep up!!

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    Try to control your pace in the very first minute of the race , most people go out too hard on that first minute and pay off later in the race… just try to run an even effort, I mean EFFORT , NOT SPLITS… hope that helps.

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    I would suggest working on your speed. All the mileage you did (120 mpw) are still in your body, I think that if you work on your speed you can run well below 3:28 in a marathon!!

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    When I have those problems  it is usually in the morning, It has happened to me when I eat a lot for dinner the night before.

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    Stop drinking soda in a  regular basis and drink a lot of water!

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    I would do a 30-45 min easy run including 5-6 accelerations strides of 50- 100 metres.

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    I would do the 5K Dam run. Does not matter if the field is strong or not, most important thing is to test yourself and your current fitness. Go for it, and run as fast as you can, even if you dont have too much people around.

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    Just try to do a little every  single day. Also, try to do it in the early hours, that way you cant procrastinate, try to workout every day or 6 times a week for 6 weeks, in that time, it is going to be an habit and you will feel bad when you dont workout. Consistency is the key to success, not only in lowerig times, but in looking for a healthy body  too!

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    I think the most important thing is to run, no matter where, I personally prefer to run outdoor , not in the treadmill because its a lot easier to run on the treadmill, but, for some people who dont tolerate low temperatures or simply dont like to run at cold temp it would be fine to do the workout on the treadmill, the most important thing is to do something and dont staying at home complaining about the conditions. I have only run 2 or three times on treadmill in my life (20 years old), you know, enjoying the nature is priceless.

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    I ll keep running as long as I am able to put a foot in front of the other. If I ever regretted? well, when I do bad in races I feel very bad, but the next day i am running as if nothing had happened, running makes me feel alive and makes me feel free and has taught me to see life on a different manner, to put goals and fight to reach them, well, if I hadnt started running my life would be completely different.

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    is it truth that those beverages affect negatively the kidneys??

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    Thanks , I just didnt know that thairou had also drug issue before that date.

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    Thank you very much, I had never thought about that.

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    Oh , was it for that reason that elite athletes went out at that “slow” pace because of the heat? how was the temperature when leaders ran fast times as 2:07,2:05, in the last five years?? By the way, It was a close finish, they must have been very tired to not be able to separe one from the other.
    And why they decide to pick people that hadnt crossed the half way at noon?

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