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    Give me a call if you are still looking for some crew help.  I'm in town and could lend a helping hand again this year.

    Oh, but can you promise it won't take you as long this year? 😉


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    I hope you figure it out.

    I can’t make Jingle Bell, still not running after my knee surgery. Healing is going slow and there was more muscle atrophy in the quad and hammy than expected… too much limping this summer, I guess.

    Maybe next year…


  • in reply to: Arthroscopy #19601

    I am in the process of recovering from such a procedure so I will give you an update as to where my recovery is at present. As a caveat, everyone is different, so check with your doctor and go by how you feel. Age is probably a factor as well, so keep that in mind. Now that I am almost 40, 😯 I’m not healing as fast as I did when I was 20 or 30.

    Four weeks ago today, I had my right knee worked on. I had a small tear in the medial meniscus along with some general roughness of the medial and lateral meniscus and behind the patella. I was on crutches for five days and then walking (limping/favoring really) after that, per doc’s recommendations.

    My doctor said the general rule of thumb is that I would probably be able to begin running 6-8 weeks after the surgery. Based on where I am now, I would say that 6 weeks is most definitely too agressive and 8 may even be a bit agressive. I have regained a fair amount of range of motion, but am still only about 75-80%. My quad, just above the knee, is still the stiffest, which seems to be due to the fact that one of the incisions was through it. I still have some discomfort going up and down stairs… which is mostly at the tear site going up and in the quad going down. I also ‘feel’ the tear site occasionally when I am walking around, more towards the end of the day usually.

    I am doing some therapy, which I started two weeks after the surgery. Straight leg raises while on my back, stomach and both sides. 10-20 reps, 2-3 times/day for each. I will be adding ankle weights next week, but strapping them to my quad and not my ankle. I am also doing quad sets… rolling up a towel and putting it behind my knee while lying on my back and pressing my knee down. Same repetition. These were done in my first week of therapy, along with some light stretching of the joint (pulling the ‘bad’ leg towards my butt with the good one while lying on my stomach and putting my foot up on a coffee table/box/ottoman and letting the knee/leg ‘flatten’ out as much as I could take).

    The second week I’ve added a standing quad set by getting a theraband from my PT. It’s tied to a table leg and I relax and straighten my leg, which pulls back on the rubber band (similar motion to the lying quad set, but while supporting some of my body weight). I am also doing calf raises on a flat surface and slight dips. I am using two phone books stacked and will be working up to a stair step height. I bend the affected knee and touch the opposite heel to the floor. The reps are the same as above.

    Both weeks, I have been doing some riding on a stationary bike with low resistance. I started with light pedaling for 10 minutes and worked my way up to 30 minutes by adding 5 minutes every other day and have been slightly increasing the resistance and RPM’s, but have not gone above a 5 in the resistance or above 80 in the RPM’s. I am also doing some swimming and will be adding much more of that over the next couple of weeks.

    I am also icing as much as I can. They gave me an icing machine that works very well. It’s a small Igloo style cooler with a pump in it and tubing running from it. The tubing ‘quick’ connects to a knee wrap and there is a transformer that plugs into the wall and then the tubing to run the pump. The cooler is filled with water and ice and the pump circulates constant temp. water through the knee wrap. There is an adjustable thermostat and temp. gauge inline on the tubing. When loaded with ice and water, I can sit for 5-6 hours and ice. It’s quite the little invention!

    I’d be happy to update my progress in a couple of weeks if you think that would be of any interest to you. I am still hopeful that I will be able to begin some running by Thanksgiving, which would be 10 weeks after the procedure. At this point, I have no idea what that means in terms of mileage… I imagine that is going to be a lot be feel. My hope is that I can increase mileage fairly quickly and return to Boston again (‘scene of the crime’ so to speak), but that decision is still several months away.

    I hope this helps.


  • in reply to: Al’s Run is upon us, get psyched!!!! #19305

    Even though I won’t be running this year, I plan on stopping down to lend my encouragement. Best of luck to Team Hillrunner!!!

    Hopefully my knee will be in much better shape next year to join in the actual pain and suffereing! 😈


  • in reply to: Al’s Run: Let the recruiting/registration begin #18832

    Still nursing a bum knee from Boston and it doesn’t look like it will be better any time soon. I’ll plan to come watch and hang out apres’ race with you speed demons though.


  • in reply to: The Ice Age Experience #18606

    I just figured you were toying with the leaders the whole time and were going to start reeling them in at any second and get them in a sprint finish! 😈 Even legends have a bad day once in a while… I have no doubt you’ll gas ’em next time. Congrats on keeping with it and adding another buckle to your collection.

    I was glad to help and enjoyed the experience of watching everyone give it their best out there. It is a serious understatement to say that 50 miles is a long run! And it is amazing that the three leaders were averaging 8:00/mile 😯 on that course! WOW!!!

    Congrats to Cameron as well… it certainly is a 9 at the front of that finishing number!!! 😀

    Next year I hope to be healthy enough to join you two maniacs as a competitor.


  • in reply to: Stress Fracture #18593

    This gives a quick description of several leg issues, including stress fractures. I have also read that adding a lot of hills quickly can cause stress fractures, especially if the hills are on hard surfaces. Good luck with it… hope it’s only a shin splint.


  • in reply to: Ice Age 50 mile #18589


    I’ve got nothing planned for Sat. if you need a hand out there. Just let me know… I’d be happy to carry that lunch I’m sure you packed. 🙂 Otherwise, I’ll see you Friday night at Albanese’s.


  • in reply to: Missing Boston Runner #18414

    I posted to that earlier thread and did run Boston, if that’s what you want to call it. With less than 40 miles logged in the four weeks prior to Boston due to a shin splint (or worse… never got it checked out), my legs were not ready for the hills. Heat was also a factor, though that was not something I could really train for in our climate. Adding insult to injury, I felt my knee ‘pop’ at 24… luckily it was right in front of an aid station. After a 20 minute ice break, I limped (quite literally) home for a glorious 4:48 finish (3:11 qualifier) in my first Boston. 🙁

    The ‘pop’ was originally thought to be torn cartilage (per ER analysis in Boston), but may only be a medial meniscus strain (per orthopedic analysis today). Needless to say, I’ll be back training as soon as I can so I can qualify again and avenge my less than stellar performance. 😈

    At least I can take a little comfort from the fact that I persevered and completed what I started. Next time will be much better…


  • in reply to: Double??? #17842

    Thinking of dropping with only a third completed yet you finish… and stronger than virtually anyone else. I wanna be like you when I grow up but would be ecstatic with half of what you possess. 😀

    As always, I am totally impressed. You ‘da man’ and ‘da legend’ Double!!! 8)


  • in reply to: Spring Races #17631

    That was supposed to read ’50-60 mile weeks’. Oops!


  • in reply to: Spring Races #17630

    I don’t post much but read often, so I’ll add my schedule to the growing list.

    4/09 South Shore Half (tune up for Bosty – not raced)

    4/18 Boston

    5/22 Green Bay Half

    6/19 Grandma’s

    After nearly 3 solid month’s of 50-60 miles, I’m coming off a 3 week layoff due to a piriformis strain. It’s not completely healed, but is run-able right now as long as I’m careful. I was following the Pfitz 18 week/70 max program but will switch to a modified 12 week/55 max program and hope for the best. Still targeting sub 3 at Boston or Grandma’s.


  • in reply to: cold weather and breathing #17112

    I use a mask when the temp drops below 20 and it’s windy. This has worked well for me over distances as great as 20 miles. I have not really experienced a burning throat when sticking to this rule of thumb. I also have not noticed much of a problem breathing through the mask either. Good luck!


    PS. A funny article about the myth of ‘frozen lungs’.,5033,s6-197-0-0-7442,00.html

  • in reply to: Running in the dark #16621

    Didn’t mean to get Kooch in trouble… just giving him a hard time for taking a full three weeks off after LFM. Someone’s just jumping on the bandwagon I think. 😀


  • in reply to: Team Jingle Bell Run registration #16547


    I’ll commit to it as well. Missed it last year due to a sore knee but am back in shape and ready to go. For planning purposes, I figure by then I should have an outside shot at breaking 38, but am sure I’ll be in the 38’s. Just let me know what info you need from me.

    I’m trying to get Kooch off his butt as well… I think he’s had enough rest after LFM already!!! Hear that buddy??? 😈


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