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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I will attempt to get my mileage back to >50/wk asap, and get a minimum of
    3 X 20 milers in (no time for “cutback” weeks).

    As for goal time, I'll have a better idea a month from now, if I'm healthy and feel competent during MP pace runs,
    I'll stick to the original target of under 3:10.
    Pre-injury this was goal a “probable” now it's changed to “perhaps”.

    Best regards,


  • in reply to: Runners shunning treadmills #26940

    I say treadmill if necessary , but not necessarily treadmills…

    I confess to occasionally signing up for one at our gym on days when I just need to get an easy run in and I want a break from multilayer attire and the vagaries of weather.

    Personally it's akin to eating a Big Mac: fills the gap, but not nutritious or satisfying…

    It's better to experience the outside just for the change in environment and the mental challenge of adapting to the route.

    All my long runs during the winter are outdoors, there's just no mental way for me to do 2 – 3 hours on a mill. Hard training and TV talk shows just don't mix.


  • in reply to: What to wear under running tights #26972

    Lately on colder days I have used polyester fleece long underwear (they have it at work wear type stores) underneath tights. It works well except it takes a minute to even out the fit since the two garments tend to stick together.

    If it's serious wind chill then I add old cutoff windproof pants as a top layer which protects the vital parts.


  • in reply to: Bill Bowerman Video #26906

    Thanks for posting this, Nice quality video…I had read Kenny Moore's book a while back and enjoyed it.

  • in reply to: running time #24599

    Hopefully everyone wants to keep running till old age…

    The question is how long do you wish to stay competitive among your peers?

    Is it worth the wear and tear on the body and the mental effort involved in serious training?

    Is it worth compromising your future fitness? (injury, staleness)

    Current literature estimates a 10 year period where a runner can reach their peak performance goals…with the odd talented exception.

  • in reply to: Racine 30K #22983

    Great report and an impressive finish so soon after a marathon! 

    Is winning a 30k now a standard part of your recovery schedule?


  • in reply to: Great Race! #22976

    Wow! Great pacing and fast finish…Congrats!


  • in reply to: March Miles #22759

    350 k – about 219 miles south of the border…


  • in reply to: February miles #22635

    193 miles for Feb. on 20 running days – waiting for the spring melt to start…


  • in reply to: January Miles #22477

    187 for the month on 5 runs/week longest LSD 15 miles.
    per week: 1 short and 1 LSD at easy pace, other 3 runs medium hard over hills.
    12 weeks till taper.
    Best MPW so far 47
    Estimated max MPW at 53-54



  • in reply to: Realistic marathon goal? #22167

    Ok, I get the drift…more miles.

    Interesting article I found on predicted times vs. MPW:



  • in reply to: Coupla random questions…. #20519

    Reminds me of the 50 miler race in Ultramarathon Man where Dean K. is wondering why there's a damp line up the middle of the trail….

  • in reply to: has anyone tried this? #20396

    This thread reminds me of a long run last winter where I did 25k with a Garmin equipped guy. At the end he insisted on doing a loop around the parking lot because “We’re still 200m short!”

    I spend too much time already serving various pieces of technology. I don’t need another gadget strapped on while trying to enjoy the outdoors.

    If I want to estimate my distance gmaps pedometer is close enough.


  • in reply to: race report:Hartwell Half- Aurora Ont April 9, 2006 #20366

    Moth –I can point out the following items:

    – I am not training for a spring marathon, so the race was a goal race. No worries about messing up my training for a later marathon.

    – Trained consistently, managed to avoid getting flu or injury.

    – During the 3 months prior to the 30k race and the half, I gradually increased the Sunday long run from 10 miles up to 20. I did 3 runs the rest of the week of about 10k each. All would include hill climbing and some long downhill stretches. About %60 to %80 of duration on these runs done at threshold pace.

    – I ran the half the previous year so it was a familiar route. I still drove the course and tried to memorize the hills and corners the day before.

    – A little luck and good weather



  • Good mile by mile description Mike!

    What the heck are the e-caps?


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