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    I was looking at the website of the grand island marathon. Looks like it will be a great experience on a beautiful course.

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    Ran today after a nine day beak after track season. I thought it would be easy to take the time off becuase a hadn’t really taken a break since the begining of august and me legs have been trashed since about janurary but i was wrong. After about three days off it was hard to not go out and run. I was very happy to get out there and run again. It was only about 35 minutes but it was good to get a break from studying for finals.

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    Yeah there is. I didn’t believe it when coach first told us but he was here this weekend and said he was for sure coming. I didn’t get a chance to see him when he was here but a few of the guys went for a run with him.

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    Two of our cross country races did that this year. At UMD and Winona, giving the same shirt to the mid packer as they did the winner.

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    Hey Joe. Our team decided to go to the Norse Relays in Decorah instead. Not sure why but about half the team didn’t want to travel so far to a meet. They didn’t even have the 5k but had the 10k. It was really windy, around 25-30 mph, so it turned out to be a tempo run more then anything.

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    I guess it would make more sense that it was Kastor becase she was catching Blake in the middle of the race and then the lead grew for a few miles.

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    I was wondering if it is true that Russell had to stop twice to get rocks out of her shoe. i read it some where but didn’t see it in your reports. Anyway it sounds like an exciting race to watch. I would have been there, as our team was going to ran at Washington, but for some reason half of the team didn’t want to ride on a bus that far. But I did get access to a computer in our hotel in Decorah to get the first half of the race reports, but then i had to go to our meet. I thought who guys did a good job getting the info up there. It was nice knowing the gaps and being able to compare them every few miles to see who was making moves. I was very suprised when it said that russell had broke away by 45 sec at 3 miles.

    Ryan, do you know why Joe didn’t run at Washington U? I had talked to him about a week or two before the meet and he seemed excited to run the 5-k

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    My Picks

    1. Deena Kastor 2:27:38

    2. Colleen De Reuck

    3. Sara Wells

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    I really like Running with the Buffaloes and sub-4. I have not ever read Daniels but my high school book based our training off of it and you hear many great things about it.

    Good luck in college next year. What college are you going to?

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    So they replaced the headphones with a band at the track meets? What a great idea. Maybe that’ll lead to more spectators too.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Guess that is why I am a math major and not a english major.

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    I agree that you shouldn’t be bored running because it is somehting you live to do. They can be a big distraction for some runner, especialy with the way that drivers seem to look out for runners.

    Headphones have also become an issue in college track meets because people walk across the track and don’t see runners are coming because they are to into there music. In DIII the NCAA actually just put a ban on all headphones and cell phones in copetition areas for this reason. I am not sure if other division have or are going to do the same thing.

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    Just found out that our track team is going a meet at Washington University on April 3. The same track that the marathon trials start and finish on. Maybe I can meet up and say hi at the rest of you that are heading down there to watch the trials.

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    Well i guess everyone is a big fan of the 4by4, and how could you not be, it is the most exciting part of the meet. Alot of college teams seem to put 3 or 4 teams out there, just for the fun of it. It always fun for the distance runners from each team to battle it out in the slow heats in like 3:40 to 3:45 range.

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    Hi, my name is Jason, posted on here a few times but not much. I am from Chetek, up in northern wisconsin. Right now i am in my freashmen year at UW River Falls. My indoor season ended last week and it didn’t go good at all. Strained my right quad in the 4by4 early in the season, which I should have never run. But oh well, guess we all have the set backs. Right now we are starting to run some hills to get ready for first outdoor meet in about a month. Goals for outdoor are to go under 17 and 37:30. Then run Garry Bjorklund if I get in.

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    I just read that Miles and Miles appeal was accepted and so he will be able to run in the trials


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