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    161 miles for the month of August.  Early in the month I took a vacation to Yellowstone and didn't run much out there.  Later in the month I felt some soreness in my ankle so I've been resting quite a bit.  I ran the Badgerland Striders 20K and it felt pretty good today. 

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    When I run 40 miles a week or more I feel like a 'real' runner.  I'm not sure if running 5 or 6 miles every day qualifies someone as 'hardcore' though.  I'd say 60 miles or so minimum would get the 'hardcore' label if it was strictly based on miles per week.  But it isn't.  There are several runners I consider 'hardcore' and I have no idea what their miles per week are.  Double is one guy I'd consider 'hardcore', along with Ryan.  I used to consider myself 'hardocore' but not anymore.  Maybe at some point I'll get serious again and become 'hardcore'?

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    226 miles, two races, several track workouts, a few tempo runs, an 18 miler and a 20 miler.  My highest mileage of the year.  It's gonna be tough for me to maintain this many miles in August due to a vacation, if I can get in 200 miles in August I'll be happy.

    I'm thinking about running the Seattle marathon. Anybody do it or know where I can read reviews on it?

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    Hope you don't mind if I post under your thread Ryan.  I would've posted earlier but I was hoping that I would have an accurate official time and place to report.  Due to a scoring blunder of rather large proportions I have neither and about 60 other runners are in the same boat.  Go to the Badgerland Striders Graffiti board to read the gory details, I won't go into them here.  Suffice to say that I've always touted Badgerland Strider's races as accurate courses and well timed.  The Firecracker Four is a premier race, has a 28 year history and I ran it 20+ years ago.  It's part of the club championship series.  It draws a great field.  I had been talking it up to my running buddies, including Ryan, and I feel badly that this fubar occurred.  I feel as if I have a bit of egg on my face because I had spoken so highly of the race. 

    Enough of the preamble.  I got to the race site, registered and as I started my warmup saw somebody who I thought might be Ryan.  As picked up the pace to catch him he turned around and so we did some of the warmup together.  I got in a 3 mile warmup, and though it was in the mid 70s and humid I was happy with the weather because I've run this race in alot worse.  I did some strides before the start and settled in about 3 or 4 rows back which ended up being a little too far back as I ended up passing a ton of people in the first 1/2 mile.  I was hammering it pretty good and feeling real good, alot of nice downhill slopes to pickup speed.  I recognized Rick Stefanovic and ran behind him a little bit, knowing that he'd finish way ahead of me and that I definitely shouldn't pass him.  I knew my pace was fast but I felt good.  At about the 3/4 mile mark Ted Shue passed me so I knew I was probably going out a bit fast but I felt good.  Hit the mile in 5:38 and felt like I was in good shape.

    The second mile seemed to take a long time.  There were a bunch of fairly long slight uphill and downhill slopes.  I kept getting passed on the uphills and passing people on the downhills.  That's how I like to race, conserving energy on the uphills and getting the most out of the downhills.  I actually looked at my watch to see if maybe I had missed the two mile mark as it seemed to take forever.  No such luck, my watch said 10:XX so I hadn't missed it but it was coming right up.  I ran a 6:03 or so second mile and I felt my goal of breaking 24 minutes was well within reach.

    The third mile things started to get more difficult.  My legs felt dead and my breathing was labored.  It was getting tough.  I did like the course as it had some nice uphills, downhills, curves including s-curves.  Plus, there was always people to run with.  I hit the 3 mile mark and I had run a 6:08.  With the extra fractions in these miles it ended up that I needed to run a 6:09 last mile.  I started to doubt whether I had that in me at this point.  I thought back to a 14 miler in high humidity and 80+ degree temps where I died two days ago and figured maybe that had taken too much out of me.  I gutted it out and started racing someone who I later found out to be Steve Waisman, a big guy who I've run against in the past but I didn't recognize him out there because of his shaved head.  Steve would pass me repeatedly on the uphills and I would pass him back on the downhills.  We reached the last uphill, I passed Steve and we were in the little park.  1/4 of a mile or so to go.  I thought this is the time to be in oxygen debt, this is where it's supposed to hurt!  Still, I didn't have much zip in my legs and didn't feel as if I was going too fast.  Over the bridge and on the grass and an uphill slope to the finish.  I poured it on, feeling the agony/exctasy of the finish and breaking 24 by a comfortable margin of 8 seconds by my watch, a time of 23:52.

    Officially, my time is 25:XX due to the screwup.  I know what I ran and that's the important thing.

    Afterwards I spotted a bunch of runners who I knew and joined the crew doing a cooldown.  It was great to run with the bunch of guys, even though some of us are rivals on different teams, everyone seemed to get along well, which was neat.

    Then I joined another group of friends and hung out at the park for awhile.  All in all it was a great day.

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    Count me in!  I don't have a preference as to registration method.  I'll try recruiting a few people to the team.

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    204 miles in June after 204 miles in May.  However, June had one less day in it so it's actually a slight improvement.

    Got some good workouts in, including some track workouts.

    Paced a 100 mile runner for their last 19 miles through the Southern Kettle Morraine at night.  That was alot of fun.

    Ran SuperRun 5K in a not too bad 18:48. 

    Looking forward to the FireCracker 4 in Hales Corners and a 10k on the 21st in July.  Also, keeping up the mileage and adding in some more speed workouts.

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    May was a good month for me.  I got in more miles than April so I'm headed in the right direction.  204 miles in May versus 188 in April.  

    I did the Bannister Mile earlier in the month in 5:26 or so.  A slow time for me but it was the first fast running I've done in awhile and it made the other paces seem alot easier.  I may jump in some other mile races just to see how much I can improve on that with a high end goal of breaking 5.

    Even though I didn't run alot more miles than I did in April I felt I needed to ease up and not add too many miles too fast.  April had been a big jump up from March so I thought a smaller jump was needed in May.  Plus, I just felt like running alot of easy miles and social miles with a group I've been running with in Lapham Peak.  It's nice to run with a group and this group is a bunch of ultra runners who had encouraged me to do the Ice Age 50K even though 'they' said I wasn't in good enough shape to do it.  I took it real easy for the first 13 miles, walking lots of the uphills and I didn't have any problems til the last 4 miles when I had some abdominal cramping which was probably due to some poor diet choices in the days leading up to the run.  I finished in 4:58, a PR for that distance for me.  I was out there for the fun of it and not so much for the time but when I knew that breaking 5 was within reach I went for it.  If I can't break 5 in the mile at least I can break 5 in the 50K  ;D.  I had alot of fun in that 50K and even though 'they' said I shouldn't do it because I wasn't in good enough shape I did it anyways.  It's a nice course, with a 13 mile out and back and then two blue loops of the Nordic trail in the Kettle Morraine South.

    I'll be pacing a 100 mile Kettle runner for 19 miles at night from 81-100 early this Sunday Morning.  I'm sure it will be alot like a night hike, but that's ok.  Their goal is just to finish so I'm just looking at it as a new experience.

    I may race Superun 5K later this month as a tempo run.  I like running tempo runs as part of races, it makes the workout alot easier and more interesting.  Maybe jump into a mile race at a track meet if I feel like it.  Mainly just bump up the miles a little more and maybe do a tempo run or track workout if I feel like it.   Play it by ear, no serious training plan at this point.

    Goal races right now look like Tosafest 5K and Al's Run 8K.  I'm toying with the idea of doing Lakefront but haven't made a firm commitment yet.

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    44 miles logged in March.  I started logging miles again in the latter half of the month.  Earlier in the month I ran some but didn't log the miles.  Probably around 60 or 70 so miles.  Good to get back into it once again.

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    I’m not in racing shape either. So I won’t be running Jingle Bell. Hope all of you get better and enjoy the holidays.


  • in reply to: Al’s Run: Let the recruiting/registration begin #18834

    Sign me up! I’d like to run again with the team this year.


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    The site is:

    Currently it’s down. You should still be on the team. I don’t recall the team name and can’t look it up because the site is down.

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    I changed from a heel striker to a fore foot striker three years ago and I like the change. I decided to change after my second marathon, when in the last six miles or so I unconsciously started running with a fore foot strike. I wouldn’t call it ‘running on the toes’ as you described it. Rather, I land on or near the ball of my foot, then my hill strikes, and then I push off with the toes. Not a great explanation, I’ve seen better, but that’s the best I can do now.

    What I like to do to work on form is 200 meter repeats with full recovery. Try different things, and see what works best for you.

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    I also am having intermittent problems logging on and entering a workout. I just sent an e-mail to the web master to make sure that he’s aware of the problem.

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    Beautiful day for a run! After a rest day yesterday, the legs were stiff at first but soon felt great, refreshed. Did a track workout with the gang at Hart Park. The schedule was for 3×1600, but a group of us cut that short and did 200 in-outs after the first 1600. I’m very happy about that, the workout felt great.

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    Monday was a very much needed rest day. Part of a cutback week. I’m feeling much better already.

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