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    Crazy is stupid, like that PAAVO stuff that leads to a steep yet brief progression.  Is there any rational reason to believe that you are similar enough to Jim Ryun for there to be any link to advisable training?  Instead of pointing to other people, how about outlining how you have trained for the past 12-24 months?  It would make a lot more sense, at least.

    I don't think I'm anywhere close to the speed of Jim Ryun, and now I don't know that my main focus is the mile or even distances 10k or under, but at the time I was interested a lot in the mile. For me, I don't necessarily see anything wrong with just looking and thinking about what the elites do when trying to bring about good training for oneself. One article on this site says: “The first research I suggest doing for any questions of training is to look at what the elite runners do.” ( )

    I'm not necessarily interested in all of Jim Ryun's training (20-40 X 400, which I'm correct he did, doesn't appeal a lot to me right now). But the amount of time he spent training might be something I could handle some day. Would that be good for me? I don't know, but if I'm able to get up to that, I can try it for a while, and then evaluate it.

    I'm not looking to try this, but what do you think of this 3 mile week to 100 mile week in about 10 weeks – ? It seems to me that might too much for some people. But what kind of results might someone expect from that? Thanks.

    as for the amount of time he spent training, I might have the ability to handle some of that, and I don't know, maybe that could bring some, even small, benefit.

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    I appreciate your response. I have seen several doctors since I was 14 (I'm 20 now), and psychologists. Knowing particulars of my situation, I think some of the underlying matters of my life may be causing some of my depression and anti-depression medicine may not be of much help in certain areas, as some of the doctors I've seen have, I think, indicated. There is another kind of medication, which I might prefer not to mention for fear of being criticized or discouraged from seeking, that I think could be of some help, and I've pleaded with my doctor about it. I can see what happens.

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    Really sorry about your knee. I know it can be very hard to prepare for a race and have an injury or illness just days before the race. Maybe you would feel more at ease if you could see a doctor, physician's assistant,  or physical therapist who is understanding about running and see if you can get official clearance from an expert to run hard in the race. I'm not saying I would go to a doctor for every ache and pain, but maybe for this it would make you more psychologically comfortable.

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    Provided I am able to run my 5k race on Saturday morning (I hope so, I think I'm beginning to feel a little better after my two mile time trial on Monday), would you be able to suggest some snack I should get for right after the race and its cool down? Thanks.

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    I have spoken to clergy in the past. Basically, they might recommend things to help me fight temptations, but in they end they might indicate that I “just have to say 'no'” no matter how hard it is. And for me, it has been so hard that I can begin to cry. People may think of me as a coward, a loser, not a real man, but this is the way I am. I've given in to things I shouldn't have according to Church teaching, and reached a point where I tried to convince myself that what I was doing was ok and that the Church is wrong about these things and that I just want to be me. But one thing that has still hung over me is this fear of hell. “What if the Church and/or even other religions are right and I'm going to hell for these things?” If I didn't have this fear I might just give in and try to be good in other ways – kind, giving, etc. – but I do have this fear, and so I feel myself faced with two very uncomfortable choices: submit myself to Church teaching and undergo the hardship and depression of self-denial, or choose to live more freely and naturally and undergo not only the condemnation of others, but the possibility of being some day condemned for ever. And so, it seemed to me that if I could eliminate my sexual desires, instincts, and attractions, I could submit to Church teaching without that depression and feel more safe about the afterlife.

    Well, thank you all for trying to help. Really, thank you.

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    I am sincere. Thank you for trying to help. What you have said seems somewhat logical, but I'm given to feel bound by the word of celibate men in Rome, for whom what may seem like ordinary human behavior to most people can be considered “intrinsically evil” and deserving of damnation. Add to that my obsessive compulsive behavior and innate weakness of will, and this can be, for me, a big deal. But thank you, really.

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    By leg speed, some might mean things like high knees, strides, and bounding. Is this a hard workout? I think it depends. Doing 20 200 meter strides at the end of an easy run seems hard for me right now, but doing about 4 might not make the day “hard”. If you feel you can do three days a week of hill workouts, maybe on one to three of the other days you can do easy runs with some light leg speed drills. I'm not sure how much this helps. I hope you find what works for you.

    Then do less.  You are the one responsible for fitting any training to yourself.

    What I meant by rest days was the easy running days in between.  This schedule and way of thinking seems unreasonable to me…….

    Monday : hard ,  Tuesday: hard,  Wednesday: hard  Thursday: hard  Friday: hard  Sunday: medium I guess.

    This seems like recipe for injury. 

    I thought it should be an easy/hard pattern……

    Monday: hard   Tuesday: easy,  Wednesday: hard….Thursday: easy…etc.

    Or maybe I am misunderstanding lydiard here.  He mentions easy hard pattern for anaerobic training but why not the hill phase. He mentioned that they were demanding workouts.  But hard days back to back for six days!?

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    Here's another link you might find helpful also.

    in reply to: First Marathon #26354

    I've not yet run a marathon, but I have done a pretty good amount of reading, and it seems that it would be good that some time before the marathon you can run at least 16-20 miles, or 2.5 hours, but not more than 3 hours, although some people may be able to handle more.  As far as how many miles, if you feel that running no more than 4 days a week is best for you, maybe you could follow something like this for the next few months.

    WEEK 1: include two 4 mile runs, one 5 mile run, one 6 mile run; 19 miles total
    WEEK 2: include one 4 mile run, one 5 mile, one 6 mile run, one 7 mile run; 22 miles total
    WEEK 3: include two 5 miles runs, one 7 mile run, one 8 mile run; 25 miles total
    WEEK 4: same as week 2 or 3
    WEEK 5: include two 6 mile runs, two 8 mile runs; 28 miles total
    WEEK 6: include two 6 mile runs, one 8 mile run, one 10 mile run; 30 miles total
    WEEK 7: include one six mile run, one 8 mile run, one 9 mile run, one 11 mile run; 34 miles total
    WEEK 8: same as week 6 or 7
    WEEK 9: include one 7 mile run, one 8 mile run, one 9 mile run, one 12 mile run; 36 miles total
    WEEK 10: include two 8 mile runs, one 10 mile run, one 13 mile run; 39 miles total
    WEEK 11: include two 8 mile runs, one 11 mile run, one 14 mile run; 41 miles total
    WEEK 12: include one 8 mile run, one 9 mile run, one 11 mile run, one 16 mile run; 44 miles total
    WEEK 13: same as week 11 or 12
    WEEK 14: include one 9 mile run, one 10 mile run, one 12 mile run, one 17 mile run; 48 miles total

    Somewhere in the middle of this, one day a week you might want to start including 4-6 mile race pace runs lasting about 20-30 seconds, with about a minute jog in between each one. I like these towards the end of a run, but you might also like them in the middle.

    What I have given is only a suggestion, maybe it provides some ideas to help you find what works best for you. Try to train according to your body's signals.

    Best wishes.

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