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    Hmm, I never had a negative effect drinking Coke at races.
    Here is an interesting article about the positive effects of Coke:

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    I am all for having a training plan for my big races.  I am an ultra runner and usually have a few 100 mile “goal” races that I am training for.  During the season I use other races for training runs.  My basic training program is from this article 50 Mile Training Program


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    My secret to becoming consistent was becoming consistent in my training.  I used the information in the following article to help guide my training.  When I decided to become an ultra runner I changes from running for distance to running for time.  This will be my 6th year ultra running and it keeps getting better!
    [URL=http://””]50 Mile Training Program[/URL]


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    I also have a lot of issues with finding the right shoes that do not cause pain.  I have changed my running gait and now I can usually wear any neutral shoe with no problems.  However, I do have issues finding shoes that fit properly.  I came across an article that discussed a few things to look for when buying running shoes that I have not thought of before.  I can't believe that I never thought about different methods of lacing especially since I used to play ice hockey and had different methods of lacing my skates.  The article is

    I hope this helps,


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