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  • in reply to: Weekly update 2/13-2/18. #17758

    Sun – 9.9

    Mon – 6

    Tues – 6.4

    Wed – 10.2 w/ 20 min. w/u 3X3X3:00 intervals, sep by 2:00 recoveries, each set sep by 5:00 recoveries and 20:00 w/d

    Thurs. – 8

    Fri – 4.7 easy jog

    Sat. – 13.1 – half marathon 1:45:26 and I know I did not run my best because I am not sore or tired. 😕

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    2/6 – 8.2

    2.7 – 5.6

    2/8 – 6.5

    2/9 – 10.3 w/ 12X2:00 intervals

    2/10 – 8.6

    2/11 – 4.9

    2/12 – 6.5-7ish with a 5k PR

    Could have used more mileage this week, but I’ll take the PR.

  • in reply to: Predict my first race of the season! #17796
    SwampTiger wrote:
    I learned the importance of emoticons a couple of weeks ago with my “find a race with no fast people” comment.

    True, but I thought we had a very good discussion on racing goals. 🙂

    I will predict 40:00, for no scientific reason, or any other reason, I just like even times. 😉

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    Husker wrote:
    got a half marathon coming up this weekend and I plan on PR’ing in it too. I don’t feel great about this half, because I really haven’t done any specific training for it, but my half PR is so soft it should melt like butter. With a little luck, I hope 2005 can be the year of the PR for me

    What a coinkidink. I have a half marathon this weekend as well, and I haven’t done any specific training either. I do run 2 runs a week that are usually 10+ miles, and a 12 miler 2 weeks ago. 😯 I think we will be fine. 😉

  • in reply to: 40 Seconds down, 1:56 to go, Race Report #17743
    Zeke wrote:
    Yeah, and your 40 second PR is even better. Way to go.

    Thanks! Someone said that the race clock was off. 😥 My watch said 22:12, and I know I hit the stop button well after the finish line, but probably not 16 seconds….. Still a PR, even if it wasn’t 40 seconds, and I’ll just go by the official time since that’s what it is. It will just push me harder in subsequent races. 😉

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    Husker wrote:
    That’s awesome! I PR’ed in a 5K this weekend too! Down to 17:15 from a 17:50 that I set at the same race last year. 16 more seconds to go!

    AWESOME! I think we can do it this year! 😀

  • in reply to: Half Marathon race report #17706

    Congrats on a great, speedy race, Zeke. :mrgreen:

  • in reply to: Weekly Update 2/6 – 2/12. #17686
    Ed 1 wrote:
    Mon – Rest Day.

    Ed – curious why you rest after the long run?

  • in reply to: Weekly update 1/30-2/5. #17561

    I’ve had a bad week due to a muscle problem, but things are finally looking up with it….

    1/30 – 12.5 (hurt leg)

    1/31 – rested leg

    2/1 – rested leg

    2/2 – 2 miles jogging

    2/3 – 3.6 miles jogging

    2/4 – 5.5 miles jogging

    2/5 – 5/4 miles easy

    29 total

  • in reply to: Nike Zoom Miler #17681

    I just had to laugh because I had picked up RW out of pure boredom, and was reading the article about Paula Radcliffe…. What do I see but the picture of her on the sidewalk when she quit at Athens, and what shoes is she wearing? The Nike Zoom Miler. 😆 Cracked me up.

  • in reply to: Nike Zoom Miler #17676
    Zeke wrote:
    If the life span of a pair of trainers is roughly 500 miles, it doesn’t matter how many miles per week I run. The only difference would be how quickly I wear them out.

    Well said. 😆

    How many miles do you expect out of a pair of lightweight trainers? Mine seem to hit around 250-300 miles…. I’m not that happy with it, but I don’t want a huge shoe on my foot either. 😕

  • in reply to: Nike Zoom Miler #17672
    Anonymous wrote:
    CBNA Runner wrote:
    My coach still runs in the 15’s and he only hit 100 miles once or twice during college

    15 meaning 15 minute range for a distance of 5 kilometers

    Well, I think these guys are training for marathons, etc. Good for your coach on his 5K times, that’s awesome. 😀 You’re right in that a slow build is a better one. I’m not afraid of going up in mileage, but as I only hit the 50’s for the first time last fall, I’m in no hurry. 😉 You’re doing great yourself, keep up the hard work. 🙂

  • in reply to: Nike Zoom Miler #17669
    CBNA Runner wrote:
    As a middle distance runner running high school xc in the fall and 300m IH and up to the 800 in the spring, I usualy get around 45-55 mpw on my training schedule. I’m not sure what kind of races you guys run, but during xc season i usually hit 50 or 55 when racing 5k’s

    That’s about the mileage I run, but these other guys are running 70-100+ 🙂

  • in reply to: Nike Zoom Miler #17667

    Zeke, I will let you know how they work out… I’m not expecting a miracle, I’ve been through a lot of shoes. Currently in the NB 833 which is a good shoe, but I guess I am still dissatisfied…. 🙄

    Ryan, I also went to a podiatrist once who considered 25 mpw high mileage, so I guess it’s all relative… For a runner who is looking to up their game, become more competitive 25 seems pretty low to me, but it might be considered high to a social runner… To each his own, I guess. 😉

  • in reply to: Nike Zoom Miler #17662
    Ryan wrote:
    Which reviews? The ones that say it is a nice, lightweight shoe or the ones that say the soles blow out between 100 and 200 miles? 😉

    That’s what I’m talking about. Which reviews are more accurate? 🙄 I went ahead and ordered them since it was free shipping and I can send them back after 60 days (surely the soles will blow out within that timeframe) 😀 By that time I will have put over 400 miles on them.. ha ha ha … They’ll be trash. LOL

    I’m only kidding. I’m not that dishonest, but I’m not afraid to send back a pair of shoes that don’t work for me… 😉

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