Gluten free diet for the non-celiac and why do older runners struggle more in the heat?

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Gluten free diet for the non-celiac

I’ve noticed that quite a few people over the past few years are going toward gluten free diets, even if they are non-celiac. The belief apparently is that, even for non-celiacs, there are benefits to avoiding gluten.

Well, maybe not:

A short-term GFD had no overall effect on performance, GI symptoms, well-being, and a select indicator of intestinal injury or inflammatory markers in non-celiac endurance athletes.

As usual, more study is needed. However, at least in the short term, this study suggests no benefit in any regard that was measured. Seeing as I’m not aware of any studies that suggest otherwise, at this time at least, I’m going to keep having my gluten.

Why do older runners struggle more in the heat?

We’ve known for some time that older runners seem to get hit harder by the heat than younger runners. What I haven’t noticed much on, though, is why. This is an interesting question because, if we understand why, maybe we will be able to find some ways to lessen the effect.

Well, this was spun as informing us that older runners do struggle more in the heat but another part caught my attention:

"[A]ge was the only variable to significantly correlate with whole-body sweat rate," the researchers wrote. "This would suggest that when the stimulus for sweating is equal for all participants … aging may have a larger influence on whole-body heat loss capacity than the fitness level or specific physical characteristics of the individual."

So our sweat rate declines as we age, even independent of variables that we usually think of as affecting sweat rate such as fitness or body fat percentage.

Knowing that sweating is our primary way to dissipate body heat, this is a big deal. Next up: why does our sweat rate decrease as we age? It appears we don’t yet have an answer to that.

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