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    I thought that was Henry Rono in the picture and with a little digging around I see he ran 5:54.  Interesting.

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    The way I can think clearer after an hour run.

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    Once again Ryan proves what an animal he is!!

    Way to go Ryan.  Solid effort.

  • in reply to: Youth and Distance #25296

    Keep it fun.  Make sure it is the kids decision.  Protect the health and development of the child if they are making unsafe decisions.  I would put a 24 hour race in the unsafe category for a 9-11 yr old.

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    If they figure out how to make a pill that gives me the peace of mind and clarity an hour run does, I'd think about buying it.  But until then, I guess I'll keep running.

    I love pinning on a number and mixing it up, but I don't have to race.  Having a race on the calendar definitely motivates me, but so does being able to eat what I want?  I guess I have lots of reasons for running.

    I suppose I should just be happy that I can.

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    After a couple of my marathons, I was ok the first week or two then the blahs set in and I just didn't feel like going for a run.  I'm sure you know it is perfectly normal to feel the way you do right now, but let me be someone else saying it.  Maybe set a ridiculously easy goal, run at least 5 or 10 minutes four times this week, or whatever it is you decide on.  I bet if you get the first 5 or 10 minutes down you'll keep going for a little more.  Search out a new running trail, run with a group, hop in a pool, hop on a bike, play tennis…. I don't know, maybe mixing it up a little will get you re-railed? 

    And if you want to be lazy Tim, be lazy.  You have EARNED it!

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    Running to work got me thinking… How many hillrunner's out there actually work at a place that this would be feasible?  Shower facilities, accomodating co-workers/ superiors?  I've been thinking about riding my bike to work lately (it's only 5-6 miles) but I'd have to do a sponge bath in the bathroom to get ready.  Wouldn't it be cool if employers made things like this more possible?  Maybe there are more out there that do and I just don't know about it.  Just curious.

    Ralph- smart move and great dedication!  Sometimes it is frustrating to me to hear people make excuses about why they can't do something, heck, I frustrate myself when I make excuses about why I can't do something.  But then I see someone like you making it happen…. cool stuff.

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    Well, I've been getting together with a local running club on Tues afternoons for speedwork, been getting a tempo run in every week, and definitely feeling some more pop in my legs.  I reall want to get out and do some hill work, but I haven't made it happen.  I'm going to do a fun 5-6 mile trail race for my tempo run next week, and a 10K race the following week for some tempo work that week. 

    I was really happy with today's workout.  I warmed up and down 20 and hit the track for 12 400's.  Ran them all around 73 (a couple of 72's and a couple of 74's) with a 200 walk/ jog for recovery.  I took a 400 walk/ jog after the 4th and 8th ones.  No doubt I was giving close to maximum effort, but I was under control and I was able to pop a 70 on the last one.  I may have looked like a drunk windmill coming down the last 100, but overall I was really stoked.

    Thanks for all the replies and the continued support.

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    Incredible performance and great recap!

  • in reply to: My first half marathon #25063

    “Assisting with the mental barriers of ones own capabilities,” and overcoming them, is so huge.  Sometimes we have no idea what we are capable of until we go out, push our limits, and find out.  Once we go somewhere we've never been, whether it be a distance or a speed, it is so much easier to get back there.

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    Hill work and fartlek are my first thoughts. 

    If you can find a hill that takes anywhere from 1-3 minutes to climb, run hard up it and easy back down.  Or maybe you have a course that incorporates 3 or 4 climbs that you can push the pace on, building strength.

    Fartlek would be a good way to ease into some faster pace training.  Basically you can take a normal everyday run and put in short bursts of harder running.  Maybe you have 30 minutes planned: warmup for 10, throw in 3-4 2 minute surges followed by 2 minutes easy and then warmdown.

    To run faster, you have to get out and train faster.  But you don't have to do all your miles faster.  Just some of them, and really not that many of them.  I would say at least 70-75% of your miles should be easy and comfortable.  If you want to push it on some shorter stuff, great, but ease into it and listen to your body.

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    With other marathons under your belt, general fitness, and a couple of long runs in the bag, I don't see why you can't run this spring marathon.  The question I have is what is the goal of the race for you?  Finishing comfortably and injury free?  Racing to a certain time?  Given how your training has gone so far, I would advocate using the race as a way to build your base back up.  Train through it, have fun on race day, stay healthy and come up with a plan to attack that big improvement in the fall.  Trying to salvage the training you've been able to do so far and piece together a plan to get the improvement now might leave you hurt (either before or after race day) and unable to go for it in the fall.  How long had you been running 55 mpw before December?

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    ….or you could just use the training pace calculator that Ryan has provided for us right on the site… whoops.

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    Two very simple things that I've been reminding myself lately.  #1. To run faster, I have to train faster.  #2.  I need to do my fast stuff faster, and my slow stuff slower.

    I tend to fall into a trap of running all of my miles just a little slower than tempo pace.  I feel comfortable running them, but I know I'm not getting the most out of my training by not doing more specific workouts.  If I did a better job of doing some true tempo stuff, some true VO2 stuff, etc I would probably benefit.

    One calculator that I've been using lately is based on Daniels stuff and might give you some numbers to start with on training paces.  Plug in different goal times and see what kind of paces you should be shooting for:

  • in reply to: Thank you all for the incentive! #25077

    Great run!  Training up there in Big Sky Country at altitude no less… 1,000 feet of elevation gain in 3 miles is no joke.  There is a very popular hike in the Great Smoky Mountains that has a 2500 foot elevation gain over 5.5 miles.  Just for fun, and to say I did it (or at least tried it,) I'm going to run the trail pretty soon.  One of the things I truly enjoy about this site is that there are many, varying, informed opinions, but everyone is positive and supportive.  People here get that we can disagree and be respectful at the same time!  It doesn't matter what your goals or motivations are, just have them!  It isn't like that everywhere on the web, I'm glad it is here.

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