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    Including my planned run tonight (14 miles):

    427.6 miles for the month, which is a new high by 16.

    Jan 1-7:  80.8
    Jan 8-14: 93.1
    Jan 15-21: 101
    Jan 22-28: 106.1
    Jan 29-31: 46.6

    Just building volume, most of the running was done at easy to moderate pace though I did throw an time trial type run in on Jan 1 to get a feel for where I am at.  No races though I am jumping into a 1/2 this weekend just to get a hard run in even though I want to keep my volume around 100 this week.  I'll keep the volume up through Feb. then begin to focus on some short stuff to see what I can do in the 10k this spring.

    I've also lost 7 pounds this month.

    in reply to: Sock Survey #22385

    1)  The Sports Basement in San Fran
    2)  See 1)
    3)  Always ultimax ultrathin triathlete
    4)  No, socks are personal and everyone is different
    5)  No, just want them to feel good
    6)  No
    7)  THIN
    9)  No
    10)  Yes, I use those
    11)  No

    in reply to: 2007 Disney World Marathon, Half, or Goofy #22305

    I'd just like to point out, for no apparent reason, that this dude spammed multiple running boards with this today. ::)

    in reply to: A 2-min. "unpublished" BQ grace period? #22320

    Page 161 of the latest issue of Marathon and Beyond:  “As my running colleagues came to know, that was perhaps the worst heartbreaker of all, as I was devastated to miss the elusive BQ by 3.5 seconds.  At the advice of many good friends, I wrote to the Boston Athletic Association and asked for leniency, not because of the pouring rain, but rather the lack of chip timing!  Its answer was curt and seemingly arrogant: “No Exceptions.”

    I know the author of this article, Bruce Marshall, aka the Beast on the Running Times forum.  There is no 2 minute grace period.

    in reply to: 2006’s gone, what’s on tap for 2007? #22329

    2006 was an up and down year.  The first 6 months were marked by a complete lack of motivation for any sort of racing.  I ran alot that first half though it was unstructured and unplanned.  That first 6 months was sort of a base phase, though I did too many short doubles to get the benefits one really wants from the base work.  I did run races a couple times during that period, notably a 1/2 in Feb where I ran the exact same pace as the marathon I did 2 months before.  A 5k in March where I set a PR (18:02) and a mountain trail run where I placed 3rd after leading for the first 7.5 out of 9 miles.  In May I had a trail race where for some unknown reason I couldn't run faster than 7:00/mile and finished in June with a small 5k PR of 17:55.

    The 2nd half of the year I went to Europe and ran a 1/2 in my company's “olypmics” and completely bombed it by running a PW in 95 degree high humidity conditions and taking an IV after.  After my time over there I came back to the US and set a huge PR unexpectedly in the 10k lowering my time from 38:17 to 37:08 capping off a 92 mile full marathon training week.  In October on an easier course I again raced a 10k in exactly 37:08 which was maddening as I thought I was in 36:30 shape.  A week later I ran a practice 1/2 to perfection with 5 miles at MP, 5 a hair faster, and all out the last 5k.  I set my sights on a 2:45 marathon and finished in 2:47:04 with a 19 second negative split.  I ran the perfect race for the course and ran my fastest for the day, which I am pleased with.

    For 2007 I have very high motivation for some reason and plan on 10 weeks of winter base work followed by a focus on 5 and 10k's from mid March through May.  From there, I am unsure on what I'll do.  I'd like to get as close to 35 minutes for a 10k as possible this spring.

    in reply to: How to prep for shorter races #22279

    Thanks for the response rehammes.

    I am not doing really anything but some short jogs between now and the new year.  I firmly believe that post marathon time is best spent letting the body and mind recover.  For now I won't be breaking 30-40 miles tops.  If I run 20 this week I'd be shocked.  After 4 weeks of pretty much nothing, I'll be ready mentally to get back to it.

    I'm set on following a Lydiardian plan.  I realize I could run pretty quickly right now, but that's not the point.  The point is to someday run the fastest I possibly can, and that means following periodized plan after periodized plan and not skimping on the base phase.

    Base does not mean LSD, I don't ever do LSD running.

    I've never heard of tempo pace being slower than half marathon pace, would you mind elaborating on what you mean?

    in reply to: JUNE Miles #20962

    June Miles: 378.4
    Avg/Week: 88.2
    Avg Pace: 7:45
    Runs: 42
    YTD Total: 2128.0
    Avg/Week: 83
    Avg Pace: 7:51

    2128 miles in 6 months…which is more than I did in all of 2003 when I did my first 2 marathons. June was a pretty good month, I ran 28/30 days (and PR'd in a 5k with my first sub 18 minute 5k. All on base mileage and doing only tempo runs for any sort of speed work. July will be more of the same, I'm getting closer to starting the real marathon training but am not there yet.

    in reply to: Grandma’s marathon report ("the run in the soup") #20888

    Chris, I wish I were at your fitness level to attempt a sub 2:40 race, and I'm sorry you weren't able to.  Those conditions (or what I read of them) were horrible.  Nothing zaps me like humidity, and to be honest there are alot of marathons I won't run just because of the slight chance at it.

    Hopefully the next one will go according to plan.

    in reply to: Pre marathon dreams #20840

    kitkat, the jolt in your sleep is very normal, its called a hypnic jerk.  No one knows exactly why they happen, but this link gives some theories.

    in reply to: Pre marathon dreams #20838

    Anne, I have only experienced pre-race dreams once, before the 2003 Chicago Marathon.  I was aiming to BQ for the first time and it was one of those races where I needed everything to go pretty well to hit it.  I was a 3:09:00 at best and wanted that sub 3:10.  There wasn't much room for error.

    About once a week in the 8-10 weeks leading up to it I would have crazy nightmares.  I don't remember my dreams very often, but these were vivid.  There was one where I was in the middle miles of the race running well and all the sudden my leg snapped in two with my lower leg twisted 90 degrees to the side.  There was one where I got to the start at 10:00AM.  There was one where I missed the BQ by 1 second.

    I ended up running 3:12:28, missing my goal by 2:29 and the BQ by 1:29.  In that case, it seems my dreams were correct though I hardly think it led to me running worse.  The race weekend started badly with a flat tire on the way to my family's place from the airport and never got better.  I learned that doing a marathon close to my family is a bad thing as I had too much stress placed on me trying to coordinate them and all that.

    I haven't had a bad running dream since.

    in reply to: 10k Training #20802

    Ryan, not sure if I'm one of the respected who recently joined or not but my reasoning is pretty simple.  I've lurked for a while and found good discussion here that is constructive and critical at the same time.  I've taken a leap in my training and approach to running over the past 12-18 months in that its become a much more serious and integral part of my life.  Combining that with the constant crashing of the RW Forum and the constant people creating trolls of my username and mocking me for running as much as I do, it was a no brainer to come here.

    You're providing a superior forum and superior content.

    in reply to: May monthly mileage #20755

    Ryan, you're definitely right about the numbers and the consistency.  I've been able to keep the mileage up all year, 22 weeks so far, where at the least during non-recovery weeks I'm at 85 minimum.  I've never been this high and I've never felt stronger with my running.  The speed isn't there yet, but the stamina certainly is and I'm eager to see what happens when I start to add in high quality in August.

    in reply to: Have you ever started too slow for a marathon? #20771

    I have.  In 12/05 I ran my best marathon to date, 2:52:56 which is a 6:36 pace.  I purposely planned to go out the first mile around 7:00 so I decided to go out with the sub 3 pace group.  They ran mile 1 in 7:35.  Add in the fact that for some reason my legs felt way too lethargic and I ran 7:35, 6:55, and 7:10.  I went through the half in 1:28:30 and ran the second half in 1:24:26.  I wouldn't mind a small negative split on that course as the first half has some small hills and the 2nd half in 100% flat, but that was too much.  I think I could have been close to sub 2:50 if I hadn't gotten off to such a rotten start.

    One bonus is that the 2nd half was fun.  I was passing people left and right in the final 10k.

    in reply to: May monthly mileage #20752

    Anne, you know who I am from the RW forums, though I don't post there anymore.

    I am planning on doing CIM for the 3rd year in a row.  I like that race and its on 12/3.

    in reply to: May monthly mileage #20750

    This is my first post, so I'll take a second to introduce myself first.

    I think you can figure out where I'm from.  I've been running a little over 5 years, started when I was 23 and am now 28.  Ran my first marathon after 2 years of running in 3:26:12 and ran my last marathon in 12/05 in 2:52:56.  My progression has been 3:26:12, 3:12:28, 3:03:26, 2:52:56.  Roughly 34 minutes off my initial marathon in only 30 months.  I run other races, though I enjoy the marathon most and seem to do best at it.  Other PR's: 5k = 18:02, 10k = 38:17, 1/2 = 1:21:25.

    I was attracted here because like Ryan, I'm in the Lydiard camp.  Right now I'm in the conditioning phase trying to get as many miles in as possible.  I'm planning on a late fall marathon and right now it seems like I can get under 2:45 though that remains to be seen.

    In May I ran a total of 403.1 miles with weeks of: 102.9, 100.4, 101.6, 59.9 (planned easy week, I was tired).  I've had a mental issue going over 105 miles and I really want to get up to 115 to 120 during this conditioning.  Maybe June will be the month where I get a month over 105, I don't know.

    Thanks for reading, it seems good here.

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