Good kinesio tape? Bad antioxidants?

This article was originally posted by Ryan at the original Blogs.

I came across a good summary of what we know currently on kinesio tape that I wanted to pass along. Also, mixed results for mega doses of antioxidants.

Good kinesio tape?

Well…maybe not. Unless you like the placebo effect. (Note: I’m not opposed to using placebos if they will help.)

Bad antioxidants?

In recent years, we’ve heard of the bad side of long term megadoses of antioxidants.

There’s a new review of studies out looking specifically at Vitamin E and some related compounds with some interesting results:

[quote]On the basis of vitamin E and NAC studies, acute intake of antioxidants is likely to be beneficial. However, chronic intakes of most antioxidants have a harmful effect on performance.[/url]

In other words, short term intake appears to be good. Long term intake, not so much.

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