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    For the record, I did warm up for 20…. 20 minutes that is, not 20 dang miles!  Not as crazy as some in these parts 😉

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    I ran the Dogwood 5K in Knoxville today.  Finished in 17:35.  I'm happy with the effort.  Went out in something around 5:25, 11:13.  I was definitely feeling it the last mile but was able to pass and stay ahead of two guys around the two mile mark.  Saw another guy 15-20 yards ahead of me at that point but couldn't do anything about going and getting him.  I may have finished top 20 overall, I think 4 or 5 guys broke 15- not too shabby for a local Saturday morning 5K! 

    Plugged my current time into a Daniels calculator to give me a good idea of paces for various levels of intervals.  Hopefully I'll be able to meet up with the local track club on Tues evenings to get in one good speed session a week over the next month.

    What goals for the summer to any of you other “hillrunner's” have?  I'd love to hear about them.  Hearing others set and accomplish goals motivates me to do the same!

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    I know if and when I can click off 8-10 70-75 second 400 repeats I'll be ready. 

    I know I can't do that now. 

    It just felt good on the last 1200 the other day to go through 800 at 2:35 and feel completely in control.  2:35 for an 800 is not 5:00 for a mile, but after doing zero speedwork, my endurance training has me at a certain point.  A point I feel good about, and feel strongly that I can build from, sharpen my speed, and get under 5.

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    I swam all through high school and college, and the tapers during those seasons always seemed like a bigger deal than any of my tapers for marathons… anyways, those first couple days/ weeks of the taper always sucked.  You start resting up and can't figure out why you feel like such crap.  And then one magic day it happens, your body just clicks, you feel full of energy and all you can do is hold yourself back all day long so you don't waste all the extra zing you have.  Chin up, your day is coming!

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    Well, I'm accomplishing goal number one of getting through April fresh and injury free. 

    I've run one 4.5 mile trail race and am going to do a 5k on Saturday to try and get an idea of where I'm at.  Low expectations at both races, just want to get out and try to push the pace a little.  I have to say if I don't go 18:30 on Sat I probably will be bummed.

    Today I went to the track and did 4-1200's (100 walk/ 200 jog/ 100 walk recovery.)  I was hoping to run them right at 4:30 which would be just over 18:30 pace.  I cruised through the first one at 4:14, did the second and third at 4:05, and decided to try and see what I could go on the last one.  I was pushing it, but ran controlled for a 3:54.  I was pretty happy.  Not really sure what I accomplished, but it felt good, with 20 min warm up and 20 warm down.

    The last 1200 gave me confidence that I'll get under 5 for a mile, after a summer of training with a purpose.  If my math is right the 3:54 is somewhere around 5:12 for 1600, add a couple more seconds to make the mile, and right now with zero speed or strength work I'm 15 seconds off.  I feel like I could have sustained the pace for another lap without too much trouble.  And I realize that the faster I go, the harder those seconds will be to drop.

    I'm looking forward to the 5K on Sat.  I know for some people, a 5K is a long way and that's cool, but I have a feeling for me I'm going to cruise through 2 miles and realize, heck, only a mile to go, lets get rolling!

    Thanks for reading my update, I'll get a race report on here after Sat.

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    We have to pass many tests in life for certain privileges…. school, driving, employment, loans, etc.  Unfortunately, there is no test for two important things: dog ownership and children.  Anyone can do it.  Not all do it well.

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    I use Gu and water.  Every half hour on runs or races of an hour and a half or more.  Through trial and error I've found it's what works best for me.

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    In the 2nd and 3rd weeks of February I was sick with a flu/ cough combo.  Missed a couple days of work and couldn't run for a week.  When I started running again I felt horrible, and it took about a week to feel any kind of normal when I ran.  I was four and a half weeks out from my marathon, missed a critical long run, and in general was in a panic. 

    What could I do?  Trust the training I had done up to that point and forget about the time that I missed was what I went with.  It wasn't easy, but I just reminded myself that life happens. 

    At this point, you can't do anything about being sick, or having your training interrupted.  Run easy until it truly feels easy and then ease into some of the speedwork you had planned.  Taking a couple extra easy days now probably has a much better chance of getting you where you want to be by early June, as opposed to trying to do to much too soon.  Don't be afraid to readjust your goals if necessary.

    All that being said, if I was in your shoes, it would be tough to do all those things I just said.  Running easy, readjusting goals, taking extra rest aren't things competitive runners always want to do- so good luck as you get better and get back to the training you want to do!  Be smart.

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    Hall certainly hung in there with the big dogs. 

    I've been impressed with the things that he has been saying about his training and racing.  He seems like a pretty grounded, humble guy.  He knows he has more to learn, but also has the confidence that he belongs with the absolute best marathoners in the world.

    So now I start to wonder, if he does it right, how fast can he go a couple of years down the road?  Very exciting prospect for a fan of US distance running.

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    Lel sprints to win in last 200 yards in 2:05:15
    Wanjuri, Goumri, Mutai, then….

    RYAN HALL 5th in 2:06:17!  What a race, and Ryan Hall… what a stud.

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    Reading Pfitz's stuff, I guess what has always worked for me is in his ballpark. 

    I've settled on a three week taper, going 75%, 50%, 25%.  Key workouts being 10-12 at MP ten days out and 6 at MP five days out and three 4-5 minute repeats with almost equal rest a little quicker than MP three days before.  Early in weeks 3 to go and 2 to go I'll try to get in some 2 mile repeats just a little faster than MP with 3-4 minute recovery. 

    The rest of the stuff is easy, easy, easy.

    Run, you've probably mentioned it before but what race are you running 5/4?  Just curious, your efforts are inspiring.

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    As a long time lurker but new poster, welcome to the site.  You will find lots of great, positive, helpful folks participate here.  I was using coolrunning's online running log and when they changed to active I quit using it.  Seems to me they messed up a good thing.

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    BlackDog- best of luck on the 19th. 

    Ryan- I've been looking into a new water bottle belt type thing, I've been using the same one for over 10 years.  They have come a long way since I bought the one I'm using!  Anyway, I've been looking at the Amphipod Runlite series.  Basically you have the belt and then can configure any number of bottles and pockets that you want.  I like how you don't have a fixed number of holsters, so you can really tailor it to distance and temperature.  I have yet to talk to anyone who actually uses one, but most reviews by runners I've found are complimentary.

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    hey BirdDog- don't cheat yourself out of that .2!  It can be glorious, or a real grind.  Hope yours is the former.

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    Thanks! 34 yrs old.  Ran track and cross in high school.  Swam in high school and college (D3.)  Graduated high school in '92, college in '96.  '96-2000 trained for marathons and did some triathlons in the summer.  2000-2002 stayed fit but no real serious racing.  2002-summer of 2007 got fat and lazy working as a restaurant manager.  July 4th 2007 decided to get back in shape.  Most of my PR's were set in spring and summer of 2000 after a year of 55-65mpw consistently, peaking at 80.

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