The Forums are back!

It’s been a while since the Forums has felt like a place to be. That’s about to change.

Given some of the changes at, it felt like the time to bring the forums back. I received a small but enthusiastic response when I asked about bring the forums back earlier this month and it just felt right to me so I started looking into it.

So here it is. The return of the Forums! I started a couple topics over there to kick things off, feel free to start more topics yourself or respond to mine. Hopefully, we can get that same close community feeling that we had when the forums were active before.

I still have some work to do so don’t be surprised if the dust doesn’t settle for a while. That said, one of the non-running lessons I’ve learned this year is don’t wait until things are perfect to put them out in the world. The forums are functional and generally good, though not perfect, so I figured why keep everyone waiting?

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