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The Baltimore Sun reported this morning that Bob Ray, who lives in the Baltimore area, plans to end his 38-year running streak on April 7, his 68th birthday.


For those who don t know, Bob holds the longest running streak in the U.S. and, as reported by the Sun, the second longest streak in the world behind Ron Hill of England.....although some consider Hill’s streak to have been broken a few years ago when he broke a leg and kept his streak “alive” by hopping around a track on crutches once or twice every day for a month while his leg was in a cast.


In any event, during Bob’s 38-year streak he has run at least 4 miles every day....for the first 30 years, he averaged 9 miles/day!!  On April 7th, 2005 he plans to run 4 miles.  The 4th mile will be the 100,000th mile of the streak, where he will end it.


Eight years ago, I wrote a post for these forums about Bob following an article in the June, 1997 edition of Runner s World about him when his streak reached 30 years.  I titled my post “A Runner’s Runner”.  If anyone is interested, it can be found on my Running Page.