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A forumite posted the following on the Runner’s World Online Training Forum seeking guidance regarding running interval workouts during a 10k training program:


“I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for the length of intervals, both intense and easy, that would maximize a 5 mile run? I am looking to increase both speed and stamina.


“By maximize, I mean raising my aerobic conditioning level. I'm starting training for a 10K race, but my usual daily run is 5 miles, so I wanted to make sure I am getting the most benefit out of it.”


The ensuing thread contained two sub-threads that were comprised of discussions between forumites ExPhysRunner, Denton and me on the subject of VO2max intervals. I thought the discussions were informative and might be useful to runners who didn’t see the original thread….I know that I learned a thing or two from them.


ExphysRunner and Denton are highly qualified sources on training matters:

ExPhysRunner (Sam Callan) has a master’s degree in exercise science from Georgia State University and has worked with the Olympic sports movement.


Denton (Mark Bomba) of British Columbia, Canada, holds the Canadian Masters (35+) 5000 meter record, won the 2005 Canadian 10,000 meter championship, and has represented Canada in the World Cross Country and World Half Marathon Championships.

With the concurrence of Sam and Mark, I have reconstructed the posts from the above referenced threads here in the form of conversations. I have edited the original posts, which spanned ten days, minimally for clarification and to correct typos. However, nothing has been added or deleted from the content of the original posts and the meaning of everything said remains as originally posted.


Discussion between ExPhysRunner and Denton - 5/10-5/12/06


ExPhysRunner – 5/12/06


Discussion between, Jim2, ExPhysRunner, and Denton – 5/13-5/19/06