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    I apologize for my vagueness about the socks. They are all non-cotton. I guess what I really mean to say is I am knowledgeable about the types of socks I should be using and I use only running socks to run in. The lub I use is called body glide.


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    Good insights above. Its so frustrating to have to spend half a race “swimiming” through competitors you know aren’t going to place anywhere near you. To top it off they always go out WAY faster than they finish so you have even longer to deal with them. Stay out of the crowd and stay within your limits and 1/3 to 1/2 way into the race 90% of them will have dropped off and then your fine. Totally agree about staying out a ways since most of these guys who are off pace are also gonna want to be really close to the inside. Running your proper pace is definitely worth adding a little distance for 1-2 laps.

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    Good story. I know that every point I picked up in HS was based on running the two mile. Not because I was good at it, but because I would do it. Now even though I’m a 5k/10k guy I’m sure I’m still a two-miler at heart. There’s a lot that can be learned by sacraficing what you want to help out the time. It sounds like you and your son both really value that, which to me says a lot about you both. Best of luck to him this season, and drop a message on how he does in the future.


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    The disconnect in this discussion to me seems to be looking at ideas versus realities. I agree 100% that I would like to run my 6-7 days of workouts and not XT at all. This is also how elite/non-elite status comes into play. As I am improving my training volume it is nearly inevitable I reach certain plateus where I am unable to increase my running mileage. This is probably not untrue for elites, however, it is somewhat less of an issue since they are typically at/near their max lifetime mileage.

    For my training I am doing 5 days running and one day on the eliptical. To me the eliptical has the nearest proximity to exercise specificity. Specificity is the ideal if we recall from the above paragraph and previous discussion. The problem is exercise specificity causes breakdowns because of overusing some systems while ignoring others. This is the primary way that XT is of use, it allows training beyond ones running limits without increased stress on the already overextended systems.

    What is very poorly explored in this field is high lvl training that utilizes some non – running activities. Why? because there is a huge mental block to doing so. Why were interval workouts considered the standard for 50+ years? Because its seems so obviously the clear way to get faster is to run fast.

    I think that we will see more and more research stating that some XT is allowing new breakthroughs to occur in running because while specificity is important it is also neglectful of cross over development that while less direct in its benefits can have more potential than without. I beleive this to be particularly the case outside of the African continent where people are developing massive bases mileage at very early ages.

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    I will say in reference to the two most recent posters – and its great to hear your insights, few people can give so much to both themselves workwise, and others in the gift of life – is that when I dontated I never noted major disruption to my day other than for perhaps 36 hours afterward. I have donated while running, just never when I was getting close to a peak like I am now. Since I’m in charge of organizing a blood drive then I just wanted to know if I could donate or not. I suspect I will donate in the future, I simply will not donate at key times. Common sense prevails!

    Thanks for all the great replies on an issue that I’ve personally never seen brought up before.


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    I know there is some gray area with the information posted in this thread. Your information about electrolyte imbalances is still very much on target. I am not knowledgeable enough to delineate the study posted from the two other posters comments stating that they always believed it was not strictly water, but electrolytes that was at play, but I can state with a high lvl of certainty that you are correct, but that the kidneys is a second factor. I have strong suspicion this had to do with the time frame. Over a longer time frame electrolyte imbalances are more likely to occur because of the greater quantity of fluid involved.

    I hope that helps.


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    Thanks for the good insights. I didnt’ think I was nuts, but I didn’t want to not help if I was basing my information on something innaccurate.


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    Thank you both for the insights. I guess I will use the times I run in the races I run this year and try to put them on a Daniels table. I dont know that I believe that if i enjoy an event its the right one for me necessarily. Right now I feel like around 2-3 miles I’m really striking a point I’m strong at but I strongly suspect that has more to do with my training. I’m still on base miles plus tempo work so without aerobic I really cant run below that. I dont know if I have the speed for quicker distance or not, but I guess at this age there aren’t as many track meets so 5k is pretty much the minimum. I do plan to run 1-2 races at the 2 mile distance this year locally. I think I’ll try to plot some of these times on Daniel’s VDOT table and see what that reveals at seasons end. Thanks.

    Have a good one,


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