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    Nice read

    Good perspective

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    In my opinion these two did not compete, run or even complete a “marathon.”  They managed to traverse 26.2 miles.

    I agree with 2 out of 3.  They completed a marathon.

    and … it seems like a lot of my recent races have been a excercise in suffering and perseverance.  But I hope to get back into reasonable shape for Grandmas – The race that I love and hate intensely at the same time.

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    I do think that a 4.5 hour marathon is a huge accomplishment for some people – Maybe not an athletic wonder, but one in hard work, dedication and overcoming their barriers.

    Just like someone else bench pressing > 300# might be an amazing accomplishment, but to another person really not much.

    Running a marathon close to your genetic potential is an amazing feat … its just we cannot see someone's genetic potential.  These 2 gentelmen did nothing that be thought highly of.  But nothing that should be thought lowly of either.

    I do find it interesting that in ultra-trail running it is much more accepted to just go out and enjoying the day, or walking most of the race, or just being really slow.  It does not feel that this breaks runners into well defined classes as it does in marathon running.

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    To me it is not a sports story, but a human interest story.  Larry does what he loves, his skill is not high but his dedication to do what he loves is very high.  I am not azamed by the athletic feat, but by a person on the very fringe of the sport that is spending this much time and money to jog 2 marathons a weekend.

    Sometimes people like to see what they can do … because it is a physical sport, we balk at the accomplishment because it is not that phsycially challenging.  To me it is not different than the 50 state club – interesting – more on the human interest level than anything else.

    Just Finishing a marathon, 50k, 50 miler, 100 miler is given way too much credit  … Just finishing any of these distances to a weel conditioned athlete is not really that big of a deal.  To the offended 4:00 marathoner – Think about doing your next one in 7:00 hours.

    But people like to be overly impressed.

    Sometimes I read about someone that has run for 1-5-10-20-30 years straight – Again more of a human interest story in stubborness and persistence than a great physical accomplishment.

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    PS – I run about 1/3 of my yearly total mileage on TM.  I run a lot of really long runs and usually anything > 1 hour becomes less than enjoyable for me outside, or bathroom issues.  I tend to run on the edge of civilization with no businesses and only a few parks.  Enough houses its not easy to do as the bear does.  Neenah, WI locks all their park bathrooms for the year Nov 1st and does not unlock them until May1st.

    I tape a lot of stuff and have no problems running 4-6 hours watching college BB, Football or WEC / MMA.  But I can also turn off the TV and just listen to music and zone out.  The TM is in the basement, I will open the window to get the room to @ 55 degrees and just run.

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    Some I have done in the past

    Each starts with a warmup and ends with a cool down

    1)  10x.25 mile @ 4-5% incline fast with .25 mile easy between.  Alternate each hill rep – 1 with high knees then one with normal running.
    2)  4-5×2 mile @ 10 mile to 1/2 marathon pace – 1/4 to 1/2 mile easy between
    3)  4-5 x 5 minutes @ 5k pace
    4)  Ever 2 minutes run 1 minute really fast – 1 mile pace, 1 minute easy then – repeat 5 times do 2 sets
    5)  Run easy pace, but do 1/2 mile @ different inclines – Start @ 4% then 1/2 mile flat, then 5% – keep it up to 10%, if you are going further then come back down.  Or if you are feeling lazy do 1/2 miles this way.  I often do 7.5 MPH flat and hill in this workout.
    6)  I often vary pace – I will start 7.5 mph and inch it up .1 ever 1/4 mile to 8 then back down to 7.5 – All easy, but at least something different

    ** Lots of speed and hill work you can do.

    I will try and get out for 3-4 easy runs each week (under 1 hour) and I do the rest on the TM.

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    Good article by Pete Magill

    As a runner who has run marathons but finds he gets much more enjoyment and sense of accomplishment out of racing shorter distances, I thought this was a very good article. The other distances are great distances with great challenges. Why not give them the credit they deserve?

    I completely agree – Open you mind, spirit and body to 50k, 50 milers, 100 milers, 24 hour or 48 hour races – There is a whole other world out there that most people are missing!

  • I am still dumbfounded by the fact that we only went 3 women – We had 4 women on the team, but a late injury by Annette Bednosky pulled the team to 3.  The 3rd lady had been injured for the last 3 months – pool running etc and ended a DNS or a DNF. 

    The team has 6 slots, what happened to last years gold medalist Kami Semick (Spelling) or Devon Crosby/Helms?  Or Kristin Moehl (Qualifying time at Mad city)

    I really do not know what happened, maybe they were all injured – I sure hope we just decided not to field a full team.  I guess they could have turned the spot down and we did not want to put lady's on the team who were not offcially “Qualified” – But 7 time US team member Connie Gardner would have been a good pinch runner.

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    Don't forget that Bairu is Canadian. 😉

    What is their selection process in Canada?

    I think I have heard in the past that they have a stricter standard than the Olimpic “A” standard and refure to send runner(s) who could compete some Olympics.

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    Nelson Ran a nice 2:15:06 – 13th.
    Torres 11th 2:14:57

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    Playing it safe, Geb runs away from Meb.  No idea on time, does not really matter.  Will be interesting to see how the debutantes (Nelson, Bairu) do, as well as Torres (who I left out above).

    Nelson & Bairu

    Maybe getting some experience to run a good marathon Olympic Trials ???

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    Congrats on the good race – And win at the Fell run.

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    I would love to find a year where the race worked out and I was in shape – Maybe it will be 2011.

    I am not planning on a fall marathon, but do plan on Leadville 100M (Late Aug) – The training should keep me from getting fat like this year.

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    Congrats on the Team W –

    So what do you think it will take next year 2:25-2:27?

    I suppose it depends on the weather amongst other things

  • in reply to: Screwed up race results #30816

    I read more and more people who have issues with this.

    At 24 national championship race – There wee many missed laps with the tag that goes on you bib number

    At marathons – I talk to people that get times at some mats and not others and some get a finishing time, some do not.

    At Green Bay 1/2 a friend that ran a 1:09:54 ish and needed a sub 1:10 did not get a finishing time.  Since the camera at the finish line was triggered from the chip reading – He never did get an official time and missed out on the Chicago Marathon Top 100 program.

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